Before they turn into Transformers, they’re just a bunch of really cool, expensive vehicles. We’ve broken down how much the cars in the new film cost, ranging from $15,000 to $2.4 million.
How much does a transmission cost for a Pontiac Grand Prix? 2005 pontiac grand prix transmission price.

How much does it cost for a transformer car?

Turkish tech company Letrons is selling the Transformer car of your childhood dreams for a whopping US$600,000. Known as the Antimon, the Transformer prototype is a BMW 3 series that turns into a robot in 30 seconds. At this point, the transformed Antimon is only capable of moving its hands and turning its head.

Can you buy a transformer car?

You can’t ride in them, but they can actually be driven with a remote control when in car form. … The transformation process, while a bit slow, takes place all on its own.

How much is a bumblebee car?

AuctionScottsdale 2016
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Is there a Lamborghini transformer?

Alternate modesCybertronian Car, 1977 Lamborghini Countach, 1997 Lamborghini Diablo, 2003 Dodge Viper, Cobra Stinger, 2003 Lamborghini Gallardo, 2008Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
What is Bumblebee car?

In the original toy line and animated series, Bumblebee is a small yellow Volkswagen Beetle. In the live action movies, he has appeared as vehicles inspired by several generations of the Chevrolet American muscle cars – with the live-action film versions being a yellow Camaro with black racing stripes.

Who built the cars for Transformers?

Finally, a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador also used in the filming of Transformers Age of Extinction is also up for sale. Exclusively built by Automobili Lamborghini for Michael Bay, it features a unique Grigio Titans exterior and only has 2,000 miles on the odometer as well as the plastic still present in the door jambs.

Was there a BMW transformer?

It’s a BMW Transformer In a series of videos, the Turkish company Letrons unveiled its car/robot that’s been built from a BMW 3 Series coupe. The car, which becomes a robot, is controlled using a remote and you can see its complete transformation into a robot in the video below.

Is it possible to make a real transformer?

Transformers are finally a reality as a genius Japanese company has made an actual robot that transforms into a car – and vice versa. A group of engineers at firm Brave Robotics unveiled the new creation, named J-deite RIDE, which is reminiscent of Bumblebee and co.

How much did GM pay to be in Transformers?

With a $200 million price tag, could this film be the most expensive, most effective, most auspicious car advertisement in American history?

How much does Bumblebee Camaro cost?

“Transformers” Bumblebee Chevrolet Camaros Sell For $500,000 And all four Bumblebee Chevrolet Camaros from the “Transformers” films made quite a splash.

How much is Camaro in Philippines?

Chevrolet Camaro 2021 is a 4 Seater Coupe available at a price of ₱3.299 Million in the Philippines. It is available in 7 colors, 1 variants, 1 engine, and 1 transmissions option: Automatic in the Philippines. The Camaro dimensions is 4783 mm L x 1897 mm W x 1349 mm H.

Which Decepticon is the Lamborghini?

According to rumors, the main antagonist of the fourth installment is the dangerous matte black Lamborghini Aventador Tranformer known as Lockdown, a Decepticon bounty hunter. Lockdown pilots a ship full of “decommissioned Transformers” – including the Dinobots.

What is Lamborghini Reventon?

The Lamborghini Reventón (Spanish pronunciation: [reβenˈton]) is a mid-engine sports car that debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. … The official press release stated that only 20 vehicles would be sold to the public, with one additional car (marked as 00/20) produced for the Lamborghini museum.

Who is the Lamborghini in Transformers Age of Extinction?

The Autobot cast of Transformers: Age of Extinction. Lockdown is a bounty hunter played by this Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. He’s extremely dangerous, and neither Autobot nor Decepticon, per se.

How much is a 1969 Camaro SS?

A regular ’69 Camaro with decent restoration, carrying a 307 ci 200 hp engine will likely set you back at least $25,000. The price for a pristine version rises viciously and settles at a minimum of $49,000 with prices going off into the 6-digits as the model becomes rarer such as the COPO 427cu.

What kind of car is Optimus Prime?

The 1992 Peterbilt 379, also known as Optimus Prime, and the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS, also known as Bumble bee, from the movie franchise both got nabbed at last week’s Barett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Who is the strongest transformer?

1 Optimus Prime It shouldn’t come as a surprise when one names Optimus the strongest Autobot. His battles are too numerous to count. He’s defeated Megatron on multiple occasions and has taken down foes even Sentinel would have no chance against.

What's the police car in Transformers?

Transformers fans will undoubtedly recognize the car pictured here as the Decepticon dubbed “Barricade” from the original 2007 film. Based on a 2007 Saleen Mustang S281 Extreme, three of these robotized Ford Mustangs were constructed for the movie – one as a screen car, and two others used as press cars.

