For a captain’s license renewal, you need 360 days of documented sea service time within the last five years.
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How long does it take to get a USCG captain's license?

Our average student takes 25-30 hours to complete their OUPV/Six-pack course. With the Master level licensing program, the average student takes 35-40 hours. We have had students finish in as little as three days, three weeks, three months, or up to a year.

How long does it take to get a merchant mariner credential 2021?

The NMC has set a net processing goal of 30 days. Mariner Credential Throughput is a ratio of the total number of applications finished divided by the total number of applications received.

How long is a USCG captain's license good for?

Your USCG captain’s license must be renewed every five years. You can apply for renewal of your captain’s license up to one year before the expiry date. After expiry of your captain’s license, you have one year grace period in which to renew your license.

Does sea time expire?

Sea service is a measure of a mariner’s lifetime experience on boats, whether recreational, commercial, or military. It may be counted from the day a mariner turns age 16 and accumulates over his or her lifetime. … Sea service never expires and may be reused when applying for new endorsements.

How long does it take to process a MMC?

No days off for usually anywhere from 60 t0 120 days. Assuming 8 hours of sleep, that leaves you 4 hours a day when you are in port. It usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to get from the ship to your port destination.

What is a USCG medical certificate?

The medical certificate is a document that serves as proof that a mariner meets the required medical and physical standards. In order to receive a Merchant Mariner Credential or Medical Certificate you will need to complete the correct applications.

What is MMC boat?

The Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) is a credential issued by the United States Coast Guard in accordance with guidelines of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) to United States seafarers in order to show evidence of a mariner’s qualifications.

How do I renew my Coast Guard license?

To renew your MMC license, submit to the Coast Guard a MMC license renewal application, with a new physical examination, a drug test or drug consortium letter, and be able to show 360 days (one year) of service during the past five years.

How much do captains make?

Captain LevelSize of VesselSalary Range
Senior Master170 ft – 200 ft +$144,000 – $300,000
Captain100 ft – 170 ft$84,000 – $180,000
Junior Captain60 ft – 100 ft$48,000 – $98,000
How do I upgrade my Coast Guard license?

To upgrade to a master license you can do a USCG approved upgrade course. Click here for a list of maritime training academies offering upgrade courses. Alternatively, you can take the Deck General Upgrade test at one of the USCG Regional Exam Centers. You need to score at least 70% to pass the test.

How long does merchant mariner credentials take?

Merchant Marine apprenticeship programs such as the MITAGS Maritime Apprenticeship Program (MAP) give prospective applicants the experience and credentials they need to become successful mariners. MAP takes a little over two years.

How do I get a Z card?

  1. #1 – Fill out the Application for License as an Officer, Staff Officer or Operator and for Merchant Mariner’s Document (CG-719B);
  2. #2 – Obtain documentation for your drug screening and physical fitness exams.
  3. #3 – Take your oath.
  4. #4 – Obtain a copy of your TWIC card.
How do I renew my USCG medical certificate?

In order to renew the medical certificate prior to expiration, mariners must submit an application. Applications can be submitted through a Regional Exam Center (REC) or directly to the NMC. A CG-719B is not required and there are no fees associated with applying for a medical certificate.

How much does it cost to get a merchant mariner credential?

Original MMC endorsement for a qualified rating: $45 (issuance), $95 (evaluation) and $140 (examination). Renewal of MMC endorsement for a qualified rating: $45 each for issuance and examination and $50 for evaluation.

What can disqualify you from joining the Coast Guard?

  • Any disorder or history of disorders with psychotic features.
  • History of impulse control and conduct disorders.
  • History of depression requiring medication, outpatient treatment or hospitalization.
  • History of anxiety requiring medication, outpatient treatment or hospitalization.
What is a mariner ID?

§ 10.207 Identification number. For recordkeeping purposes only, a mariner’s official MMC identification number is the individual’s social security number. However, a unique serial number, called the mariner reference number, and not the social security number, will appear on the credential.

Is Merchant Marine a Military?

It is civilian-manned ships Merchant Mariners are not part of the military. Now, some of them run a number of ships that support the U.S. Navy, like the Henry J. Kaiser-class replenishment oilers and Lewis and Clark-class dry cargo ships, as well as the sealift vessels like the Bob Hope-class vehicle cargo chips.

