Arby's Beef ‘n Cheddar Classic Nutrition Facts
Serving Size1 sandwich
Total Carbohydrates45g15%
Dietary Fiber2g8%

Hereof, how many carbs are in Arbys roast beef?

classic Roast Beef

Nutrition KeyNutrition Value
Sodium (mg)970
Total Carbohydrates (g)37
Dietary Fiber (g)2
Sugars (g)5

Likewise, how many calories are in an Arby roast beef sandwich with cheese? There are 710 calories in a Three Cheese Roast Beef Sandwich from Arby's. Most of those calories come from fat (52%).

Also asked, how many calories is an Arby's beef and cheddar?

450 calories

Is Arby's beef and cheddar good?

Arby's Beef and Cheddar isn't going to blow anyone away, but it's a good alternative to a typical fast food cheeseburger and a tasty upgrade to Arby's regular roast beef sandwich.

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How bad is Arby's roast beef for you?

Least Nutritious Option

Even though a helping of roast beef gives the sandwich 23 grams of protein, it also has 450 calories, 20 grams of fat, 6 grams of saturated fat, 1 gram of trans fat, and almost 1300 milligrams of sodium.

Is Arby's Roast Beef Low Carb?

9. Arby's sandwich without the bun or bread. Though the Roast Beef Classic is its original and most popular item, Arby's has many other options, including brisket, steak, ham, chicken, and turkey. Any of these can be ordered without the bread for a tasty lowcarb, high-protein meal.

Can I eat roast beef on keto?

Grass-Fed Meat and Poultry

It's likely that you've realized many low-carb diets encourage you to eat a lot of protein. You can choose meat such as beef, lamb, veal, venison, or goat. These types of meat yield zero grams of net carbs per five ounces. Poultry is great for your keto diet as well.

Can you buy just roast beef from Arby's?

Thinly sliced and world famous

This is Arby's roast beef. It's all-beef, marinated and roasted in our restaurants every single day.

What is Arby's Roast Beef?

The claim basically says their roast beef is actually imitation meat, made from gels, liquids, or pastes, formed into a vaguely meat-shaped lump then roasted, cooled, and turned into sandwich filler.

How many carbs are in a medium roast beef from Arby's?

Nutrition Facts
Calories 360(1506 kJ)
Sodium970 mg40%
Total Carbohydrate37 g12%
Dietary Fiber2 g8%
Sugars5 g

How many carbs are in a double roast beef from Arby's?

This Double Roast Beef has two times the amount of our signature roast beef on it than the Roast Beef Classic.

double Roast Beef.

Nutrition KeyNutrition Value
Trans Fat (g)1.5
Cholesterol (mg)95
Sodium (mg)1610
Total Carbohydrates (g)38

How much is a classic roast beef sandwich at Arby's?

The roast beef sandwiches are priced between $3 and $5. Other selections include the Angus Steak, Corned Beef, Ham, Bacon, Turkey, Chicken, and Smokehouse Brisket. The Angus Steak sandwiches are priced between $5 and $8 and include the A.

What is the healthiest thing to eat at Arby's?

Eat This Instead!
  • King's Hawaiian Brown Sugar Bacon BLT. 600 calories, 28 g fat (10 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 860 mg sodium)
  • Beef ‘n Cheddar Classic. 450 calories, 20 g fat (6 g saturated), 1,310 mg sodium.
  • Arby's Ham & Swiss Melt.
  • Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad.
  • Fresh-brewed Iced Tea.

What is the sauce on Arby beef and cheddar?

classic Beef ‘n Cheddar

We took our famous roast beef, topped it with Cheddar cheese sauce and zesty Red Ranch and served it on a toasted onion roll.

How many calories are in a double roast beef from Arby's?

510 calories

How much is a beef and cheddar sandwich at Arby's?

Arby's Menu Prices
Mid Roast Beef – Meal$6.69
Max Roast Beef$5.29
Max Roast Beef – Meal$7.69
Classic Beef ‘n Cheddar$3.99

How many calories are in a half pound Arby's roast beef sandwich?

610 calories

How many calories in a beef and cheddar at Arby's?

450 calories

How many carbs are in an Arby's roast beef sandwich?

classic Roast Beef
Nutrition KeyNutrition Value
Trans Fat (g)0.5
Cholesterol (mg)50
Sodium (mg)970
Total Carbohydrates (g)37

How many calories are in a arbys sandwich?

Best–Roast beef classic: There's a reason Arby's signature first sandwich is on the Eat This, Not That-approved menu. Without toppings or condiments it's only 350 calories, 950 milligrams of sodium, and 12 grams of fat.

How many calories in a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese?

According to McDonald's website, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese has 530 calories, 27 grams of fat (13 of which are saturated fat), and 1,090 milligrams of sodium.

How many calories are in a large Arby's roast beef sandwich?

580 calories