40 – 75 pounds

Also to know is, how heavy is a square bale of hay?

Largesquarebales also vary in size, weight, and relative value. They typi- cally come in three sizes: 3′ × 3′ × 8′, 3′ × 4′ × 8′, or 4′ × 4′ × 8′. Assuming the same density used for the round bale example, largesquarebales would range from 807 to 1,435 pounds (Table 2).

how much does a 3 string bale of hay weigh? A retail three string bale weighs 100 # there are 20 bales in a ton. A “feed store ton” can be 16 bales.

Furthermore, how much does a small square bale of hay weigh?

The dimension of a small bale held together by three strings is approximately 16” high x 22” wide x 44” long and usually weighs 100lbs. Three string bales are less common than two string bales which usually measure 14″ high x 18″ wide x 35″ long and weighs 50-60lbs.

How much does a 4×5 round bale of hay weigh?

If you asked most people what the round bales they baled or bought weighed they would probably tell you a number between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds.

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How much does a 4×4 round bale of hay weigh?

Forage species also affects bale weight. Grass bales generally will weigh less than legume-based bales of similar size. This is because legumes such as alfalfa will make a denser bale than a grass species. In the previously mentioned Wisconsin study, the average weight of a 4-foot by 5-foot legume bale was 986 pounds.

How many pounds is a square bale of hay?

For example, if the round bale weighs 1,000 pounds, then it equals 20 of your 50-pound small square bales. If the large round-bale weighs 1,200 pounds and the small square bales weigh 40 pounds, then one large round hay bale would be equal to 30 small square bales.

How many square bales are in a 4×4 round bale?

the current 4×4 round bales we are getting average 1700 pounds so 1 round bale = about 27 square bales.

How much is a hay bale worth?

Large round bales of hay are selling for $75 to $90 per ton higher than a year ago, McGill says. Specifically, alfalfa-grade hay bales are priced between $140 and $165 per ton, while grass, midquality hay bales are selling for $125 to $150 per ton.

What size is a standard hay bale?

A standard bale of hay has fixed height and width, at 14 inches by 18 inches. The length, however, may vary according to the settings on the baler mechanism and is either 36 inches or 48 inches.

How much does a rectangular hay bale weigh?

40 – 75 pounds

How many flakes are in a bale of hay?

16 flakes

How heavy is a bale of straw?

Weight. Dry bales will be relatively light weight. A 2-string bale should not wiehg more than say 45lbs. If it's heavy (you'll know what heavy means when you feel it) the bale is probably wet.

Is selling hay profitable?

The idea would be to sell the hay at around $4.50 per small square bale of hay. For good hay, this in't unreasonable. Horse farmers are looking for good hay, and they're willing to pay for it. Here was the thought, on 50 acres you would get 100 square bales per acre, which is a conservative number.

What is the standard size of a small square bale of hay?

Small squares average at 30 to over 75 pounds (some get to be 100 pounds), and their dimensions are typically 36″ to 40″ long (some longer, depending on the baler) by 18″ wide by 18″ tall.

How much is a small square bale of hay?

Straw prices in the Midwest averaged $2.95 per small square bale (range of $1.50 to $5.00); $40.50 per large square bale (range of $35.00 to $46.00); and $37.00 per large round bale (range of $27.50 to $42.50). Compared to the previous week, straw prices for small square bales were steady.

How much is a ton weigh?

Ton, unit of weight in the avoirdupois system equal to 2,000 pounds (907.18 kg) in the United States (the short ton) and 2,240 pounds (1,016.05 kg) in Britain (the long ton). The metric ton used in most other countries is 1,000 kg, equivalent to 2,204.6 pounds avoirdupois.

How many round bales make a ton?

Bales of hay vary in size from 40 to 2,000 pounds. A three-string bale weighs around 100 pounds, and there are approximately 20 three-string bales in a ton. Round bales weigh 850 to 1,100 pounds, and there are 2.4 to 1.8 round bales per ton.

How many bales of hay does a horse eat?

And the average horse eats approximately 3-4 tons (6,000-8,000 pounds) of hay per year. This is assuming the horse is not fed any other significant source of food, such as pasture or grain. An average sized hay bale (95 pounds) makes for an average of about 21 bales to a ton of hay.

How many hay bales fit on a semi?

Load size from 15 ton to 24 ton (500 to 800 bales) or 1100 to 1400 shavings. Most of our box trailers are 53′ with swing doors that can be locked. We do have 28′ “pup” trailers for small farms where space restrictions do not allow for larger trailers. Pup trailers hold around 10 ton (300 bales) hay or 720 shavings.

How do you stack hay?

Hay should be stacked in a crisscross manner, one layer in one direction and the next layer the other direction etc. and not packed too tightly to allow some air gap between bales. On larger stacks the bottom layer will necessarily hold moisture over time, and these bales are not usually horse worthy hay at that point.

How much does a 5×5 hay bale weigh?

If the bale weighs 1,500 pounds, the price is equivalent to $70 per ton. A comparable 5×5 bale with equal density would weigh 1,046 pounds and be priced at $36 per bale to have a value of $70 ton.

How much hay should a goat eat?

Each goat needs about two to four pounds of hay per day, minus what they might forage on pasture. Hay can be fed free choice or twice a day. If a good range isn't available, dry grass hay of a horse quality is acceptable. Goats require additional hay, which is roughage, for their rumen to function properly.