You can view more details on each measurement unit: molecular weight of PbSO4 or grams This compound is also known as Lead(II) Sulfate. The SI base unit for amount of substance is the mole. 1 mole is equal to 1 moles PbSO4, or 303.2626 grams.

People also ask, what is the formula weight of PbSO4?

303.26 g/mol

Likewise, how do you convert from moles to grams? Moles to Grams Conversion Formula. In order to convert the moles of a substance to grams, you will need to multiply the mole value of the substance by its molar mass. More commonly written for this application as: where, is the molar mass of the substance.

Moreover, what is the mass of 3.12 moles of Pb so4 2?

Now look up the molar mass of each element from the periodic table and multiply it by the # of atoms present. Now add up the molar masses of each element from above to get the molar mass of Pb(SO4)2 = 207.20 + 64.12 + 128.00 = 399.32 g/mol.

What is the percent composition of lead in PbSO4?

Percent composition by element

ElementSymbolMass Percent

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How many moles are in 18 grams of water?

1 mole

How do you name PbSO4?

  1. Name: Lead(II) Sulfate.
  2. Alias: Anglislite; Plumbous Sulfate.
  3. Formula: PbSO4.
  4. Molar Mass: 303.2626.

Is PbSO4 soluble?

PbSO4, SrSO4, and BaSO4 are insoluble. CaSO4, Hg2SO4, and Ag2SO4 are moderately soluble. The corresponding bisulfates are more soluble.

What is the mass number of lead?

Answer and Explanation: The mass number for lead is 208.

What is the mass of a mole of Ca Oh 2?

Answer and Explanation:

The molar mass of calcium hydroxide i.e. Ca(OH)2 is 74 grams per mole (g/mol).

How do you determine molar mass?

Key Points
  1. The molar mass is the mass of a given chemical element or chemical compound (g) divided by the amount of substance (mol).
  2. The molar mass of a compound can be calculated by adding the standard atomic masses (in g/mol) of the constituent atoms.

How many grams are in 4.5 moles of Li2O?

134.5 grams

What is the molar mass of pbno32?

The molar mass of Pb(NO3) 2 is 331.2098 g/mol.

What has a mass of 1 amu?

An atomic mass unit (symbolized AMU or amu) is defined as precisely 1/12 the mass of an atom of carbon-12. The carbon-12 (C-12) atom has six protons and six neutrons in its nucleus. In imprecise terms, one AMU is the average of the proton rest mass and the neutron rest mass.

How many moles are in PbSO4?

We assume you are converting between grams PbSO4 and mole. You can view more details on each measurement unit: molecular weight of PbSO4 or mol This compound is also known as Lead(II) Sulfate. The SI base unit for amount of substance is the mole. 1 grams PbSO4 is equal to 0.0032974722237427 mole.

How many moles are in 22 grams of argon?

0.55 moles

How do you find molecules from grams?

Once you know the molecular weight of a compound, you know how much Avogadro's number of that compound weighs in grams. To find the number of molecules in a sample, divide the weight of the sample by the weight of one mole to get the number of moles, then multiply by Avogadro's number.

What is the charge of PbSO4?

, PbO2 is +4 and -4 (multiply O by 2), but on the product side, PbSO4 is +2 and -2. Is the reason that we don't multiply O on the product side by 4 is that SO4 -2 is an ion and so it stays -2, (I guess 2- because it is an oxidation state we're talking about, not a charge).

Is PbSO4 a base?

Even insoluble ionic compounds (e.g., AgCl, PbSO4, CaCO3) are strong electrolytes, because the small amounts that do dissolve in water do so principally as ions; i.e., there is virtually no undissociated form of the compound in solution. There are virtually no molecules of a strong acid or base in solution, only ions.

What is lead sulfate used for?

Lead sulfate occurs naturally in the mineral anglesite. It is synthesized by adding sulfuric acid to a lead salt solution. Lead sulfate is used in lithography and in weighting fabrics. It is also used as a paint drier.

Is PbSO4 soluble in hot water?

The solubility constant of PbSO4 is 1.8*10^-8, meaning that in a liter of water, about 1.3*10^-4 moles of PbSO4 will dissolve. If you're talking about very small amounts, then definitely PbSO4 can dissolve in hot water as long as it is below it's saturation point (in higher water temperatures, the Ksp increases).

Does PbSO4 dissolve in water?

Description: Lead sulfate appears as a white crystalline solid. Insoluble in water and sinks in water.

What is the chemical formula for lead sulfate?