In Bubble Witch 2 Saga, there arecurrently 2050 levels, all within 104 episodes (firstepisode contains 10 levels, next four episodes contain 15each and the following episodes contain 20 levels each).There are four level types in the game:Classic , Ghost , Animals and Morgana .

Likewise, people ask, how many levels are in Bubble Witch Saga 3?

There are a total of 83 chapters with 1640levels. Each chapter has 20 levels, except for FairyForest with 10 levels, Wilbur's Den and Shaken Shack with 15levels.

Additionally, what is a bubble wheel in Bubble Witch 2? Bubble Wheel is a blocker bubble inBubble Witch 2 Saga. The Wheel will move after youshoot, carrying all the bubbles around it. It can hold up tosix bubbles. The wheel is brown and has a skeletonmouse inside it.

Accordingly, what level do bats appear in Bubble Witch 2?

Bat Bubble is a blocker bubble inBubble Witch 2 Saga. The bat is attached to abubble and will not let go until it is matched with theright colour. It is first introduced at level 111, the firstlevel of The Mysterious Swamp.

How many levels does Candy Crush have?

5435 levels

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How many levels are in Bubble Witch 2?

In Bubble Witch 2 Saga, there are currently 2050levels, all within 104 episodes (first episode contains 10levels, next four episodes contain 15 each and the followingepisodes contain 20 levels each). There are fourlevel types in the game: Classic , Ghost , Animals andMorgana .

What are cursed bubbles?

Comments (3) Share. Cursed Bubble or InfectedBubble is a blocker bubble in Bubble WitchSaga 2. This cursed bubble is quite unique as it has azombie-like face. This element is first introduced in level 171 -Pescue Island.

What are clouds in Bubble Witch?

Hit or match around Clouds to reveal what'sbehind. Clouds hide the content of the bubble theyare attached to – shooting at a cloud is a mystery. Once youhit the cloud with a bubble, it will disappear,revealing the bubble behind.

What are the star bubbles in Bubble Witch?

Star Bubble is an item in Bubble Witch 2Saga. During Star Chase events the player can collectStar Bubbles in the Glowing Levels of the Saga Map.Collecting 40 Star Bubbles will allow the player to brew avery special potion, a Star Shower.

What is a chameleon in Bubble Witch Saga?

Chameleon Bubble is a blocker bubble thatfirst introduced at level 231.