DAB radio outages are rare and usually don't last for very long (a few hours at most). Large-scale outages that affect all stations are especially rare.

Also to know is, why does my DAB radio say not available?

Problem 1: You can't receive any DAB stations Sometimes your car stereo display will say something like “No signal” or “No service”, meaning that you can't receive any DAB radio stations. This could be caused by a fault with the DAB radio itself, or failure to install the aerial properly.

Secondly, why is my DAB radio crackling? A lot of users don't even realise that their DAB radio problems are down to a poor signal. That's because they are so used to that trademark hiss and crackle of FM radio interference. However, DAB radio works in a completely different way to FM. That means a weak signal will manifest itself in other ways.

Similarly, how can I boost my DAB radio signal?

Using a different aerial Some DAB radios allow you to use an external aerial. This can greatly improve your DAB signal. One highly-regarded external aerial is the Philex 27741 Indoor DAB Aerial . Another option is to try using a TV aerial.

How do I reset my DAB radio?

Press and hold the Select or the Info button on your radio until the display shows System Reset or Factory Reset. Press and hold the Menu button for three seconds. Push the Tune button within 3 seconds to confirm the Reset. Press the Menu button and select System Reset or Factory Reset.

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Can you manually tune a DAB radio?

GO DAB DIGITAL : How to manually tune DAB stations. 2) Rotate the VOLUME dial to Manual Tune and then press VOLUME dial to enter Manual Tune. 3) Rotate the VOLUME dial to the frequency you want to listen to and then press VOLUME dial to confirm. The radio will search the stations at this specific frequency.

Why can't I get heart 80s on my DAB radio?

If Heart 80s doesn't appear in your DAB station list after tuning to Capital Xtra, Smooth Extra or Classic FM and looking through the list again, you need to retune your DAB digital radio to see if you can pick up the station.

Why can't I get Kisstory on my DAB radio?

If your DAB radio doesn't find Kisstory, try moving the radio near a window to improve the signal and then retuning it. Kisstory isn't available on FM, so you won't be able to find it on an AM/FM radio.

Why is DAB radio reception so bad?

The problem could be due to a number of reasons, the station may have stopped broadcasting or have moved multiplexes rather than a radio fault. All of the stations in one multiplex should be behaving the same way. Try switching your radio off an.

Does DAB radio work everywhere?

No. Unlike satellite radio or internet radio, DAB radio is land-based and operates only within its transmission range. Can I take my DAB digital radio abroad and still listen to the same stations? No.

Is DAB radio better than FM?

DAB is generally more efficient in its use of spectrum than analogue FM radio, and thus can offer more radio services for the same given bandwidth. However the sound quality can be noticeably inferior if the bit-rate allocated to each audio program is not sufficient.

Is Smooth Radio on DAB?

DAB. You can listen to Smooth Radio via digital DAB radio; you may need to retune your digital radio to receive the station. Digital Radios mean interference free listening to live radio stations. There's no hiss, crackle, or pop, no fading, no overlap.

How do I get better radio reception?

For best results, place your radio near a window facing this direction. Then, work on the antenna…. Antennas matter, but almost nobody pays attention to them. Most of the better FM radios and home stereos have some provision for an external antenna hook-up, and/or a built-in antenna rod or wire.

What stations can you get on DAB radio?

The DAB stations currently broadcast on Digital One are:
  • Absolute Radio.
  • Absolute Radio 80s.
  • BFBS Radio.
  • Classic FM.
  • LBC.
  • Magic.
  • Planet Rock.
  • Premier Christian Radio.

Does Weather Affect DAB radio?

DAB reception is rarely disrupted by high-pressure weather conditions, but under some circumstances, signals from very distant transmitters can cause reception to break up, or be lost for periods of time. If you suspect this – particularly if you are also getting interference on FM – wait until the weather changes.

How many DAB radio stations are there?

The UK currently has one of the world's biggest digital radio networks, with about 500 transmitters, three national DAB ensembles and 48 local and regional DAB ensembles broadcasting over 250 commercial and 34 BBC radio stations across the UK.

What is DAB Plus?

DAB+ is an upgrade of the current DAB system, the main advantage being that it is three times as efficient meaning that it can carry far more stations and at a far higher audio quality than on DAB. DAB+ is also the current standard across much of Europe so if you are to travel, the radio travels with you.

Can I get digital radio in my area?

Digital radio is not currently available in all areas, so you should first confirm these services are transmitted in your area before you consider buying a digital radio. Information on DAB+ receiver models and their retailers is available on the radio industry website.

What is the difference between DAB and DAB+?

What's the difference between DAB and DAB+?

DAB+ is a more efficient method of broadcasting music and is based on the AAC codec popularised by Apple's iPod. It's more efficient than the old standard that uses MP2 and means a higher quality signal is possible than before.

Can I use a dab aerial for FM?

Yes, it is possible to use a helically wound FM aerial to receive DAB in your car. However, Many DAB car radios and radio adapters come with an aerial that sticks to the inside of the windscreen which can be used instead of your FM aerial.

Can you use TV aerial for DAB?

Most DAB radios can take an external aerial – unscrew the fixed aerial and attach the cable from an external aerial in its place. DAB aerials are different from FM/AM or TV aerials, so make sure you have the right type. An indoor aerial may be enough, but for the best reception you can install an outdoor aerial.

What causes radio static?

Radio noise is a combination of natural electromagnetic atmospheric noise (“spherics”, static) created by electrical processes in the atmosphere like lightning, manmade radio frequency interference (RFI) from other electrical devices picked up by the receiver's antenna, and thermal noise present in the receiver input

Can I get DAB radio on my laptop?

And don't forget digital radio is available on a DAB digital radio, digital television, through a connected speaker, tablet and laptop.

What causes radio interference?

Interference occurs when unwanted radio frequency signals disrupt the use of your television, radio or cordless telephone. The two most common causes of interference are transmitters and electrical equipment.