A common geranium can live for 40 years or longer if it is cared for properly. Over- or under-watering, insects or disease and cold snaps are the most common reasons geraniums die. With time they may become leggy and unattractive and will need to be renewed or removed.

Keeping this in view, do geranium plants come back?

Perennial cranesbill geraniums will come back each year and zonal geraniums, those now classified as Pelargonium, are tropical perennials usually grown as annuals.

Furthermore, do geraniums make good house plants? Potted geraniums (Pelargonium species) are excellent indoor plants and can be grown indoors throughout the year. They are typically available from March through June, and will flower continuously if provided with enough light in the home. Many new types are available, including vining and hanging basket cultivars.

Keeping this in consideration, is a geranium an annual or perennial?

Though most geraniums are grown as annuals, they are perennials in Zones 10–11. Bring them indoors to overwinter, if you like, then replant outdoors in spring. (Or they can bloom indoors all year long if they get enough light.)

How often do you need to water geraniums?

Simply touch the soil with your finger going down a couple of inches and your geranium should tell you if she is thirsty or not. If it feels dry, it's time to water, if it's still moist, then wait another day or two and re-test. Just make sure you always allow the soil to get dry before watering and you should be fine.

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How do I get more flowers on my geraniums?

Remove Leggy Growth

Geraniums sometimes become “leggy” during the longest, hottest days of summer. This means that they grow long stems, but develop fewer leaves and flowers. Cut them back to about 6 inches tall – or even all the way to the ground – to encourage bushier growth and reblooming. Water them afterward.

Can you save geraniums from year to year?

Save your geraniums for next year

Then you dig them up in fall, put them in a cardboard box or a paper bag to store over winter and these tough little plants will take off and grow again the following spring. You will want to dig up your geraniums before a hard freeze to save over winter.

How tall do geraniums grow?

Plant size for geraniums varies by type, with plants growing from 4 to 48 inches tall and 6 to 36 inches wide. Check plant tags to determine the proper spacing for your geranium type.

How do you deadhead geraniums?

You should deadhead whenever your geranium blooms begin to look brown or weak. To deadhead your geraniums, rather than simply pulling off the top flowers, you need to go a little deeper in the plant and snap the stem below its node or joint, where new growth begins.

Can I keep geraniums in pots over winter?

When saving geraniums for the winter in pots, dig up your geraniums and place them in a pot that can comfortable fit their rootball. Prune the geranium back by one-third. Water the pot thoroughly and place in a cool but well lit part of your house.

Do geraniums spread?

Well grown regals can spread out and take up a lot of space, so plant these geraniums at least 30 cm apart.

Do Geraniums need full sun or shade?

The best exposure is full sun in the morning with light afternoon shade. High summer heat can take its toll on these plants. Many common geraniums stop blooming in sizzling weather, a condition known as “heat check.”

Do geraniums come back year after year?

You can beat them up a bit and they come right back. They are of course considered a perennial, but in many cold winter areas they are treated as an annual, or they are grown indoors. Geraniums for all their beauty can only endure light frosts in the winter. If a hard freeze comes along, they will die.

Where do geraniums grow best?

Geraniums grow best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade. Remove old flowers to keep new ones coming. Geraniums prefer well-drained soils. Work a three- to four-inch layer of organic matter such as compost or peat moss into the soil when planting.

Are geraniums poisonous to dogs?

Pelargonium species belong the Geraniaceae family. They are mildly toxic due to several components found throughout the plant. Both these chemicals are only found in low levels in geraniums, however ingestion of any part of the plant can cause vomiting, reduced appetite, and depression in dogs.

Do perennial geraniums spread?

To divide, in spring, dig up the clump and separate out 1-foot diameter divisions for replanting elsewhere or to give away. Hardy geraniums are one of the lowest maintenance perennials you can grow in your garden. However, in part shade or during wet summers they can get powdery mildew.

What do I do with my geraniums over winter?

To overwinter geraniums in dormant storage, dig up the entire plant before frost and gently shake the soil from the roots. Place the plants inside open paper bags or hang them upside-down from the rafters in a cool, dark location for the winter.

What is the difference between zonal and seed geraniums?

Zonal geraniums are propagated by cuttings while seed geraniums are through seeds. Zonal geraniums are genetically advanced plants, propagated with the goal of producing sturdy, stronger zoned leaves and shatter-resistant flowers. Zonal geraniums are faster to grow and flower faster than the seed geraniums.

Do geraniums bloom all year?

Geraniums require cool nighttime temperatures between 50 and 60 F to induce blooming. This means that spring, early summer and autumn are the main blooming times, but the exact season depends on the climate and the type of geranium you're growing.

How do you care for potted geraniums?

These plants need to be grown in well-draining potting soil as well. When growing geraniums outdoors, they require moist, well-draining soil similar to that of indoor potting soil with equal amounts of soil, peat, and perlite. Locate your geraniums in an area with at least six to eight hours of sunlight.

How do I make my geranium bushy?

Try some simple strategies to fight scraggly geranium growth.
  1. Buy only geranium plants that have three or more branches.
  2. Pinch back geraniums when you plant them and deadhead branches after blooms fade.
  3. Remove blooms as they fade.
  4. Plant geraniums in full sun where they receive six or more hours of sun each day.

When should you repot geraniums?

Repot in spring.

Geraniums bloom best if slightly pot-bound. Move your plant to a pot 1 size larger or keep it in the same pot and just give it fresh soil.

How long do geraniums live indoors?

A common geranium can live for 40 years or longer if it is cared for properly. Over- or under-watering, insects or disease and cold snaps are the most common reasons geraniums die. With time they may become leggy and unattractive and will need to be renewed or removed.

Why are my geraniums dying?

Causes of Geraniums with Yellow Leaves

One of the most common causes for yellowing leaves is too much moisture or overwatering. Remember, geraniums are drought tolerant plants and they do not like too much water. Water or air temperature that is too cool can also result in geranium yellow leaves.