DensArmor Plus Fireguard exhibits 15 flame spread as tested per ASTM E 84 or CAN/ULC S-102. A specially formulated gypsum core that includes glass fibers allows DensArmor Plus Fireguard to help protect framing members and prevent or delay the spread of fire.
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What is DensArmor plus?

DensArmor Plus® Interior Panels, which feature fiberglass mats instead of the paper facings used on the surface of traditional gypsum board products, resist mould growth. They’re ideal for areas prone to high humidity such as basements and residential bathrooms, and are ideal for commercial installations.

What is the fire rating of type C drywall?

Type C drywall is known as the more durable version of Type X—there are more glass fibers in this product as well as more vermiculite components, giving it a fire resistance of 2-4 hours. You can find this product at your local drywall and insulation store in 1/2” and 5/8” thickness.

What is DensArmor used for?

Moisture-resistant DensArmor Plus Interior Panels are the ideal choice for exterior soffits, porch and lanai ceilings, and drive-under garages. They have tapered edges for easy finishing.

What is DensArmor drywall?

Moisture- and mold-resistant1, DensArmor Plus Abuse-Resistant Panel is formulated for high traffic areas such as corridors in hospitals, schools and other public buildings. This tested, abuse-resistant, interior drywall resists abrasions, gouging, indentation, scrapes and bumps that can mar traditional drywall.

Can you paint DensArmor plus?

To maximize the mold-resistant benefit of the DensArmor Plus Interior Panels, a 100% acrylic primer with mildecide should be used. … High-quality flat or satin paint should be applied over the primer.

Who makes DensArmor plus?

ToughRock DensArmor Plus 5/8 in. x 4 ft. x 12 ft. Fiberglass-Mat Gypsum Drywall-10774 – The Home Depot.

What is the fire rating of 5/8 drywall?

The 5/8-inch, “fire-code” drywall (called Type X) increases a wall’s fire rating to a minimum of 1 hour, from the 30-minute rating for standard ½-inch drywall. And it’s not just thickness that makes the difference. Type X has a denser core and contains glass fibers that keep it from crumbling in the heat.

Is Type C drywall non combustible?

Type C panels typically have a shrinkage-compensating additive, and when exposed to heat, the Type C gypsum board expands providing more fire-resistance at joints and seams. … For other gypsum boards including Type X, although they are all non-combustible, shrinking occurs when exposed to a flame or heat.

What walls should be fire rated?

A: Both drywall Type X and Type C are approved for use in a 60-minute rated design. The wall systems they are approved for are different, however. Type C fire-rated drywall has more glass fiber reinforcement and other ingredients in the gypsum core that makes its fire-resistive properties superior to Type X.

Is DensGlass fire rated?

DensGlass® Sheathing DensGlass Sheathing adds performance and durability to a wide range of fire-rated and non-fire-rated building assemblies. Dens® Solutions are industry trusted, high-performing fiberglass mat gypsum panels suitable for your wall, roof, ceiling and floor projects.

What is purple drywall?

National Gypsum has developed Purple drywall that is moisture, mold, and mildew resistant. This means less water and mold damage in homes keeping construction debris from landfills. In addition, within the line of Purple drywall products, are sheets that stand up to abuse and impact.

What is glass mat gypsum?

Glass mat gypsum board is a water-resistant silicone-treated gypsum board that’s topped with a fiberglass mat surface on both sides, which creates a built-in moisture barrier. Despite its popularity, cement backer board has some drawbacks: It’s heavy.

What is moisture resistant drywall?

INTERIOR WALLS Mold/Moisture-Resistant Gypsum Panels are an excellent material for interior wall construction wherever increased protection against the absorption and infiltration of moisture and/or enhanced resistance to the growth of mildew and mold are desired as compared to traditional drywall.

Can you paint DensGlass?

DensGlass Sheathing is an ideal product for exterior ceilings and soffits for both cold and warm climate zones. It resists sagging, even under exceptionally humid conditions. Panels are applied directly to structural framing. Surface and joints may be finished and painted, or surfaced with an exterior finish system.

What is impact resistant drywall?

Extreme Impact Resistant drywall with M2Tech® is for use in interior wall and ceiling applications that require high impact durability and enhanced moisture and mold resistance. … Extreme Impact provides greater resistance to impact, abuse and sound transmission in high traffic areas than standard drywall.

Can you paint DensArmor?

For best results when painting DensArmor®/ DensArmor PlusTM , G-P Gypsum requires the use of a high quality, high build drywall primer/surfacer. Follow the application instructions of the primer manufacturer stated on the container.

What is eXP sheathing?

eXP® Sheathing consists of a moisture- and mold-resistant gypsum core encased in a coated, specially designed PURPLE fiberglass mat on the face, back and sides. The glass mat is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core, and it provides superior weather resistance.

What is exterior drywall?

Physical Description. Exterior Gypsum Sheathing is a special-purpose drywall panel consisting of a moisture-resistant, noncombustible core covered by glass-mat facers on both front and back surfaces and long edges.

