Aptive Environmental is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A- rating from the company. Many customers mention how polite and professional Aptive’s technicians are, but other reviews mention unwelcome, high-pressure sales tactics.
Is Aptive safe? is aptive pest control legit.

Is Aptive pest control a pyramid scheme?

Basically a Pyramid Scheme They rope college kids into the company and make it seem as if they are gonna make 10s of thousands of dollars but you’ll be lucky to break even for the summer.

Can you cancel Aptive pest control?

Aptive does require an annual contract that offers an initial inspection and five services throughout the year. Since payment is in quarterly installments, customers do have the option to cancel their contract with a cancellation fee.

How can I get out of an Aptive contract?

Send an email to [email protected]. For all customer service related issues, Aptive points their customers toward their customer support email address. Give your account information, your name, and tell them that you’d like to cancel your account.

Is Aptive owned by Terminix?

As a classic entrepreneur, Aptive Environmental Founder and Chairman David Royce thrives on the challenges and opportunities inherent with a start-up business. Three times he’s launched and flipped pest control businesses, the most recent being Alterra, a $75 million operation he sold to Terminix in November 2015.

How much do Aptive reps make?

How much does a Sales Representative make at Aptive Environmental in the United States? Average Aptive Environmental Sales Representative yearly pay in the United States is approximately $44,850, which is 28% below the national average.

What is Aptive worth?

Aptiv net worth as of December 08, 2021 is $46.09B.

Is Aptive a reputable company?

Aptive Environmental is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A- rating from the company. … “Aptive is a great company with excellent service technicians.

Does Aptive go door to door?

With that said, Aptive isn’t perfect. It has received criticism in the past for its aggressive, door-to-door sales approach. However, the company has abandoned that practice, and it now uses its website as a primary marketing tool. Also, the company doesn’t offer bed bug or termite treatment services.

Does Aptive treat for mosquitoes?

Aptive’s mosquito treatment program helps customers take back control of their yard and enjoy their property year-round, offering experts who are trained to control mosquitos and other pests in a way that’s most convenient for customers. … Aptive treats the pests at the source.

How old is Aptive environmental?

Founded in 2015, Aptive offers one comprehensive plan and participates in a variety of programs and fundraisers that support global initiatives to help the environment.

Who is the owner of Aptive?

Biography: David Royce is the founder & chairman of Aptive Environmental, providing environmentally responsible pest solutions to thousands of cities in more than 30 states. Aptive has the highest producing sales force in the country and is the fastest-growing company in its industry.

Who is the owner of Aptive pest control?

David Royce is the founder & chairman of Aptive Environmental, providing environmentally responsible residential and commercial pest solutions to customers in more than 4,700 cities in twenty-seven states.

Does Aptive prevent termites?

Aptive doesn’t provide a plan to protect against termites.

How much does the CEO of Aptive make?

Name And TitleTotal Compensation
Kevin P. Clark President and Chief Executive OfficerTotal Compensation $31,267,329 View details
David Paja Senior Vice President and President, Advanced Safety and User Experience SegmentTotal Compensation $6,561,283 View details
Does Aptive pay weekly or biweekly?

How often do they paid techs? Twice a month every 15th and 25th.

How much do pest control sales reps make?

Annual SalaryHourly WageTop Earners$70,500$3475th Percentile$62,500$30Average$45,958$2225th Percentile$33,500$16

Is Aptive Environmental a Mormon company?

David Royce is founder and chairman of Aptive Environmental, a Provo-based pest-control company that ranks among the nation’s leaders in the industry. His first taste of success came after returning home from a Mormon mission when he got a job working for Moxie, a Texas-based pest-control company. …

What kind of business is Aptive?

Aptive Environmental provides environmentally responsible residential and commercial pest services to nearly 5,000 cities across North America. It was the youngest company featured on Glassdoor’s Top 100 U.S. workplaces in 2019 and is ranked one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Companies in America.

How do I contact Aptive?

Contact – (877) 687-6715 | Aptive Pest Exterminator.

What company is best for pest control?

  • Best overall: Orkin.
  • Best for termite problems: Terminix.
  • Best protection plan: Erhlich.
  • Best on a budget: Massey Services.
  • Best for multiple needs: Arrow Exterminators.
  • Best customer service: Aptive.
  • Best natural insect control options: Truly Nolen.
Is Aptive summer sales legit?

SCAM! They cut corners in the service, lie about everything, and take advantage of both their employees and customers. All they care about is money. It is a very greedy company.

What bugs does Aptive cover?

While most cover fleas, ants, centipedes, cockroaches, mice, ants and rats; not all pest control companies cover termites, bed bugs and mosquitos. At Aptive Environmental, we recommend confirming with your provider at their initial visit or contact which specific pests they protect against.

Does Aptive treat for mice?

Get back your peace of mind with Aptive’s Four Seasons Protection Plan. Our pest professionals will treat your property at the beginning of each season to ensure year-round pest control. Aptive prioritizes your family’s comfort as we manage house mice and other pests for you.

When was Aptive founded?

Pearson founded Aptive in late 2015, and within just five years the company rocketed to $266 million in annual revenue. Today, Aptive services customers in more than 4,700 cities across 26 states and it ranks as the 8th largest pest control company in North America out of more than 20,000 competitors.

When did Aptive pest control start?

Founded With Family In Mind Aptive was founded in 2015 with one thing in mind: provide a stellar service that makes homes everywhere safer, more secure, and free of pests and problems.

How many employees does Aptive environmental have?

How many employees does Aptive Environmental have? Aptive Environmental has 5,001 to 10,000 employees.

Is Moxie a Mormon company?

Orange County, California. It’s my first day at Moxie Pest Control, a Mormon-owned company that spans southern Los Angeles.

Is Moxie owned by Terminix?

“You should start your own company.” Not long after that talk, Walton sold Moxie to industry giant Terminix for $11 million.

Is Moxie Pest Control a pyramid scheme?

First off: yes. Moxie Pest Control is a legitimate and established company that you can feel comfortable buying from. They’ve been in business since 2000 and have dozens of offices all over the United States. … Although they rely heavily on door to door sales, they are first and foremost a pest control company.