The line consists of fifteen of the thirty-nine bears (as seen in Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!). Five of the bears were chosen to be the focus of the franchise: Oopsy Bear, Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Share Bear.

Considering this, how many Care Bear cousins are there?

The remaining 4 Care Bear Cousins The Care Bear Cousins are Care Bear characters who are various other animals rather than being bears.


  • Brave Heart Lion.
  • Bright Heart Raccoon.
  • Cozy Heart Penguin.
  • Lotsa Heart Elephant.
  • Gentle Heart Lamb.
  • Playful Heart Monkey.
  • Proud Heart Cat.
  • Swift Heart Rabbit.

do Care Bears have genders? In the original TV series he is the leader of the Care Bears, and is used in the main Care Bears logo. His fur colour was originally brown, but later became bronze. His tummy symbol is a big red heart with a pink outline.

Tenderheart Bear
NationalityCare-a-Lot, Kingdom of Caring, Lighthouse

Secondly, what are the care bear names and colors?

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  • Cheer Bear: color: light pink. symbol: rainbow.
  • Love-A-Lot Bear: color: pink. symbol: 2 hearts.
  • Friend Bear: color: pale orange. symbol: 2 flowers.
  • Funshine Bear: color: bright yellow.
  • Birthday Bear: color: light yellow.
  • Good Luck Bear: color: green.
  • Wish Bear: color: turquoise.
  • Bedtime Bear: color: blue.

What is the rarest Care Bear?

The most expensive Care Bears sold On Doopydoos, the most expensive Care Bear is a ‘Rare Vintage 12” Nobleheart Horse Care Bear's Cousin', which was sold for $727.

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Which Care Bear is purple?

Surprise Bear is a bear who loves a good surprise. She is deep purple and her tummy symbol is a colorful jack-in-the box with a star popping out.

What is the Care Bear stare?

The Care Bear Stare is an ability that most members of the Care Bear Family possess. The primary uses of this ability are to defeat the Care Bears‘ enemies and to heal people and objects that have been corrupted by them.

Why did they change Share Bear?

The change to Share Bear's symbol stems from Play Along Toys' suggestion of the change on the grounds that sharing a milkshake may spread germs. New versions of the Care Bear Cousins were produced (with Proud Heart being changed back into a cat, in a different color and the same symbol she had in the 1980s franchise).

Is Disney a Care Bear?

The Care Bears. The Care Bears was a cartoon on ABC in the eighties, later shown on the Disney Channel in the nineties in reruns, about a group of lovable, colorful bears and their friends, the Care Bear Cousins (based on other animals). The show was based on a popular toyline and greeting card.

What color is lucky Care Bear?

Color: Green. Best Friend: Funshine Bear.

What is the name of the purple Care Bear with lollipops on its tummy?

Sweet Dreams Bear

What does Cheer Bear look like?

Appearance. Cheer Bear has carnation pink fur and a rainbow Belly badge.

How old are Care Bears?

A History of the Care Bears. Following the success of their first big franchise (Strawberry Shortcake) back in 1979, American Greetings introduced the Care Bear characters in late 1981 through a line of greeting cards. Children's book illustrator Elena Kucharik did the original artwork for the cards.

Which Care Bear has 2 hearts?

First ten
Good Luck BearGreenFour-leaf clover
Grumpy BearBlueRain cloud
Love-A-Lot BearDeep pinkTwo hearts
Tenderheart BearOrange-BrownRed heart

What is the care bear names?

The 10 original Care Bears consisted of Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-lot Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Wish Bear. Later on, additional bears joined them, as well as the Cousins.

What Color Is Best Friend Bear?

Color: Peach. Best Friend: Love-a-lot Bear.

Are all Care Bears girls?

The Original Care Bears Names. The Care Bears were every 80s girl's favourite bear! The soft toys were originally created by an American greetings card company, American Greetings, in 1981. You could collect plenty of original Care Bears, plus several ‘Care Bear Cousins' which were introduced in 1984.

How much is an original pound puppy worth?

Pound Puppies – A first edition Pound Puppy is worth $5,000.

Where did the Care Bears live?

The Care Bears actually live in a place called the ‘Kingdom of Caring'. Within this kingdom is ‘Care-a-lot', where the Care Bears themselves lived, and the ‘Forest of Feelings'.