While prices may vary by location, you can expect to pay around $10.49 for the Have It all BreakFEAST, $9.49 for the Classic BreakFEAST Sampler, and $12.49 for the Big Farmhouse BreakFEAST. New Ultimate BreakFEASTS can be found at participating IHOP locations nationwide through May 26, 2019.
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How much is IHOP unlimited pancakes?

All You Can Eat Pancakes are back at IHOP! Starting at $4.99, enjoy two of our delicious buttermilk pancakes; then we’ll bring you three at a time until you’ve had your fill. Available for a limited time, in-restaurant, at participating locations only. One person per order.

What is the biggest breakfast at IHOP?

IHOP’s new Big Farmhouse BreakFEAST is an absolute monster of a meal. It consists of four sausages (two smoked links and two pork sausages), two pieces of ham, and two pieces of bacon. That all gets served with two eggs any way and sides of hashbrowns, buttermilk pancakes, and toast.

What is 55 plus at IHOP?

One egg* your way, 1 bacon strip, 1 pork sausage link, 1 thick-cut piece of ham, hash browns & 1 buttermilk pancake.

What is the best breakfast at IHOP?

Best: Original Buttermilk Pancakes; 3 Pancakes “The Original Buttermilk Pancakes are the best option calorie-wise—not including syrup and butter additions—and contain the lowest amount of sodium and carbs,” Malinowski says.

What is IHOP 2x2x2 combo?

The popular 2x2x2 combo is served with two eggs and either two crispy strips of hickory-smoked bacon or two savory pork sausage links, making for a hearty meal and unlimited pancake stacks at an incredible value. Both golden deals are available now through March 1 at participating IHOP restaurants nationwide*.

How many pancakes do you get for free at IHOP?

Amount of IHOP Free Pancakes You’ll Get When you visit your local IHOP for National Pancake Day at IHOP, you’ll get a free short stack (3) of their famous buttermilk pancakes.

How much is the breakfast sampler at IHOP?

Breakfast Sampler$8.49
Rooty Tooty Fresh N’ Fruity$6.99
International Passport$6.99
Split Decision Breakfast$7.99
Which is better Denny's or IHOP?

But which does it better? To find out, I went to both Denny’s and IHOP and ordered very similar meals. I tried the pancakes, french toast, breakfast platters, omelettes, and breakfast specialties at both restaurants. … It turns out IHOP is better than Denny’s in every single way.

What is the best thing to eat at IHOP?

1. IHOP’s Original Buttermilk Pancakes. The Original Buttermilk Pancakes put IHOP on the map and remain the best item on their menu to this day. Other menu items have come and gone, but these pancakes will be around forever.

Does IHOP have buy one get one free?

Here’s a cheap breakfast idea at IHOP! Right now, IHOP is offering Buy One, Get One Free Entrees when you order online or via the app and use the promo code BOGOENTREE at checkout!

What's on the IHOP Breakfast Sampler?

Two eggs* your way, 2 custom cured hickory-smoked bacon strips, 2 pork sausage links, 2 thick-cut pieces of ham, golden hash browns & 2 fluffy buttermilk pancakes.

Can you use AARP at IHOP?

IHOP offers a 55 Plus menu specifically for customers aged 55 and up. The menu prices are typically 10% off the normal price.

What is IHOP famous for?

For 52 years, the IHOP family restaurant chain has served its world famous pancakes and a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that are loved by people of all ages. IHOP offers its guests an affordable, everyday dining experience with warm and friendly service.

Is IHOP food healthy?

Let’s be real: No one goes to IHOP to be healthy (although the brand did remove soda from its kids menu, so at least that temptation is gone). In fact, most of us just go for the unlimited pancakes. But if you’re trying to eat light and somehow end up at IHOP, don’t worry.

What does IHOP sauce taste like?

What Does IHOP Sauce Taste Like? IHOP sauce tastes sweet, but it also has a bit of a kick through the inclusion of the mustard. In many ways, it tastes like a thousand island dressing.

Does IHOP do unlimited pancakes?

All You Can Eat Pancakes at IHOP For a limited time, enjoy unlimited world-famous Buttermilk Pancakes for FREE with the purchase of select breakfast combos when you dine in. … The best part: IHOP serves breakfast all day, so batter up for savings whenever the cravin’ hits.

Does IHOP give unlimited pancakes?

Pass the butter and syrup! We have good news for pancake lovers — this all-you-can-eat deal is back on the IHOP menu. For a limited time, you can enjoy as many FREE pancakes as you can eat, when you purchase a breakfast combo.

What is the most pancakes eaten at IHOP?

IHOP på Twitter: “The world record for most pancakes eaten at one time is 113 in 8 min.

Does IHOP use fake eggs?

