Guidance on Army NCOER Bullet Comments. Per DA PAM 623-3, bullet comments: must be short, concise, and to the point. They cannot be longer than two lines, preferably one, and no more than one bullet to a line.

Also to know is, what are the 7 types of NCOERs?

There are 7 types of NCOERs:

  • Annual.
  • Change of Rater.
  • Relief for Cause.
  • Complete the Record.
  • 60 Day Rater Option.
  • 60 Day Senior Rater Option.
  • Temporary Duty, Special Duty or Compassionate Reassignment.

Subsequently, question is, can a SFC rate another SFC? A: The answer is YES, a GS-06 CAN rate a SFC. Normally you don't see GS-06 rating SFC unless the GS-06 is specifically assigned to a supervisory position and that SFC is one of the NCOs in that section. Since a SFC is a SENIOR NCO, you normally have your more senior civilians rating them.

Also know, how many bullets do you need for a Ncoer?

DA Pamphlet 623-3 Format Requirements Bullets will not be longer than two lines, preferably one; and no more than one bullet to a line.

What is DA Form 2166 8?

Da Form 2166 8. A fillable DA Form 2166-8 is a document used by the US Army as an evaluation form. Also known as an NCO Evaluation Report, it is used to complete evaluations on those who are considered NCOs, non-commissioned officers.

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What are areas of special emphasis?

Areas of Special Emphasis. In the Areas of Special Emphasis block, enter additional duties associated with your job or MOS (if you have any -not everyone does). For example, in a maintenance shop, a person's additional duty, might be Tool Room Monitor, Training NCO or TMDE Monitor.

What goes in areas of special emphasis on Ncoer?

NCOER Part : IIId: Areas of Special Emphasis

These must include a list of tasks/duties separated by semicolons and ending with a period. This block is the most likely to change during the rating period. It should include the most important items that applied at any time during the rating period.

What is the proper signature order for an Ncoer?

The order of signing is always: Rater, Senior Rater, and last is the Rated Soldier. Is it rater, senior rater, rated solider? Rater, Sr. Rater, Endorser (reviewer).

What does Ncoer stand for?

Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report

What is an OER support form?

The Officer Evaluation Report (OER) Support Form allows you to state your personal goals in your specific job position and your accomplishments. The Senior rater writes a “Senior Rater comments” paragraph outlining your potential and rates you against other same ranking Officers in the same position.

What is a referred OER?

A referred OER is the officer's chance to explain the situation. and challenge ratings or comments. After submitting comments, the rater can adjust the evaluation, but cannot rebut the rated officer's statements. The officer's comments will be filed alongside the OER when it is filed with Human Resources Command.

What is relief for cause?

Relief actions require the completion of a “Relief for Cause” OER or NCOER. A relieved officer or NCO cannot prepare or submit an evaluation report on their subordinates during the suspension period leading up to the relief or after the relief is final.

What is complete the record Ncoer?

A Complete the Record NCOER is used for promotion. If he is getting out around the same time as his Annual, I would just go ahead and do an annual.

What is a DA Form 2166 9 1a?

DA Form 216691A, NCOER Support Form is a support form that is used for gathering information during the evaluation of U.S. Army Non-commissioned officers (NCOs) in the rank of Sergeant (SGT). A senior rater can provide additional comments to the self-evaluation, if necessary.

What is a Ncoer in the army?

What is an NCOER? Raters use the DA Form 2166–8 (NCOER) to provide DA with performance and potential assessments of each rated NCO. The DA Form 2166–8 also provides evaluation information to ensure that sound personnel management decisions can be. made and that an NCO's potential can be fully developed.

What is EES army?

Evaluation Entry System (EES) is the Army's forms system for Army Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs) and NonCommissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs). OER Training PowerPoint / PDF. Video instructing how to use EES.

How do you write an army counseling?

How to Write an Army Counseling
  1. Purpose. In the Purpose of Counseling block, write the reason for the counseling.
  2. Key Points of Discussion. The Key Points of Discussion block is the main section of the counseling form.
  3. Plan of Action.
  4. Session Closing.
  5. Leader Responsibilities.
  6. Assessment.

What is an Ncoer support form?

NCOER Support Form

Indicates if the soldier has met the Structured Self-Development and NCO Education System requirements for promotion to the next higher grade. • Includes the rated soldier's performance goals and expectations.

How do I add delegates to Ncoer?

Click the “Remove” tab for the delegate and then click “Update Permissions” to validate the transaction. A new feature within EES is the delegate role, “Rater / Senior Rater Enlisted Advisor.” The enlisted advisor is able to review the NCOER and provide comments to the rating official.

How do you comment comments on a Ncoer bullet?

Guidance on Army NCOER Bullet Comments
  1. must be short, concise, and to the point.
  2. must begin with verbs or possessive pronouns (his or her); personal pronouns he or she may be used; should use past tense when describing performance or contributions.

Do you need an Ncoer to ETS?

Bullet comments are mandatory regardless of ratings given.

If the NCO meets the 90 day requirements, then he will recieve and NCOER prior to ETS unless under retirement where and NCOER is optional.

Where can I view my Ncoer?

Direct Internet Access: Users can access the IWRS Website at <– You access that link with your CAC card and you enter your SSN. It then shows statuses of all your NCOER/OER; especially the latest.

What is a thru date Ncoer?

As it was said before, your thru date will be the day you sign out of leave, or the last day you worked for your rater. As for the non-rated codes, that would come from your next unit. I would tell your rater, after you research the regulation yourself, that you will not sign the NCOER unless the thru date is updated.