How many layers of drywall do I need for 1 hour fire rating?

Typically one layer of Type X drywall promises 45 minutes to one hour of fire protection for the building constructed with this type of material.

What makes a 1 hour fire rated wall?

According to the Engineered Wood Association, a one-hour rating indicates that a wall constructed in a manner similar to the one tested will contain flames and high temperatures, and support its full load, for at least one hour after the fire begins.

Is all Sheetrock fire rated?

Drywall is relatively fire resistant. It’s composed of gypsum pressed between two sheets of thick paper. Gypsum is a soft mineral that by itself is not flammable. … The glass fibers are non-combustible and help maintain the integrity of the drywall as it is dehydrated.

Is there fireproof drywall?

Fireproof drywall is the common term; its industry name is Type X drywall. The thickness of this drywall is 5/8-inch, including all layers. Glass fibers are added to the board to help it retard fire. … Most Type X drywall has a one-hour fire rating.

Is gypsum board considered non combustible?

The paper facing or other facing type on gypsum board has flame spread indices that vary but are less than 50, since the ASTM standard for gypsum board requires a flame spread index of 25 or less. Thus, gypsum board products are considered noncombustible materials per the IBC.

Can Type C drywall be used on walls?

Noncombustible (as described and tested in accordance with ASTM E136) ToughRock® Fireguard C® Gypsum Board is designed for use in a variety of interior drywall applications for wall and ceiling construction in assemblies with a designated fire-resistant rating.

How do I know if my wall is fire rated?

The total fire rating is determined by adding each component to reach a minimum total of 60 minutes. Fire protection rating is calculated from the flame side of the assembly and of course some assemblies have multiple flame sides. Your wood framing members are required to be not more than 16″ on center.

Are garage walls fire rated?

What about the wall between the house and garage? The wall between the house and garage is not a firewall, nor is it a fire-resistance-rated wall. The wall between a house and an attached garage does have some special requirements, however.

What are the 3 main classifications of fire rated walls?

Type 1: Fire-resistive: High-rise buildings made of concrete and protected steel. Type 2: Non-combustible: Newer buildings with tilt slab or reinforced masonry walls and a metal roof. Type 3: Ordinary: New or old buildings with non-combustible walls but a wood-framed roof.

Is DensGlass exterior sheathing structural?

DensGlass SilverTM residential structural wall sheathing incorporates the proven glass mat Dens TechnologyTM with a moisture-resistant core to produce a residential exterior sheathing that: Meets requirements of ASTM C 1177 and applicable sections of ASTM C 79. … Provides moisture resistance.

Is DensGlass an air barrier?

It is a polymer-modified emulsion and designed for spray or roller application. The membrane is also an air and water barrier. ExoAir™ TWF is a self-adhered 40 mil (Thru-Wall Flashing) membrane.

Is purple sheetrock fireproof?

The PURPLE family of products delivers innovative performance that goes well beyond what’s possible with standard drywall. While all gypsum-based drywall is naturally fire-resistant, the PURPLE family of products is unique because it also resists moisture, mold and mildew.

What is green drywall?

Green board drywall, also known as moisture-resistant drywall, has a green covering that makes it more resistant to moisture than regular drywall. … It is also often used as a tile backer in limited wet areas such as bathroom and basement walls, plus kitchens, and laundry and utility rooms.

Is purple board better than green board?

“Green drywall (also known as greenboard) is only moisture-resistant. PURPLE®drywall, only made by National Gypsum, is superior because it offers moisture, mold and mildew resistance. In addition, many PURPLE® drywall products offer added benefits, including resistance to scratches, scuffs, dents and sound.

What is Nonpaper drywall?

Paperless drywall was developed recently in order to combat problems with mold. … Paperless drywall is similar to traditional drywall in that it also contains a gypsum core. The difference is that instead of using paper as an outer wrapping, fiberglass is used instead.

Is gypsum backer board waterproof?

Water-resistant gypsum backing board contains additives in its core that provide water resistance and its face and back paper are treated to limit water absorption; however, water- resistant gypsum backing board is NOT WATER-PROOF.

What is glass mat?

Glass mats are made through randomly distributed glass fibers onto a conveyor belt, and bonded together with a binding agent. … The glass mat technology is found in many industrial applications such as roofing, insulation, flooring, wall covering, ceilings, and others.

What is the difference between moisture resistant and mold-resistant drywall?

However, people generally confuse it with water-resistant drywall. Water-resistant drywall is commonly referred to as green board in the trade. However, mold-resistant drywall doesn’t have the paper facing and has fiberglass instead. Paper is an organic material that ultimately can become mold and mildew food.

When should I use moisture resistant drywall?

Space prone to moisture such as bathrooms and laundry rooms are also typically most prone to mold – which can be disastrous and costly to the structure of your home. Walls and ceilings in these spaces that are often damp due to humidity or splashing are suitable for mold-resistant drywall.