Sprint Offers Free Global Roaming Data. Skip the add-on step, Sprint customers now get free basic international data coverage and texting automatically. The wireless carrier offers its customers basic data at 2G speeds and text messaging free in 165 destinations and voice calls for $0.20 per minute.

Also to know is, does Sprint charge for international roaming?

International services are available in more than 200 destinations with Sprint Global Roaming. Sprint Global Roaming is available at no extra cost – you only pay for the services you access beyond what is included at no additional charge.

Beside above, how do I activate international roaming on Sprint? To activate international data roaming service:

  1. First, ensure you have used the device on the Sprint network at least once to access data.
  2. Next, you will need to enable international data roaming service by contacting Sprint Worldwide customer care at via chat or email from www.sprint.com/swwsupport.

Considering this, can I use my Sprint phone internationally?

Sprint offers international roaming in more than 200 destinations around the world. Sprint Global Roaming is automatically enabled on all capable devices offering calls while roaming at just 25 cents a minute, free texting and unlimited basic data (up to 2G) in most destinations.

What countries does Sprint cover?

For customers traveling frequently to Mexico, Canada and 17 countries across Latin America, including Ecuador and Venezuela, Sprint Open World includes unlimited calling, text and 1GB of high-speed data.

The new destinations:

  • Bahrain.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Ecuador.
  • India.
  • Jordan.
  • Latvia.
  • Lithuania.
  • Venezuela.

Related Question Answers

How do I avoid international roaming charges sprint?

To do this, go into settings —> cellular —> cellular data options —> roaming —> voice and data roaming “on” (will turn green when on) —> international CDMA “off” (will turn white when off).

How much does Sprint charge for international data?

Sprint Offers Free Global Roaming Data. Skip the add-on step, Sprint customers now get free basic international data coverage and texting automatically. The wireless carrier offers its customers basic data at 2G speeds and text messaging free in 165 destinations and voice calls for $0.20 per minute.

Will I get charged for data roaming Sprint?

U.S. wireless roaming is free on all nationwide Sprint plans. If your account includes unlimited minutes, you should see no additional charge for making calls while outside the Sprint network in the U.S. You may receive a charge, however, for data roaming.

Does Sprint charge for international texts?

International calls and texts. Check Sprint.Com/International for available coverage and rates. If you don't want the unlimited International text messaging plan then you have use Pay-As-You-Go for international text messaging: Rate is $0.20 per message. Charges apply to sent and received messages.

How much does international roaming cost?

While domestic wireless calls in an optimized pooled plan can be as little as 5 cents per minute and “unlimited” data plans provide data connectivity at a fixed cost of $40 to $50 per month, international roaming usage charges for U.S. customers are typically around $1.50 per minute, 50 cents per SMS, and $5 to $10 per

Does sprint work in Europe?

Short Answer: Yes. Any modern phone that's newer than an iPhone 4S should work in Europe. If you have an Android or Windows phone through Verizon and Sprint, be sure to check if it's a “world phone” (i.e., it's GSM compatible) — most modern phones should be fine.

Does Sprint Unlimited plan include International?

The Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan includes unlimited data, talk, text, Unlimited International text from the U.S., International Value Roaming and a free 32GB Galaxy S6 for $80 per month after $20 credit.

Can I use a Sprint phone in Europe?

You can use your Sprint phone in over 185 countries internationally. Sprint Global Roaming is our flagship service with voice rates as low as 20 cents a minute, free texting and unlimited 2G data in most destinations. Using you Sprint device abroad has never been easier!

How do I setup my phone for international travel?

So let's get to the options.
  1. Bring Your Phone, Pay for Roaming.
  2. Bring Your Phone, Pay for a Package.
  3. Bring Your Phone, Use a New SIM Card.
  4. Bring an Old Phone or Rent One.
  5. Look for Hotels That Loan Smartphones.
  6. Bring Your Phone, Use It Only on Wi-Fi.
  7. Stay Safe With a VPN.
  8. It's All About the Apps.

How does Sprint International Plan Work?

Text & data included in more than 200 worldwide destinations

Sprint Global Roaming is included with all Sprint plans with capable smartphones. You get text, basic data (up to 2G speeds), and calls for only 25 cents/minute from more than 200 worldwide destinations.

Will Sprint unlock my phone for international travel?

Unlocking for international travel

Sprint allows you to unlock your phone for international travel, so you can pop out Sprint's SIM and pop in one from an overseas carrier. To be eligible, you'll need to meet the following requirements: Current Sprint customer.

How do I turn on international roaming?

How do I turn international data roaming on or off on my Samsung Galaxy device?
  1. 1 Swipe up on the home screen to access your apps.
  2. 2 Tap “Settings”.
  3. 3 Tap “Connections”.
  4. 4 Tap “Mobile Networks”.
  5. 5 Tap the switch to turn “Data Roaming” on or off.

Does Sprint have international coverage?

Sprint customers can now get free basic data coverage and texting in 165 international destinations. However, Sprint customers with an Unlimited Freedom plan get free LTE data roaming, texts and voice calls in Canada and Mexico.

Can I use my iPhone in Canada?

An iPhone will work in Canada, but it needs to be unlocked. You CANNOT just pop in your SIM card for it to work. It must be unlocked to be used with Rogers or Fido (the only GSM networks in Canada). It will NOT work with Telus or Bell.

Does sprint work in Italy?

Their service will be as good as whichever networks Sprint has partnered with in Italy. Sprint does not operate towers or network equipment, so you'll be using local providers. In my experience using international roaming, service has always been excellent.

How can I call internationally for free?

How to Make Free International Calls
  1. Viber. Viber is one of the most popular apps for free international calls.
  2. WhatsApp. Another commonly used app is the Facebook-owned WhatsApp.
  3. FaceTime. If you're connecting to another Apple user, you can use the built-in FaceTime app.
  4. Skype.
  5. Rebtel.
  6. IMO.
  7. PopTox.
  8. LINE.

Can Sprint unlock my iPhone?

If you purchased a new iPhone after February 2015, Sprint automatically unlocks your iPhone for domestic (within the US) use when it becomes eligible. You don't have to contact customer service or make an unlock request; the unlock will be applied automatically.

How do I prepare my iPhone for international travel?

iPhone International Travel Tips
  1. Use Wi-Fi. When wanting to connect, search for Wi-Fi.
  2. Keep Roaming Off.
  3. Buy an Adapter.
  4. Download Skype.
  5. Consider Another Phone.
  6. Consider an International Roaming Plan or Different Carrier.
  7. Turn “Fetch New Data” Off.
  8. Download City Guides With Offline Access.

How do I set up international roaming?

Activate roaming

Before you go, activate international roaming on your mobile device so that you'll auto-connect to the local mobile network at your destination. Go to ‘International Roaming‘ on the ‘Plan details' tab and select ‘Activate‘.