Who needs an MMC?

What is a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC)? All mariners employed aboard United States (U.S.) merchant vessels greater than 100 Gross Register Tons (Domestic Tonnage), except operators of uninspected passenger vessels, are required to have a valid U.S. MMC.

How long is a 6 pack captain's license good for?

Your Captain’s License is good for 5 years from the date of issue. You have a 6th year “grace period.” You are not permitted to use your license during the 6th year.

How do I check the status of my Coast Guard application?

To gain access to the information, a mariner can log onto, click on the Merchant Mariners tab, then on Merchant Mariner Application Status.

How do I verify my Coast Guard license?

If this happens, please contact the National Maritime Center via Live Chat, email, or call 1-888-IASKNMC (domestic US calls only) or from outside the U.S. (your country’s exit code)-1-304-433-3400.

How much do cruise ship captains earn?

How much does a cruise ship captain make? The average salary of a cruise ship captain is $98,000. Cruise ship captain salaries vary from $44k for a less experienced captain of a small cruise ship to $177k for a captain of a mega-ship with over 20 years experience.

How much do below deck captains make?

So, without further ado, here’s what cast members of Below Deck actually earn while working on the show. The captain of a yacht the size of those used on Below Deck earns between $150,000- $210,000 per year, and that’s before tips.

How much do oil tanker captains make?

The salaries of Oil Tanker Captains in the US range from $38,310 to $134,950 , with a median salary of $75,482 . The middle 50% of Oil Tanker Captains makes between $63,430 and $75,466, with the top 83% making $134,950.

Do Coast Guard carry guns?

The United States Coast Guard uses cutters and small boats on the water, and fixed- and rotary wing (helicopters) aircraft in the air. The Coast Guard employs various small arms including handguns, shotguns, rifles, and machine guns.

What are Coast Guard members called?

The formal name for a uniformed member of the Coast Guard is “Coast Guardsman”, irrespective of gender. “Coastie” is an informal term commonly used to refer to current or former Coast Guard personnel.

How much does a Coast Guard make?

The salaries of Us Coast Guards in the US range from $18,264 to $483,218 , with a median salary of $87,569 . The middle 57% of Us Coast Guards makes between $87,570 and $219,121, with the top 86% making $483,218.

How much does a merchant marine captain make?

Salary Ranges for Merchant Mariner Captains The salaries of Merchant Mariner Captains in the US range from $76,277 to $109,384 , with a median salary of $85,950 . The middle 57% of Merchant Mariner Captains makes between $85,950 and $93,649, with the top 86% making $109,384.

How long does it take to process USCG license?

NPT is the total time the Coast Guard spends processing the application and does not include time waiting for information from mariners. The NMC has set a net processing goal of 30 days.

Do I need merchant mariner credentialing process?

A Merchant Mariner’s Credential (MMC) is issued by the United States Coast Guard, and it is required documentation for all crew members of U.S. ships with a Gross Register Tonnage of over 100, and for all vessels that are required to operate with a licensed Master, regardless of size.

How much is Z card?

How it Works. To join the Zarraffa’s Z Card® program simply head to one of our Stores or download our Mobile App to purchase your Zarraffa’s Z Card® for $7.50 and start earning Z$® straight away.

How can I become ordinary seaman?

  1. Be 18 years or older.
  2. Pass a drug test.
  3. Pass a medical and physical exam.
  4. Fall in line with the sea service requirements.
  5. Provide proof of citizenship and your Social Security card.
  6. TWIC.
What does a merchant mariner do?

Merchant mariners move cargo and passengers between nations and within the United States, and operate and maintain deep-sea merchant ships, tugboats, towboats, ferries, dredges, excursion vessels, charter boats and other waterborne craft on the oceans, the Great Lakes, rivers, canals, harbors, and other waterways.

Who can administer merchant mariner oath?

and judgment, without concealment or reservation, perform all the duties required by law and obey all lawful orders of superior officers. An oath may be administered by any Coast Guard-designated individual or any person legally. permitted to administer oaths in the jurisdiction where. taking the oath resides. An oath.