The Ranking is divided into five differentlevels: Popular, Sk What do the numbers in the bar next tomy name show? The numbers located in the bar next to your name showthe number of votes you received.

In this way, what are the levels in GuruShots?

Every challenge has a Ranking where you can see yourposition compared to the other players. The Ranking is divided intofive different levels: Popular, Skilled, Premier, Elite& All-Star.

Secondly, what does boost do in GuruShots? Boost allows you to give a burst of exposure toone selected photo in a challenge. Boosts are lockedthroughout the challenge and unlock Use keys to unlock aboost earlier or if the free boost unlocked time wasmissed. You can receive extra Keys by participating in thechallenges.

Moreover, what are GS points in GuruShots?

GuruShotPoints, or GS Points in short, are earned byparticipating in challenges or using the ‘Earn Points‘ in'My Challenges'. The more GS points you earn, the higheryour status and influence in the GuruShotscommunity.

How do you get followers on GuruShots?

GuruShots offers you the opportunity to createyour very own community and find inspiration. Gaining new'Followers‘ means that you provide co Go to “My Profile” andhover over the cover photo until you see the “Change Cover” buttonin the left corner. Then select to either

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What is swap in GuruShots?

A Successful Swap is an achievement that isgranted to users once the photo they swapped into achallenge gained more votes than the photo it replaced. Once youSwap in a new photo instead of an eligible one, the newphoto needs to earn 50 votes or more than it.

Can you win money on GuruShots?

GuruShots is an online community thatallows you to upload a set of four images to “challenges.”Each challenge is different and many offer prizes towinners. The more you vote, the more exposure yougain on your images as well, so it's a winwinsituation for everyone.

Does GuruShots own photos?

Intellectual Property. GuruShots does not claimany ownership over Content you submit or make available on theWebsite. By submitting content to GuruShots you affirm,represent and warrant that the you own (and/or otherwisehave the right to submit) the Content submitted or madeavailable by you on GuruShots.

Can you make money with GuruShots?

GuruShots. GuruShots isn't exactly a placewhere you can sell photos online, but you can usethem to make money. This service turns photography into agame. Other photographers vote on the images and the winners getprizes worth up to $300.

Is GuruShots free?

While the GuruShots app is free todownload, there are some very real prizes that users competefor.

What is GuruShots?

GuruShots is a newly launched service that turnsphotography into a game with a real-time online photo competitionsystem. Photos submitted to contests are voted on by the communityand by the award-winning photographers — called“Gurus” — who host the challenges.