Levi Stubbs net worth: Levi Stubbs is an American soul singer who has a net worth of $7 million. Stubbs generated his net worth as the lead vocalist of the of the 1950s soul act, The Four Tops.

Keeping this in view, what did Levi Stubbs die from?

Natural causes

Additionally, are any of the 4 tops still alive? Payton's son Roquel Payton replaced him. Levi Stubbs died on October 17, 2008. Morris, McNeir, Roquel Payton and Fakir, who is the only surviving founding member of the group, are still performing as the Four Tops.

Correspondingly, when did Levi Stubbs die?

October 17, 2008

Is Levi Stubbs dead?

Deceased (1936–2008)

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Who is The Last Temptation living?

Otis Williams

What happened to the lead singer of the Four Tops?

Four Tops lead singer Levi Stubbs, Jr., died today (Oct. Four Tops lead singer Levi Stubbs, Jr., died today (Oct. 17) at his home in Detroit after a long series of illnesses — including cancer and a stroke — that forced him to stop performing in 2000. He was 72.

What really happened to David Ruffin?

In 1989, Ruffin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with five other Temptations. Just two years later, David Ruffin, at 50 years of age, would collapse in a Philadelphia crack house. Hours later he was dropped off in front of a hospital, where he died of a drug overdose.

Is Levi Stubbs wife still alive?

Two decades after the release of Reach Out, in 1986, Billy Bragg wrote and recorded Levi Stubbs‘ Tears. In 2000 Stubbs suffered a stroke, and did not perform again. He is survived by his wife Clineice Townsend, five children and three sisters. This obituary has been updated since the death of its author in 2003.

Are there any original Four Tops?

It's been 60 years since the Four Tops formed in Detroit, four high school kids (Duke Fakir, Levi Stubbs, Renaldo “Obie” Benson, and Lawrence Payton) who just loved singing together. The Four Tops are still active in 2014, though with Duke Fakir the lone remaining original member, it is a legacy act.

Who is the voice of Audrey 2?

Levi Stubbs
Little Shop of Horrors

Who is the lead singer of the Four Tops now?

Alexander “Lex” Morris takes over as new lead singer of The Four Tops. (January 30, 2019) Here's some news for Motown fans: We've just found out that the Four Tops have replaced lead singer Harold “Spike” Bonhart with J.

How old is Duke Fakir of the Four Tops?

84 years (December 26, 1935)

Are the Four Tops The original singers?

Abdul Fakir
Lawrence Payton
Ronnie McNeir
Harold Bonhart
Roquel Payton

Were any of the temptations related?

The Elgins would later become The Temptations. Franklin and Otis Williams remained best friends for over 30 years, and were the only two original members never to quit the group. Similar to fellow group member Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin began to battle health related issues in the late 1960s.

When were the Four Tops popular?

The Four Tops. The Four Tops, American vocal group that was one of Motown's most popular acts in the 1960s. The members were Renaldo (“Obie”) Benson (b. June 14, 1936, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.—d.

What group did Levi Stubbs sing with?

Four Tops
1953 – 2000

What do the Four Tops sing?

Who were the Four Tops?
  • “I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)”
  • “Reach Out I'll Be There”
  • “Standing in the Shadows of Love”
  • “It's the Same Old Song”
  • “Bernadette”
  • “Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got)”
  • “When She Was My Girl”
  • “Ask the Lonely”

How did Lawrence Payton die?

Liver cancer

Who is considered the First Lady of Motown?

Motown founder Berry Gordy gave Claudette the official title of the “First Lady of Motown“, as noted in his autobiography, because, as a member of the Miracles, Motown's first group and first recording act, she was the first female artist ever signed to a Motown-affiliated record label (Tamla).

Who did the temptations influence?

David Ruffin replaced Al Bryant soon after Motown signed the group. Known for their fancy footwork, vocal versatility and showmanship, the Temptationsinfluence on R&B and soul music has been compared by music experts to the impact the Beatles had on pop and rock.

Who sings the plant in Little Shop of Horrors?

Levi Stubbs

What kind of cancer did Levi Stubbs have?

Stubbs, who was born Levi Stubbles, carried on singing until 2000 when he suffered a stroke. He had been diagnosed with cancer in 1995. He died in his sleep at the Detroit house he shared with his wife, family members said.