HeadquartersFramingham, Massachusetts, U.S.
Number of locations716 (Jul 2018)
ProductsBedding, furniture, housewares, lighting
ParentTJX Companies (1992–present)

Thereof, how often does HomeGoods get new stuff?

“Most stores receive shipments 4 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, but do not expect items to hit the floor right away. They trickle out, so new items appear daily.” That said, if you went yesterday and didn't find just the right platter or duvet cover, you might have better luck today.

Likewise, how many TJ Maxx stores are there? 1,241 Mar 2019

Thereof, how many HomeSense stores are there?

Since 2001 this brand operates in Canada, as of 2014, HomeSense holds over 100 stores including its “Mega-stores” which include full Winners and HomeSense stores combined. The Canadian chain is similar to TJX's HomeGoods chain in the United States.

What is sold at HomeGoods?

We sell a unique selection of home fashions from around the world, including top brands, specialty merchandise, and artisan creations, generally offered at prices 20%-60% below full-price retailers' (including department, specialty, and major online retailers) regular prices on comparable product.

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What should you not buy at TJ Maxx?

What You Probably Shouldn't Be Buying at TJ Maxx and Marshall's
  • Makeup. via “The number one product that you shouldn't buy at TJ Maxx and stores like them is makeup,” says Becky Beach, consumer expert and blogger at
  • Food. via
  • Yoga mats. via

How does TJ Maxx sell stuff so cheap?

TJ Maxx is able to keep its prices low using a number of different strategies. According to the company, much of it comes down to the way TJ Maxx buys its merchandise. It purchases stock from manufacturers that make too much and department stores that overbuy, and it jumps on deals at the end of the season.

Is TJ Maxx or Marshalls better?

The actual difference comes with where they focus their buying. Marshalls traditionally will have a larger shoe department and TJMaxx has a fine jewelry department. While each of the stores might carry shoes or jewelry the better selection will be found at the store that has that focus.

Does HomeGoods offer a senior discount?

Although there is no HomeGoods senior discount, it does offer additional ways to save with its regular low prices, TJX Rewards Access Program, and TJX Rewards Credit Card. Even though HomeGoods doesn't offer a senior discount, there are several stores similar to HomeGoods that do.

Can you return HomeGoods to TJ Maxx?

Yes, you can return your item to TJ Maxx without the receipt. On returning a non-receipted item(s), you will get the refund in form of merchandise credit.

Why is Marshalls so cheap?

Marshalls purchases clothes from several sources. Some clothes come directly from the manufacturer when they cannot be sold to major department stores. This could happen because the manufacturer made more than they could sell or possibly had some type of defect that made them less than perfect.

Where does HomeGoods get their items?

They Get Stock From All Over

TJX finds items from over 16,000 vendors to stock HomeGoods and its other subsidiaries.

Does HomeGoods do Black Friday?

Home Depot's stores won't be open on Thanksgiving but shoppers can click and snag Black Friday deals online starting at 6 a.m. on the holiday.

Is homesense cheaper than HomeGoods?

1. The prices are in the same range as HomeGoods. Both stores are owned by TJX — also parent company to TJ Maxx and Marshalls — so the prices are what you'd expect from the off-price retailers. What you'll pay for a candle in HomeGoods is what you'll pay for a candle in Homesense.

What is the difference between HomeGoods and homesense?

But Homesense is all about furnishings and decor, whereas HomeGoods has a little something for every room in the house. For example, if you want to refresh your bedroom, best bet would be to shop HomeGoods for your linens and Homesense for a headboard.

What is the new HomeGoods store called?

Homesense, the spinoff store from the popular décor chain HomeGoods, launched last year and was met with an enthusiastic response.

Is homesense good quality?

Homesense Birstall is 5 star – service and value on top quality brands. All I can say is that the staff at Homesense Birstall retail park are fantastic. I shop there regularly and have made some really big brand purchases which I know are bargains.

Is at home and HomeGoods the same store?

At Home is a rapidly expanding big-box retail chain that specializes in home furnishings and decor. At Home rivals HomeGoods, a similar home decor chain owned by the same parent company that runs TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Is homesense any good?


It is basically TK Maxx for everything homeware related, although unlike TK Maxx it's a really nice shopping experience. If you like to shop at Heals and The Conran Store but can't really afford it, Homesense is your saviour.

Can you shop online with homesense?

Where can I purchase a HomeSense gift card? You can buy gift cards online or at any one of our HomeSense locations.

Is TJ Maxx and HomeGoods the same store?

It is owned by TJX Companies and is a sister company to T.J. Maxx, Sierra Trading Post, and Marshalls. There are locations in the United States that combine both the HomeGoods store brand and the T.J. Maxx store brand in one building.

Does homesense have rugs?

HomeGoods is known for having a good selection of rugs, but Homesense puts that section on steroids. Its Rug Emporium takes up an entire corner of the store, with rugs of all sizes and patterns. As soon as you walk into Homesense, it's impossible to ignore the massive selection of lamps and chandeliers.

Is TJ Maxx used clothes?

Once T.J. Maxx—or any off-price retailer—buys merchandise, it's responsible for selling it. Items that don't sell at one off-price location might be sent to another store, or put on clearance. If they still don't sell, they're eventually donated to a thrift store.

Is Ross owned by TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx and marshalls are actually owned by the same Corp. They're all very similar. I think in ranking of price and type of brands it goes: Ross, TJ Maxx, and then Marshalls. Tj maxx and Marshalls are very similar but Ross tends to carry items with a little less quality with lower prices.