How long will it take to deliver my parcel? If your parcel was collected by a courier, it will typically reach the recipient within 3-5 working days. If your parcel was dropped off at a ParcelShop or Parcel Locker, it will typically reach the recipient within 2-4 working days.

Accordingly, does Hermes give you a time slot?

Hermes will text/email you on the morning of your delivery, with a time slot of 3 hours in which your parcel will be deliverd in.

is Hermes next day delivery? Our Hermes Next Day Delivery service allows you to drop your parcel to any of 4,600* stores UK wide, and have your parcel delivered the very next day. If your parcel is dropped off at your Hermes Drop Shop before 12 noon it will have a greater chance of next day delivery.

People also ask, can you track your Hermes driver?

You can track your Hermes parcel delivery and find your item's current whereabouts with the quick and simple tracking tool. Enter Your Tracking Reference: Entering your Hermes tracking reference will also work.

Can I track my Hermes parcel?

All our services are fully trackable. To track your parcel, you need to use your myHermes order number. If you are unsure of your order number then please go to the “My Account area”, log in and then click on the “My Orders” tab to find your HRM number.

Related Question Answers

How many attempts do Hermes make?

three attempts

Is Saturday a working day for Hermes?

Currently, myHermes delivery hours do include Saturdays, but not on Sundays or Bank Holidays. However, there are a number of services that can collect and deliver parcels on weekends and bank holidays, all of which are available at the lowest available rates.

How do I get Hermes to leave safe place?

Your friendly courier will leave your parcel in a safe place (if you have one) and the parcel doesn't need a signature. You can now divert your parcel at any point in your parcels journey to your chosen safe place or a neighbour.

What times do Hermes deliver?

What times do you collect parcels? Couriers work from 8am to 8pm on Monday to Friday and from 8am to 6pm on Saturdays – but not on bank holidays.

What does Hermes on its way mean?

Your parcel is at the nearest depot to its destination, waiting for delivery. Out for delivery. Your parcel is with a courier, on its way to its destination, and can be expected to arrive. Delivered. The parcel has arrived at its destination, or has been left in a designated safe place.

Does Hermes have live chat?

If you have a question regarding a domestic order, you'll need to speak to our specialised team. They are available on live chat 8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Do my Hermes deliver on a Sunday?

Hermes launches Sunday delivery. It is the first consumer delivery company to offer its retail customers a 7- day service. The Sunday service will initially be available as a next day service, with customers able to order all day Saturday for a Sunday delivery and will be fully tracked.

How do I send a parcel via Hermes?

Using a ParcelShop is quick and easy:
  1. Get a quote for shipping your parcel through a local ParcelShop.
  2. Print off your label and attach to your parcel.
  3. Drop it off at your local ParcelShop.
  4. We aim to deliver within 2 working days.

Does Hermes need a signature?

You do not need a signature to prove delivery with Hermes. A buyer cannot claim not received as the Hermes tracking will show it has arrived!

Where is Hermes national sorting hub?

Hermes opens national hub at Nuneaton in the UK. Hermes, the home delivery network, has opened a new national hub at Bermuda Park in Nuneaton. The 85,000 sq ft facility is designed to enable Hermes to enhance its service offering with the introduction of a new next-day service and increased parcel tracking capability.

Can you track Hermes parcel without tracking number?

If you don't have a valid tracking number, please contact the sender who'll be able to give it to you.

How many digits is my Hermes tracking number?

16 digits. First 2 digits depend on the depot.

How do I contact my Hermes by phone?

Hermes: 0330 333 6556. Contact Hermes Group by calling their local-rate phone number 0330 333 6556 in order to speak to a customer service advisor about your Hermes parcel delivery or myHermes parcel drop-off service.

Can I collect from Hermes Depot?

Can I collect? You won't be able to collect your parcel from your local ParcelShop or Depot, but your courier will make three attempts to deliver your parcel. If you don't think you'll be in for the next attempt you can divert your parcel to let your courier to deliver your parcel to a safe place or a neighbour.

What happens if Hermes Cannot deliver 3 times?

If you do miss three seperate delivery attempts from Hermes, then the parcel will be returned back to our warehouse and we will issue a refund for this upon arrival.

How do I contact Hermes by phone?

myHermes customer service can be reached by calling at 0330 333 6556.

What happens if Im not home to sign for a package?

If the sender doesn't require a signature, you'll get your package even if no one is present when FedEx visits. In this case, the FedEx delivery person will simply leave your package at your doorstep or at another designated location. You can also sign the tag and leave it on your door for the next delivery attempt.

Is Hermes cheaper than Royal Mail?

If you're posting a package weighing less than 2kg, then Royal Mail will most likely be the cheapest option. For anything ranging from 2-5kg, My Hermes charges £5.40 and will pick up the delivery from your door. Posting a similar parcel with the Royal Mail could cost you around double that.

How Fast Is Next Day Air?

What is UPS Next Day Air? UPS Next Day Air offers guaranteed, next business day delivery. Next business day delivery by 10:30 a.m., 12:00 noon, or end of day, depending on destination (serves all 50 states and Puerto Rico, with some limitations in Hawaii and Alaska).