Both folks and guys are friendly informal words that are used to address, and sometimes refer to, groups of people. Folks is generally viewed as more respectful and polite and therefore tends to be used by adults talking to adults.
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What does folk mean in slang?

(US) People in general; everybody or anybody. Lots of folks like to travel during the holidays. (US, slang, rare, southern Louisiana) The police.

Is folks a colloquial word?

Whereas people is a standard word that may be used in any context, folks is a colloquialism with definite connotations. … The word folk can refer to a group of people related in some way, either by blood or by occupation.

What can I say instead of folks?

  • blood,
  • clan,
  • family,
  • house,
  • kin,
  • kindred,
  • kinfolk.
  • (or kinfolks),
What does the term my folks mean?

my folks: my parents, my mum and dad. noun. I’d like you to meet my folks. This is my mum, Claire, and this is my dad, Steve.

Is it folk or folks?

But while British speakers favor “folk” as the plural, Americans usually say “folks,” and this is considered standard English in the U.S. The plural “folk” (“country folk”) does pop up in American English too, especially in the Appalachian region, an area where many old British usages still survive, e.g., “afeared,” ” …

Are parents called folks?

Your folks are your close family, especially your mother and father. This usage is more common in American English than in British English.

Is folks formal or informal?

Answer. Both folks and guys are friendly informal words that are used to address, and sometimes refer to, groups of people. Folks is generally viewed as more respectful and polite and therefore tends to be used by adults talking to adults.

Can I say hi folks?

folks” is very casual. People is neutral. Folks is used as a means of greeting: “Hi, folks!” (Note: “hi people” is not very common).

What type of word is folks?

Usually folks. (used with a plural verb) people in general: Folks say there wasn’t much rain last summer. Often folks. (used with a plural verb) people of a specified class or group: country folk; poor folks.

What does fella mean?

Fella is a very informal way of saying fellow—a general term for a man or boy. … However, the plural form, fellas, is somewhat commonly used, especially by men or boys as an informal and familiar way to refer to their male friends (the fellas) or as a way to address them, in much the same way as the term guys.

What is the opposite of folk?

What is a kinfolk person?

English Language Learners Definition of kinfolk : a person’s relatives : kin. kinfolk. noun.

Why do we call parents folks?

The Oxford English Dictionary’s earliest citation for folks meaning ‘the people of one’s family, parents, children, relatives’ is dated 1715. It’s an example of semantic narrowing in which a word used to describe a general category takes on a specific meaning.

How do you use folks in a sentence?

  1. What do your folks think? …
  2. Where are all the folks going? …
  3. Most folks just call me Clara. …
  4. Lots of the folks on the street had poor teeth and most of their clothes were practically rags.
Is folk a proper noun?

folk used as a noun: A grouping of smaller peoples or tribes as a nation. The inhabitants of a region especially the native inhabitants. One’s relatives especially one’s parents. Folk music.

What's the singular of folks?

Is Folk plural or singular? “Folk” is a plural collective noun. There is no singular form.

What does common folk mean?

commonfolk pl (plural only) ordinary people.

What is the origin of the word folks?

Why does it have this familiarity? Well, “folks” is derived from the Old English “folc,” meaning “common people” “Folks” eventually became colloquialized in English, but was considered inelegant by the beginning of the 19th century (probably because it assumes such familiarity).

Can I use folks in essay?

No. Anything that folksy just doesn’t work in written English. You can refer to folklore, folk etymology, folk music, or to folk dancing, anything like that, and that is fine.

Can I use folks in email?

“Though the business world is more informal today than in the past,” Pachter recommends avoiding laid-back, colloquial expressions like “folks” in business communications. This is another laid-back, colloquial expression that’s best avoided in a professional email.

How do you say hello in a group?

Good morning / Good afternoon / Good Evening When you are greeting a group of people – for example at a meeting – you can also say something such as: Good morning, everyone. I hope you are doing well this morning.

Is Howdy a slang?

‘Howdy’ is an informal way of saying ‘Hello‘.

Are men formal?

It is very normal in English speaking workplaces. I think for day to day interactions with coworkers “guy” is appropriate, but in a more formal setting something like someone, person/people, or gentleman/men (when applicable) might be better.

Can you call a girl fella?

The female equivalent of fella was “dudette” or “dudess”. But these both became in unused and “dude” is now used for unisex term. So the female equivalent of “fella” is “dudette” or “dudess”.

Does gal mean girl?

Gal is a slang term for a woman or girl. An example of gal is how your grandma might refer to a young woman at the post office.

Is dude a slang word?

Dude is a slang greeting term between men, meaning “guy” or “man.” For example: “Dude! So, like, what’s up?” It’s been popularized by movies and TV shows, and has a distinctive whiff of American West Coast hippie culture to it.

What is the synonym of folk song?

  • aria,
  • art song,
  • barcarole.
  • (or barcarolle),
  • blues,
  • chanson,
  • chant,
  • chantey.
How is the tradition of folk culture?

Conventionally, folk culture refers to the products and practices of relatively homogeneous and isolated small-scale social groups living in rural locations. Thus, folk culture is often associated with tradition, historical continuity, sense of place, and belonging.

What's another name for folk music?

Folk-music synonyms In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for folk-music, like: balladry, country-music, ethnic music, ethnomusicology, folk ballads, folk-songs, folk and regional music.

Is kinfolk plural or singular?

The noun kinfolk can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be kinfolk. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be kinfolks e.g. in reference to various types of kinfolks or a collection of kinfolks.

How do you use kinfolk in a sentence?

  1. Kinfolk come to see Yvonne by the dozen.
  2. Even lupus Kinfolk gather in tightly knit packs.
  3. Half – blooded children are known as Kinfolk.
  4. Kinfolk don’t receive much coddling, however.
How often is kinfolk available?

Kinfolk still publishes quarterly from its sleek gallery space in Copenhagen with a print circulation of 75,000 and 295,000 monthly online page views.