Yes you can find Ammonia-Free Perming System services!

Choosing ammonia free perming products is getting easier than ever before. Organic Curl Systems is a revolutionary permanent curling system, that has eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals.

Also know, what ingredients are in a perm?

Ingredients in Perms. The existing component in perming lotion, whether for curling or straightening hair, is a compound known as ammonium thioglycolate. Ammonium thioglycolate is an ammonia salt of the mercaptoacetic acid. Cases of perm liquid also pitch the element as ammonium thioglycolic acid.

is there a perm that doesn't damage hair? Whether you choose traditional or “thio-free” perms, you are exposing your hair to a damaging process (and if your hair is damaged to begin with then any perming is a no-no). Thio-free perms will offer less damage and less odor but the results won't last as long as traditional perming.

Considering this, are there natural perms?

Organic Curl Systems is suitable for all perming and relaxing techniques, including weave wind, root lift and traditional perms, as well as straightening and relaxing. Organic Curl Systems is the most natural, organic, highly effective, permanent texturizing product available worldwide.

How can I make my permed hair curly?

Perms work by using chemicals to change hair texture, either creating waves or curls. Traditionally, a stylist will wrap hair in rods before putting perm lotion on to set the curl. After letting the lotion sit, stylists rinse it out, dry hair as much as possible, and use a neutralizer to halt the perming process.

Related Question Answers

Can you perm your hair at home?

If you perm your hair at home, be sure to purchase a high quality perm kit from a reputable company. If you go to a salon, make sure that the salon is reputable and your hairstylist is familiar with perming your particular type of hair. Nonetheless, despite doing all you can, sometimes a perm will simply fail.

Are perms bad for your health?

“A perm can damage your hair when not done or taken care of properly. It changes the chemical properties of your hair to get that curl or wave. The chemicals used are harsh on your hair but not in the way bleach is,” Casey Wintheiser, a stylist at The Blowout Parlor, shares with Bustle.

Can straight hair turn curly?

One interesting fact about curly hair is that the gene for straight hair is recessive but that the curly hair gene is not completely dominant. That means you could have the curly hair gene but until it's activated, your waves and curls will be dormant too.

What chemical smells like a perm?

A solution containing ammonium thioglycolate contains a lot of free ammonia, which swells hair, rendering it permeable. The thioglycolic acid in the perm solution reduces the disulfide cystine bonds in the cortex of the hair.

Why do perms smell?

Perms change the structure of your hair by a chemical process, and those chemicals can leave a strong smell in your hair that can sometimes last for several days or weeks. Some hair rinses can help lift the smell from your hair and other products can help disguise the scent while the chemical odor fades.

Can you straighten a perm?

It will not permanently remove the perm, but will allow your hair to temporarily straighten. Although using a flat iron on your perm occasionally won't remove your curls permanently, it can damage your style over time. You may ruin your perm, and the heat from the flat iron can cause hair breakage.

What is cold wave perm?

Cold wave or cold perm is a process that has long been used by salons in the Philippines and elsewhere. In a cold wave perm, dry hair is sectioned and curled around a plastic rod, over which the cold wave solution (usually Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion) is poured, completely soaking the hair.

What is a cysteamine perm?

Texture EFX Cysteamine Perm For Normal and Resistant Hair is a patented thio-free, damage-free, cysteamine system. Produces damage-free results so hair feels as good as it did before perming. Contains a Fortifying Splash to neutralize perm odor. It is applied after the neutralizer.

Can perms cause hair loss?

While perming is very drying on the hair and can affect its quality, it will not usually cause hair loss. It can, however, result in bald patches if the chemicals and heat used for the perm burn the scalp.

What is the neutralizer in a perm?

The NEUTRALIZER, also known as “fixative” for the permanent, it is the liquid necessary to “fix” the new wavy shape of the hair, obtained through the previously used curling liquid. Its acid formula allows the hair to find the correct Ph and favors the closing of the scales, leaving the hair shiny, soft and elastic.

Will my perm get curlier after I wash it?

Shall We Talk Perms? A perm is a chemical treatment for your hair that can make your hair stay curly or straight even after being washed. Because perms don't wash out like some hair dyes, they can last up to 6 months, depending on how fast your hair grows and how you treat it.

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