Product type: Beverage, fruitjuices

Besides, is 5 Alive healthy?

Five Alive® is a big hit all around! FiveAlive® real fruit beverage is an excellent source ofVitamin C and has no artificial colours and flavours added. Asall-natural juice blends, Five Alive® can be part of ahealthy diet.

Also Know, is five alive a carbonated drink? Five Alive drinks is a product ofCoca-Cola Company and the most sought after drinks becauseof its uniqueness and quality. “People should always takebreakfast with five alive because it is fresh and containsnatural products,” the marketing manager said.

Correspondingly, what juices are in five alive?

Five Alive® citrus is a deliciously lighttasting citrus blend of five fruit juices, allnatural flavors and other Ingredients. The taste comes from aperfect blend of orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and limejuices from concentrate that's surprisinglysmooth.

Why is it called Five Alive?

The name refers to the five fruit juices eachvariety contains. Five Alive's slogan is currently “FeelAlive!”, and has the tag-line of “Come alive with 5Alive” in the UK, and “Five Alive is a refreshingcitrus beverage for families that contains the juice of fivecitrus fruits you can enjoy all day long” in the USA.

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Is Chivita a Nigerian company?

Chi Limited Was incorporated in 1980, is aNigerian based fast-moving consumer goods companythat provides consumer products in the dairy, beverages and snackssectors. Chivita 100% is a juice brand manufactured by ChiLimited. It was first introduced into the Nigerian market in1996 as Chivita Premium Fruit Juice.