What are the cars in Transformers Age of Extinction?

  • Optimus Prime – Western Star Prototype.
  • Drift – Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.
  • Lockdown – 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.
  • Stinger – Pagani Huayra.
  • Bumble Bee – Chevrolet Camaro (1967, 2014)
  • The Movie.
What cars do the Transformers turn into?

  • Optimus Prime – 2014 Western Star 5700.
  • Bumblebee- 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.
  • Hound – Mercedes-Benz Unimog Military Tactical Ambulance.
  • Drift – 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R.
  • Crosshairs – 2016 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray.
  • Hot Rod – Lamborghini Centenario LP770-4.
What is a robot cat?

This robot pet is a fully autonomous companion that can respond to touch and voice — and even play with toys, and it’s hard not to love the thing after spending even just a brief amount of time with it. …

How did transformers transform?

Transformation is triggered by a command to this computer, usually done by voice, but sometimes with a thought. These computers may have been a part of the Great Upgrade, and once activated they choreograph the shifting body parts, allowing the Transformer to continue to concentrate on other matters.

How much is a transformer robot?

The new collaboration with Hasbro, though, gives Robosen the chance to bring its skills to an official Transformer product instead of a look-alike. The Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Advanced Robot is available to preorder now from the Hasbro Pulse website for $699.99.

Are Transformers still alive?

The Transformers are a species of sentient, living robotic beings (mostly) originating from the distant machine world of Cybertron. … Many millions of years ago, on the planet Cybertron, life existed. But not life as we know it today.

What is bumblebees real name?

BumblebeeCreated byKaren Beecher: Bob Rozakis Irv Novick Bumblebee: Bob Rozakis Jose DelboIn-story informationAlter egoKaren Beecher-DuncanSpeciesHuman or metahuman (depending on the continuity)

What does a transformer do?

A transformer is an electrical device designed and manufactured to step voltage up or step down. Electrical transformers operate on the principle of magnetic induction and have no moving parts.

Did Transformers save the Camaro?

Its starring role in Transformers helped cement the fifth-generation Camaro as one of the coolest cars to come on the market in the following years. With Revenge of the Fallen coming out only a few months after the latest Camaro went on sale, the movie depicted a modified production version of the Camaro.

Did Transformers help sell Camaros?

The global series gets our cutting-edge designs in front of more potential customers than we could through traditional methods.” But Transformers did more than increase sales of the Camaro in the short term. It provided the opportunity for GM to cultivate lifelong consumers.

What kind of car is Megatron?

Megatron is able to transform into a Walther P38, delivering more focused energy blasts than he could in his robotic form. He can adjust his size and mass as he transforms, to comfortably allow another Transformer or even a human being to wield him. His robot form has an arm-mounted fusion cannon.

What does Z stand for in Z28?

All of them are RPO codes, and really have zero meaning. Most of the time, they are for an RPO code for the suspension. Z28 was the RPO code for the Trans-Am spec Camaro. Z71 gets you an offroading suspension.

What car was the original Bumblebee?

In this film, Bumblebee takes on the form of two different Chevrolet Camaros in a black and yellow color scheme. The first is a 2nd Generation 1977 Camaro, and the second is a 5th Gen. 2006 Camaro Concept (via Mr.

How much is Corvette in Philippines?

Chevrolet Corvette 2021 is a 2 Seater Coupe available at a price of ₱8.547 Million in the Philippines. It is available in 10 colors, 1 variants, 1 engine, and 1 transmissions option: Automatic in the Philippines.

How much is BMW in Philippines?

BMW ModelsPrice ListBMW X4₱9.69 MillionBMW X5₱5.89 – ₱5.99 MillionBMW Z4₱3.99 – ₱5.89 MillionBMW 3 Series Sedan₱3.19 – ₱5.49 Million

How much is Bugatti in the Philippines?

“A hypersports car that yearns for country roads with as many bends as possible.” Just 60 will be built, with each one costing €3 million (around P170. 3 million) plus local taxes.

How did sideswipe died?

Sideswipe and the other Autobots were forced to leave Earth when the turncoat Sentinel Prime coerced the human governments to exile their protectors. As it was leaving Earth’s atmosphere, the Autobot’s ship, the Xantium, was destroyed by Starscream, and Sideswipe was presumably killed along with his fellow Autobots.

Is lockdown a Decepticon?

For a list of other meanings, see Lockdown (disambiguation). Lockdown is a Decepticon or unaffiliated mercenary from the live-action film series continuity family. … Lockdown is a bounty hunter at heart, always fulfilling the contracts and missions he is assigned to as long as he is paid.

Is sideways a Decepticon?

Sideways is a Decepticon from the Revenge of the Fallen franchise in the live-action film continuity family.