Paloma Faith Blomfield (born 21 July 1981) is an English singer, songwriter, and actress. Faith is known for her retro and eccentric style. Faith won Best British Female Solo Artist at the BRIT Awards in 2015.

Besides, what nationality is Paloma Faith?


Beside above, what band was Paloma Faith in? Band Aid 30 Since 2014

Also to know is, what genre is Paloma Faith?

Pop music Soul music Contemporary R&B Disco Jazz

Does Paloma Faith speak Spanish?

Paloma Faith was forced to apologise after greeting fans at gig in Gibraltar by saying “Hola Espana”, despite the island being a British territory. Gibraltar has been under the control of Great Britain since 1713. Its official language is English, although many also speak Spanish.

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Has Paloma Faith had a baby?

In August 2016 it was revealed that she was expecting her first child with partner Leyman Lahcine, and she gave birth in December 2016.

What age is Paloma Faith?

38 years (July 21, 1981)

Where does Paloma Faith live?


Where did Paloma Faith go to school?

Northern School of Contemporary Dance
City And Islington College – Sixth Form College
Central Saint Martins
City of London Academy Islington

What films has Paloma Faith been in?

St. Trinian's




The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus


Peter and Wendy




When did Paloma Faith became famous?

Paloma Faith (born Paloma Faith Blomfield born in Hackney, London on July 21, 1985) is an English singer and actress. Her debut single, Stone Cold Sober, was released in June 2009 and entered the British charts at number 17.

Who is Paloma Faith partner?

Leyman Lahcine

Who is Paloma Faith married to?

Rian Haynes
m. 2005–2009

How many albums has Paloma Faith sold?

English singer and songwriter Paloma Faith has released four studio albums, 23 singles (plus two as a featured artist) and 25 music videos.

Is Paloma Faith a mum?

Pam Oakes-Ash

What was Adam Faith's real name?

Terence Nelhams-Wright

Who is the man in Paloma Faith's videos?

Faith's lover is played by James D. Kelly, the same actor who previously appeared as her love interest in the videos for “Picking Up the Pieces, “30 Minute Love Affair” and “Never Tear Us Apart.

Where is Paloma?

Paloma, Kern County, California. Paloma is a former settlement in Kern County, California. It was located 2 miles (3.2 km) east-southeast of Millux, at an elevation of 289 feet (88 m).

Who is Paloma Faith's father?

Ramon Blomfield

Who are Paloma Faith's parents?

Ramon Blomfield


Pam Oakes-Ash