Dontrelle Willis net worth: Dontrelle Willis is an American professional baseball player who has a net worth of $20 million. Dontrelle Willis was born in Oakland, California in January 1982.

Also asked, why did Dontrelle Willis Retire?

Dontrelle Willis retires after nine MLB seasons The 33-year-old signed a minor league contract with the Milwaukee Brewers in January in a bid for a comeback attempt. According to the Journal Sentinel, Willis was scheduled to pitch in his first game of the spring last week but was scratched because of neck stiffness.

Also Know, how old is Dontrelle Willis? 38 years (January 12, 1982)

Keeping this in consideration, where is Dontrelle Willis?

Dontrelle Wayne Willis (born January 12, 1982), nicknamed “The D-Train”, is an American former Left-Handed professional baseball pitcher.

Dontrelle Willis
Florida Marlins (2003–2007) Detroit Tigers (2008–2010) Arizona Diamondbacks (2010) Cincinnati Reds (2011)

How tall is Dontrelle Willis?

1.93 m

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How hard did Dontrelle Willis throw?

Then he signed three year, $29 million dollar contract. Dontrelle Willis‘ stuff isn't that great. He throws a 91-93 mph fastball and an average change-up and an average slider, but because of the high leg kick it has made his stuff more deceiving.

When did Dontrelle Willis Retire?