At nearly 11-inches long and almost4-inches wide, this remote control can be humorousand practical at the same time. Nice large rubber buttons with easyto read print can be quite helpful.

Also to know is, how many inches long is a directv remote?

Product information

Product Dimensions7 x 2 x 1.5 inches
Item model numberRC71
Batteries2 AA batteries required.

Beside above, how big is an Amazon remote? In length, it's about the size of tworemotes.

In respect to this, how many inches is an optimum remote?

Product information

Product Dimensions8.1 x 2.3 x 1.6 inches
Shipping Weight4 ounces
Item model numberUR2-CBL-CV04

Does Walmart sell DirecTV remotes?

DirecTV Remote Controls –

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Can I use my phone as a remote for DirecTV?

Get the DIRECTV Remote app

The DIRECTV Remote app for Android letsyou use your phone to change channels, pause, fastforward, rewind, and record all of your favorite shows, justlike your DIRECT remote control. If you haven't already doneso, download the DIRECTV Remote app from GooglePlay.

Will universal remote work on any TV?

Universal remote controls are not brand specific,so you can use them with any device model from almostevery electronics manufacturer. Most universal remoteswork with multiple devices, so they can control yourTV, cable box, and other peripherals such as DVD players andstreaming devices.

How do I replace my DirecTV remote?

Navigate to the DirecTV website and select”Equipment.” In this section, choose “Remotes” and a new page willappear that will delineate the satellite receiver remotesavailable. Click “Order Now,” fill in the required billinginformation and submit the order.

Is there a universal remote for DirecTV?

DIRECTV(r) IR and RF Universal RemoteControl

Built-in RF feature allows the remote to controlthe receiver without having to point it at the receiver. Extensiveuniversal code library ensures compatibility with mostaudio/video devices.

Is my DirecTV remote IR or RF?

DirecTV remotes come in three wireless modes. Theinfrared, or IR, remote is a line-of-sightdevice that must “see” the DirecTV receiver to function. Thesecond is the Radio Frequency, or RF, remotethat can function behind walls and around corners.

How do I program my DirecTV remote rc71 to my TV?

First, have your Genie Mini receiver connected andpowered on. Next, grab your RC71 remote and simultaneouslyhold the “MUTE” + “ENTER” buttons until you see a box appear onyour TV screen that says “Applying IR/RF Setup.Please Wait” (this appears after about 5 seconds of holding thosebuttons).

How do I program my DirecTV Genie remote to my TV?

Program a Genie Remote Manually
  1. Point the Genie remote at your Genie cable box, then press andhold the Mute and Select buttons until the green light on theremote blinks twice.
  2. Enter the code 961 on the remote keypad.
  3. Press the Channel Up button.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. The TV will display “Your remote is now setup forRF.”

How do I pair my optimum remote?

Be sure to point the remote at your TV duringsetup.
  1. Press and hold TV POWER and SEL keys until the OPTIMUM keyblinks twice.
  2. Press the TV POWER key.
  3. Aim the remote at your TV and press and hold down the SELkey.
  4. Release the key when the TV turns off and setup iscomplete.

How much is a new optimum remote?

The current cost of replacing an iO remotecontrol is $3.60. The charge is applied to your Optimumaccount. Have your ID with you and be prepared to supply theOptimum sales attendant with your Optimum accountnumber.

How do you pair a remote to a TV?

How to Connect a Remote to a TV
  1. Hold down the program button on the remote control for 3seconds. This button mighty be displayed on the remote as”PRG.”
  2. Press the “TV” button on the remote control to let the remoteknow it will be syncing with a TV.
  3. Find the proper codes for the TV you are programing.

Can you buy your own cable box optimum?

You can obtain a certified cablebox from Optimum. You may also purchase acertified CableCARD- compatible device, such as a TiVo,available through retail stores in the United States, toreceive certain of Optimum's digital cableservices.

How do I get a new Cablevision box?

To get an HD digital cable box, simply call usat 1-866-874-HDTV or visit your local Optimum Store.


  1. HD digital cable box.
  2. HDTV.
  3. The HDTV and cable box are connected correctly.
  4. The HDTV and cable box are configured correctly.

Who invented remote control?

Nikola Tesla

How many types of remote controls are there?

There are two types of remote controldevices – IR (infrared) and RF (radio frequency) devicesdepending on the nature of the signal it uses.

Which waves are used in TV remote?

Most remote controls send signals using infraredradiation (which is a kind of invisible red light that hot objectsgive off and halogen hobs use to cook with), though some use radiowaves instead.

What is remote control system?

In electronics, a remote control is an electronicdevice used to operate the device from a distance, usuallywirelessly. For example, in consumer electronics, a remotecontrol can be used to operate devices such as a televisionset, DVD player or other home appliance, from a shortdistance.

Can I use my phone as a remote for Firestick?

Use Your Mobile Device as Fire TV Remote.To use your mobile device as a remote, downloadthe Fire TV app and pair your registered Fire TVdevices. Open the Fire TV app on your mobile device.Use the on-screen navigation, keyboard, and other menuoptions to control the selected Fire TVdevice.

Can you buy a new remote for Amazon Fire Stick?

If you would rather purchase a new FireTV/Stick remote directly from Amazon, youcan use the following link to do so. If you arelooking to replace a remote for a Firestick,you may find it in your best interest to purchase a newFire TV Stick for an additional $10 to $20 depending on themodel you get.