The number of chains you‘ll need depends on how wide you want the scarf and how thick your yarn is. If you‘re using a medium-width yarn, each chain will be about 1/4 inch. If you want your scarf to be 5 inches wide, then that would be 20 chains.

Likewise, how many chains do you need for an infinity scarf?

Chain stitch 30 times. This initial chain will give you the width of the scarf. To make a chain stitch, grab yarn from the long side (the side attached to the skein) and pull it through the loop on your hook. This completes a single chain stitch.

One may also ask, how wide should a crochet scarf be? The width of the scarf is your choice. Most scarves are between 6 and 8 inches. Yours can be skinnier or wider. There is no right or wrong.

Also know, how long does it take to crochet a scarf?

I crochet and if you chain 22 on chucky yarn then you should be able to finish 1 scarf in about 2 hours. Just double crochet all of them.

What is a good beginner crochet project?

100 Free Crochet Patterns That Are Perfect For Beginners

  • Easy Crocheted Chunky Blanket.
  • Soap Saver Pattern.
  • Slouch Hat And Fringe Infinity Scarf.
  • Easy DIY Chain Necklace.
  • Summer Popsicle Bag Pattern.
  • Pretty Crocheted Afghan.
  • Adorable Crochet Giraffe.
  • Easy Ruffled Crochet Bag.

Related Question Answers

How much yarn do I need to crochet a scarf?

Most scarves will use one to two skeins of yarn. According to the chart above, you will probably need about 300–650 yards, depending on the weight of yarn, the colors, the stitches, style, and length amongst other factors. Looking for a scarf crochet pattern to make?

Can you crochet without a hook?

When you don't have a crochet hook on hand but do have yarn

You can take your yarn out of your bag and use your fingers to crochet something beautiful. You don't have to have a reason to finger crochet. You can also do it just for fun, to try something new and to expand your abilities in the craft.

Can you crochet with your fingers?

Finger crochet is a great way to enjoy crochet when you don't have a hook on hand (or, when your hook isn't the right size for your yarn). It's also a great way to teach crochet, since your fingers only have to focus on the mechanics of the stitches and not on how to hold the hook.

Can you crochet with a knitting needle?

Can you crochet with knitting needles? While you can technically crochet with a knitting needle, it would be quite difficult. You would have trouble picking up stitches with the straight end of the needle, whereas by using a crochet hook you would pick up stitches easily.

How many inches is an infinity scarf?

This one is 72 inches long, but a standard is about 60 inches long. Just test for personal preference.

How do you make an infinity scarf?

To wear an infinity scarf, start by placing the scarf behind your neck and let the ends drape over your shoulders. Then, put your hand through one loop and grab the other end of the scarf. Next, pull the end back through the loop and pull it down to tighten the scarf.

How many chains do you need for a scarf?

Chain 13 stitches and then chain three more for a total of 16 stitches. The extra three stitches will be your turning chain. These stitches provide some slack to start the new row. You will need to chain three before each new row for the entire scarf.

How long should a cowl be to wrap twice?

I have done the hard part for finding the perfect measurements for each size, all you have to do is use the measurements. So it's time to make cowls and scarves for your 2-year-old to adults!

Cowl Measurements.

2-3 Years23″9″
4-10 Years27″10.5″