London (Ontario) is a great place tolive because we have everything you need to get by, it'ssafe to raise a family, there's not a lot of crime and ifyou want to stay away from a huge city like Toronto then you canlive two hours away in a place where it's a lot easier toget stuff done.

Besides, is it good to live in London Ontario?

London, Ontario, is a nice quietmid-sized city. Housing and other costs of living arereasonable although climbing and the city has goodemployment and education opportunities. London isgeographically well situated and has good highway links tothe major cities in the area, although local traffic is aproblem.

Also Know, where is the best place to live in London Ontario? 8 Neighbourhoods That Define London's Identity PartOne

  • 1 – Argyle. Located in southeast London, Argyle hasbecome a hustling, bustling area of commercial offerings as well asleisure spots.
  • 2 – Blackfriars.
  • 3 – Byron.
  • 4 – Carling Heights.
  • 5 – Old East Village.
  • 6 – Old South and Wortley Village.
  • 7 – SoHo.
  • 8 – Woodfield.

Regarding this, what is the crime rate in London Ontario?

London Crime Statistics – 5-year comparison of Criminal Codecases

Offence Category20142016
Sexual Assault236233
Violent Crimes2,3812,676

Is London Ontario rural or urban?

The City of London is currently theeleventh-largest urban area in Canada, eleventh-largestcensus metropolitan area in Canada, and the sixth-largestcity in Ontario.

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Is London Ontario a big city?

Life in London, Ontario

Midway between Detroit and Toronto, London is atthe heart of Southwestern Ontario. As the sixth-largestcity in Ontario and Canada's 10th largestcity, London serves as a regional hub for surroundingcommunities.

How big is London Ontario?

420.6 km²

Is Windsor Ontario a safe place to live?

Dangerous Areas of Town

Windsor is a college town and an industrialcity. Residents are friendly, but they won't tolerate rude orbelligerent visitors. Downtown Windsor is where most thebest restaurants, bars, and hotel are located.

What is Canada's most dangerous city?

These are the top 10 MOST DANGEROUS cities in Canada2018:
  • Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
  • Prince Albert and area, Saskatchewan.
  • Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.
  • Red Deer, Alberta.
  • Williams Lake, British Columbia.
  • Quesnel, British Columbia.
  • Langley, British Columbia.
  • Prince George, British Columbia. Crime Severity Index:174.68.

What city has the most murders in Canada?

The northwestern Ontario city also had thefourth-highest per capita rate of hate crimeincidents reported by police among CMA's in Canada. Thiscame despite a decrease from 21 incidents reported in 2017 to 10incidents in 2018.

Which Canadian city has the highest crime rate?

Winnipeg is third, followed by Saskatoon, whichtopped the list in 2017. The report looked at 35 censusmetropolitan areas with a population of more than 100,000.CSI is calculated using the crime rate and theseverity of those crimes.

How dangerous is Canada?

Canada is a very safe country, and is oftenviewed as a safe haven compared to the US where crime and violenceis still an issue. Canada is ranked 8th out of 162 on thesafest and most dangerous countries ranking.

Which city in Canada has the lowest crime rate?

The province with the lowest crime rate in 2017was Quebec with 3,359 incidents per 100,000 followed by Ontariowith 3,804 incidents per 100,000.

Where is the safest place in Canada?

Barrie, Ontario

According to Statistics Canada's 2015 numbers,it is Canada's second-safest large city and thesafest large city in Ontario.

Which country has the highest crime rate?

Honduras has the world's highest murderrate, with 90.4 homicides per 100,000people.

Which country has the lowest crime rate?

Some of the lowest crime rates in the world canbe seen in Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, and NewZealand.

What is the safest province in Canada?

Quebec was revealed to be the safest province inCanada based on new data from StatisticsCanada.

Does it snow in London Ontario?

London is normally free of snow every yearfrom June to September.

How far is London Canada from Toronto?

118 miles

What language is spoken in London Ontario?

For 96.6% of Londoners the first official languagespoken was English which was higher than Ontario (95.9%)and Canada. (74.8%).

How many homeless people are in London Ontario?

It's a fact of life for many Londoners, and alltoo many of them are chronically homeless. CountingOur Way Home, a community enumeration event run by the City ofLondon in the spring of 2018, surveyed 406individuals and families experiencinghomelessness.

Is London Ontario growing?

London's population has started to growthanks to migration. The London region's population isgrowing at a rate the city hasn't seen in 25 years, newStatistics Canada data shows. The population grew by 2.4 per centin 2017-2018 in the London CMA, which includes St. Thomasand Strathroy.

How many Londons are there?

Londons in the United States

However, there are another 14 “unincorporatedcommunities” named London dotted around the country. Add tothat London, California — a census designated place— and it brings the USA's count up to a grand total 18notable Londons.

How big is England compared to Ontario?

more than 1/10th the size of Canada. more than 4times the size of the UK. more than 8.25 times thesize of England. more than 15 times the sizeof Ireland.