However, to be fair, IHOP probably does use real eggs as the egg substitute is made from egg whites and additives, as Askinglot claims. And freshly cracked eggs are used for poached eggs and the like as they cook better that way. … Even so, there are eggs present in the omelettes.

Do you get a free meal at IHOP on your birthday?

IHOP: Free Pancakes Sign up for the IHOP’s MyHop loyalty club to get a free full stack of any of IHOP’s pancakes on your birthday. These are the pancakes listed on the World Famous tab of IHOP’s menu.

Do you have to ask for real eggs at IHOP?

If we get enough signatures we can force IHOP to tell customers up front that they must inform you that you are not ordering real eggs and if you want real eggs you have to ask for them. It will also force them to change the menu to be clear on what you are really ordering and what is really in your food.

Why is IHOP so expensive?

1. Late night schedule – many IHOP locations are open 24/7 which means that they are open during late night hours when there may be less customers than during normal hours. The smaller number of customers have to pay for the same infrastructure, electricity and staff.

What is Grand Slam breakfast?

If you need a refresher, a Grand Slam comes with your choice of four items from a list of pretty much every breakfast item you can think of, including pancakes, bacon, biscuits, eggs, ham, grits, oatmeal, sausage, and fruit.

Does IHOP have hard boiled eggs?

IHOP Hard or Soft Boiled Egg Calories There are 80 calories in a Hard or Soft Boiled Egg from IHOP.

Is Cracker Barrel better than IHOP?


Why are IHOP pancakes so good?

IHOP’s consistent griddle temperature helps to ensure they get the same delicious pancake results with every order. Combine this sweet spot of a surface temp for flipping flapjacks with the cook time they’ve likely got down to a science under one big flashy blue roof, and you’ve got pancake perfection.

What fast food serves breakfast till 11?

Burger King: This fast food chain opens a little later than McDonald’s, and has breakfast available until around 11 a.m. at most locations. Chick-fil-A: Breakfast is from 6 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (most locations). Sonic: Most Sonic locations have breakfast available all day.

Does IHOP offer senior discount?

IHOP. Whether you love IHOP for the stacks of pancakes, surprisingly good burgers or something else, people 55+ can always ask to have a 10 percent senior discount applied to your bill. IHOP also offers a special senior menu with lower prices.

Are IHOP steaks good?

The steak tips at IHOP come highly recommended. If you want to skip the sweet stuff at IHOP, you might want to opt for one of its generously portioned dinner options. … The sirloin steak tips are served with your choice of two sides.

Are IHOP pancakes good?

The flapjacks you get at IHOP are legendary—fluffy and always stacked with yummy toppings. But, as you can imagine, some options are naturally better for your overall health than others. Certain IHOP pancakes are just highly caloric, sugar-filled dishes, while others aren’t as bad of a treat.

How do you get free pancakes at IHOP?

1. Get a free stack of pancakes when you sign up for MyHOP. You’ll get free IHOP pancakes immediately when you sign up for the free MyHOP rewards program. Your unique coupon code will be sent right to your email.

Does IHOP have buy one get one free for seniors?

Every night at IHOP from 2pm to close they have BUY one get one FREE on any menu item with the purchase of 2 beverages. The menu states seniors are 55 or older. Kids Eat for only $1.99 every night!!! Every night kids eat for only $1.99 from 4pm to close.

Does IHOP have a first responder discount?

IHOP. Get 20% off your entire check if you’re a medical, law enforcement, military and firefighter professional. Just mention this offer when you call in your order to IHOP. Then, show your Official ID when you pick up your order.

What are the $5 meals at IHOP?

  • Chicken & Pancakes. 4 buttermilk crispy chicken breast strips & 3 fluffy buttermilk pancakes. …
  • Classic Steakburger. …
  • Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich. …
  • BLT Sandwich. …
  • Ham & Cheese Omelette. …
  • Quick 2-Egg Breakfast. …
  • Classic Breakfast Burrito or Bowl.
What does AARP stand for?

The American Association of Retired Persons (now known as AARP) is founded by a retired high school principal, Ethel Percy Andrus, PhD.

Does IHOP give a military discount?

In addition to its Veterans Day deal, IHOP offers a 20% discount to veterans and active duty service members at participating locations. To take advantage, show a valid military ID.

Does Panera Bread give senior discounts?

No, Panera Bread doesn’t seem to have an official senior discount program.

How much is IHOP worth?

IHOP annual company-wide revenues exceed $2 billion.

Are IHOP and Denny's owned by the same company?

FormerlyInternational Industries (1960–1976) IHOP Corporation (1976–2008) DineEquity Inc. (2008–2018)Number of locations3,628 (December 31, 2019)

Is IHOP fast food?

In 1976, at the same time as reorganization International Industries became IHOP. In December 2019, IHOP announced plans to launch a chain of fast casual breakfast restaurants called Flip’d.