When sending your first invitation message in the collector, you‘ll choose collector options after composing your message. Click Anonymous Responses. Choose to exclude all respondent information to exclude first name, last name, email address, IP address, and custom data from your results.

Hereof, where is Survey Monkey data stored?

Customer data for SurveyMonkey Apply (formerly known as FluidReview) is stored on servers located in Canada or the US. Apply customers should be aware that for certain reasons their data may still be accessed in the US. For example, we provide customer support and billing support from our US offices.

Subsequently, question is, how secure is Survey Monkey? Despite best efforts, no method of transmission over the Internet and no method of electronic storage is perfectly secure. We cannot guarantee absolute security. However, if SurveyMonkey learns of a security breach, we will notify affected users so that they can take appropriate protective steps.

Beside above, does SurveyMonkey own your data?

This is a snapshot of how SurveyMonkey treats personal information and data. FOR FULL DETAILS READ OUR PRIVACY POLICY. You own the data in your account. Your surveys/forms/applications/questionnaires and any responses you collect to them are private by default (except if you have made them available via a public link).

Is Google Forms GDPR compliant?

Google Forms is a service that lets you create an online questionnaire and request input from your customers. By itself it's a GDPR compliant product as they don't send unsolicited or unexpected mails to their customers. If you use the service in this manner then it's GDPR compliant.

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How do you delete data from Survey Monkey?

Clearing or Deleting Responses
  1. Go to the Analyze Results section of your survey.
  2. Click the Individual Responses tab toward the top of the page.
  3. Use the left and right arrows to locate the response you want to delete.
  4. Click the Delete button in the upper-right corner of the response.

How much does SurveyMonkey cost?

How much does SurveyMonkey cost? The Basic plan is FREE. The Standard Monthly plan costs $99 a month. The Premier plan costs $99 a month, billed annually.

Do SurveyMonkey surveys expire?

Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey. Click the name of the collector and access the collector options. Click Edit “survey closed” message. Once the date and time has passed, anyone who tries to access the survey will see this closed message.

How can I create a survey?

How to create a survey in 10 simple steps
  1. Use formatting. Group similar questions to keep your survey logical and focused.
  2. Ask often.
  3. Be brief.
  4. Ease into it.
  5. Stick to specifics.
  6. Clarify, clarify, clarify.
  7. Keep it relevant.
  8. Avoid yes/no questions.

Is SurveyMonkey anonymous?

For all intents and purposes, SurveyMonkey can protect your anonymity, but that's not all up to the company. SurveyMonkey allows users to create surveys, either with anonymous responses or ones that capture personal information automatically. That means it's up to the particular user to protect anonymity.

What company owns survey monkey?


Can you use SurveyMonkey for free?

Free Plan. With our free Basic plan, you can create and send a survey with up to 10 questions or elements (including question types, descriptive text, or images) within a matter of minutes and view up to 100 responses per survey.

How do I make SurveyMonkey anonymous?

To turn on Anonymous Responses:
  1. Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey.
  2. Click the name of the collector.
  3. Go to the collector options.
  4. Click Anonymous Responses.
  5. Choose to exclude all respondent information to exclude first name, last name, email address, IP address, and custom data from your results.

What is Survey Monkey used for?

SurveyMonkey is online survey software that helps you to create and run professional online surveys. It is very powerful and a well known online application.

What happened survey monkey?

Starting August 3, 2015, Bill Veghte replaced Goldberg as SurveyMonkey CEO. Veghte held top posts at HP and Microsoft. Veghte left the role after fewer than 6 months due to strategic differences with investors. Veghte was replaced by Zander Lurie in January 2016.

How do I copy a survey in SurveyMonkey?

To copy a survey:
  1. Click + Create Survey in the upper right corner of your account.
  2. Choose Copy a past survey.
  3. Browse the surveys in the menu.
  4. When you find the one you want to copy, click Copy this survey at the bottom of the preview.
  5. Click the survey title to edit the survey title and nickname.
  6. Edit the survey.

Can SurveyMonkey identify respondents?

SurveyMonkey provides the tools for creators to configure their surveys how they want. This includes allowing them to collect strictly anonymous responses, or to choose to identify their respondents. We give all the control to the survey creator and they determine how public or private to make their survey results.

Can you see who responded on Survey Monkey?

To view individual survey responses: Go to the Analyze Results section of your survey. Click the Individual Responses tab toward the top of the page. Use the left and right arrows to browse responses.

Can you password protect Survey Monkey results?

No, you can‘t passwordprotect a folder. Each SurveyMonkey account is meant for one person. Everyone you‘re working with should have their own account with their own username and password.

Is SurveyMonkey legit?

In most cases, users of SurveyMonkey are conducting surveys for legitimate purposes. They have a strict anti-spam policy but they can't always control their customers are going to do with their software, so if you are getting SurveyMonkey surveys as spam, they encourage you to report it.

How does SurveyMonkey make money?

SurveyMonkey uses a freemium model that it says helps to creates organic viral loop for the product. SurveyMonkey uses a freemium business model, meaning everyone is free to sign up, create, and send a survey with basic features, including 10 questions, 100 responses and e-mail support, for free.

Are employee surveys anonymous?

While employee engagement surveys should, in theory, be confidential, they're not always. They aren't necessarily anonymous, either. According to the Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM, the details requested in these surveys means HR professionals and others can figure out who responded.

How does SurveyMonkey analyze data?

View your results from the Analyze Results section of a survey. You can see a summary view of your data; browse individual responses; create custom charts; use filters to focus on specific data views and segments; and easily download your results in multiple formats.

What is a confidential survey?

Confidential means that OIR staff have access to information about who took a given survey, but this information is not available to anyone outside the office. When survey results are kept confidential, OIR will never associate a survey respondent's name or ID with their survey response in any kind of reporting.