Malawi, Chile, and Vietnam are examples of elongated states. Prorupted states occur when a compact state has a portion of its boundary extending outward exceedingly more than the other portions of the boundary.

Similarly, you may ask, what is a Prorupted state?

A state can also be an elongated state or a state with a long, narrow extended territory. There are also are prorupted states, which have long extensions as part of their territory. Adding to this, there are also perforated states, meaning a state that completely surrounds another.

Additionally, which of the following countries is an example of a Prorupted state? Archipelagos such as Philippines, Indonesia, and Fiji are examples of fragmented states. A prorupted or protruded has an extension that protrudes from the main territory. Thailand is an example of a prorupted state. A perforated completely surrounds another state (country).

Also to know, is Afghanistan a Prorupted state?

A prorupt state is when one state has an area that is extending from the more core area. Afghanistan is a Prorupted state because as you can see on the upper right side of the state there is a part that is extending off from the main part of Afghanistan.

Is Senegal a perforated state?

A state that completely surrounds another one is a perforated state. The one good example of a perforated state is South Africa, which completely surrounds the state of Lesotho. Gambia, described above as an elongated state, is completely surrounded by Senegal except for a short coastline along the Atlantic Ocean.

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Is Italy a Prorupted state?

A perforated state is one that completely surrounds another country (called an enclave). A clear example of this is Italy, a country that encompasses the Vatican state, a sovereign nation. South Africa is another example, which surrounds the small country of Lesotho.

Is Kenya a Prorupted state?

An example of a compact state would be Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi. Elongated states have a long and narrow shape. The major problem with these states is with internal communication, which causes isolation of towns from the capital city. An example of a prorupted state would be Namibia.

Is Mexico a Prorupted state?

Political Geography. Mexico borders the Unites States to the North. Mexico is an elongated state with prorupted parts. These prorupted parts are the Baja peninsula to the Northwest and the Yucatan peninsula to the Southeast.

Is Nicaragua a Prorupted state?

Colombia is a prorupted state, as it combines the characteristics of a compact state with an extension in its northern-most provinces.

What is a disadvantage of a compact state?

Disadvantages of a Compact State. – clashing ethnicities. – not enough resources. prorupted state. an otherwise compact state with a large projecting extension.

Is Canada a fragmented state?

Canada is a fragmented state. The territories Nunavut, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia are separated by bodies of water. A fragmented state could lead to problems for the state in maintaining it's unity. In order to vote you must be a Canadian citizen and be 18 or older on election day.

Why is Poland a compact state?

Poland is a compact state because it is very circular and easy to govern with a unitary government. Which it has a unitary government.

Is Vietnam an elongated state?

Vietnam is also an elongated state, which has battled numerous attempts by other countries to divide it, such as the 20-year Vietnam War, where first French and then U.S. forces tried unsuccessfully to keep the southern part of the nation separated from the north.

Is India a Prorupted state?

Shape of the StateProrupted

India is an example of a prorupted state. A prorupted state is a compact state with a large projecting extension. In this case, India's extension is used to separate Bangladesh from other countries it would otherwise share a boundary with such as Nepal and and Bhutan.

Is Japan a fragmented state?

Territorial Morphology

Japan is an elongated state. Japan is also a fragmented states. There are different islands that are apart of the country.

Is Switzerland a compact state?

Switzerland is a compact and semi-elongated state. The Swiss-Italian border runs through the Alps, However, due to glacial melting it is changing.

Is Cambodia a compact state?

Compact (example- Cambodia)

Its size makes it very difficult for one government to rule. Its long coast line makes it an easy target for outside forces to invade.

What countries does the US not recognize?

A World Tour of the States not recognized by the UN
  • Kosovo.
  • South Ossetia & Abkhazia.
  • Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • Transnistria or the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.
  • New Russia or the Union of People's Republics.
  • The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  • The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.
  • Taiwan or the Republic of China.

What is the difference between state and nation?

In political science, a “nation” refers to a group of people who feel bound into a single body by shared culture, values, folkways, religion and/or language. A “state” just refers to a patch of land with a sovereign government. States often coincide with nations (and are called “nationstates,” but not always.

What is a compact state in human geography?

Compact state (definition and examples) A state that posses a roughly circular shape from which the geometric center is relatively equal in all directions. Fragmented state. A state that includes several discontinuous pieces of territory.

Is Nepal an elongated state?

1 Expert Answer. Nepal and Portugal are elongated Nepal extends from west to east whereas Portal extends from north to south. France is fragmented, the Island of Corsica is in the Mediterranean Sea and the rest of France is on Mainland Europe.

What is an enclave state?

An enclave is a part of the territory of a state that is enclosed within the territory of another state. To distinguish the parts of a state entirely enclosed in a single other state, they are called true enclaves.

Why Compact states are considered as efficient States?

Compact states have relatively equal distances from their center to any boundary much like a circle. They are often regarded as efficient states. In other circumstances, the extended boundary was created to separate two other nations from having a common boundary. An example of a prorupted state would be Namibia.