January 5, 1988

Similarly, it is asked, where did Pete Maravich die?

Pasadena, California, United States

Additionally, why did Pete Maravich go to LSU? First, because of the NCAA rules that prohibited him from taking part in varsity competition during his first year as a student, Maravich was prevented from adding to his career record for a full quarter of his time at LSU.

Hereof, when did Pete Maravich die?

January 5, 1988

Why did Pete Maravich have a heart attack?

Maravich dropped dead last Tuesday after participating in a pickup basketball game at a Pasadena church. A preliminary coroner's report released last week found the death was caused by heart disease, but the specific type was not identified pending microscopic examination of tissue samples.

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What was Pete Maravich's cause of death?

Heart failure

Who is Duke's all time leading scorer?

Johnny Dawkins

A two-time All-American, Dawkins became Duke's alltime leading scorer with 2,556 points, which stood until 2006 when J. J. Redick surpassed it. He is still the school's leader in field goal attempts (2,019) and made field goals (1,026), and No. 6 in career assists (555).

Who is Pistol Pete rollack?

Pistol Pete” Rollock Biography

Tied as a boy to heroin kingpin Nicky Barnes, Pete Rollock came up in the game in the projects of the Bronx. Amidst the 1980s crack epidemic, he earned his nickname—”Pistol Pete“—after starting his own gang—Sex, Money, Murder.

Where is Pete Maravich from?

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, United States

Where did Pistol Pete go to college?

Louisiana State University

How many points did Pete Maravich score in college?

All-Time NCAA Career Scoring Leader with 3,667 points, an average of 44.2 points for 83 games. Pete Maravich was billed as the one who would put Louisiana basketball on the map from the first day he joined his father Press at LSU. People weren't disappointed.

How did Pete Maravich get his nickname?

Basketball player Pete Maravich's showmanship and style earned him the nickname “Pistol Pete.” In the first of his four seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, he was named to the National Basketball Association's (NBA) All-Rookie Team. Maravich also completed a bachelor's degree in business administration.

When was the 3 point line added?

June 1979

What numbers did Pistol Pete wear?

Pistol Pete” wore No. 44 in Atlanta. Maravich played with the Jazz when they were in New Orleans, so both present-day franchises honor him. Maravich was the No.

Where is Press Maravich buried?

Resthaven Cemetery, Louisiana, United States

How tall is Pistol Pete?

1.96 m

How many points would Pete Maravich have scored with a three point line?

What if ‘Pistol' Pete had a 3point line? There are some records that will never be broken. There are others that will never be threatened. “Pistol” Pete Maravich's 44.5 points per game average (1,381 points in 31 games) during the 1969-70 season, an NCAA high by a mile, probably will stand forever.

What happened to John Havlicek?

John Havlicek, Hall of Famer and Celtics legend, dies at 79. John Havlicek, who won eight NBA championships with the Boston Celtics and was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1984, died Thursday. He was 79. Havlicek suffered from Parkinson's disease, and the team confirmed his death in a statement.

Who was Pete Maravich married to?

Jackie Maravich
m. 1976–1988

Was Pistol Pete an alcoholic?

In his playing days, it was alcohol, the same substance that apparently led to his mother's suicide. Later, after his 10-year professional career, Maravich seized on whatever fashionable endeavor came along to momentarily fill the void.

What number did Pete Maravich wear at LSU?


Atlanta Hawks / Shooting guard


Utah Jazz / Shooting guard


LSU Tigers men's basketball / Guard


New Orleans Jazz / Shooting guard

Did Pete Maravich have siblings?

Ronnie Maravich


Diana Marie Maravich