All of our ships are Wi-Fi enabled so you can access the internet on your own devices or via our terminals in the library or ConneXions. Satellite internet packages are available to purchase pre cruise or once on board.

People also ask, is there WIFI on Cunard ships?

Internet/Wifi Packages – Cunard Line. For guest convenience, Cunard offers an internet package for purchase onboard their ships. For $45 you may purchase a satellite internet credit, you will receive 120 minutes of satellite internet time.

Likewise, how much are tips on Cunard ships? Cunard Line The amount is $13.50 for passengers in Grill Class accommodations. This charge is for adults and children. To adjust the amount of your automatic tips or to tip independently, see the purser's office. An automatic 15 percent gratuity is added to all bar bills.

Similarly, do you have to pay gratuities on Cunard ships?

tipping on cunard. Yes, Cunard has 15% added to all beverage purchases. And yes, Cunard offers auto-gratuities per day which can be adjusted or removed if the guest desires.

Can you take alcohol on Cunard ships?

Bringing alcohol onboard at embarkation: Liquor may not be brought onboard. Passengers are allowed to bring one bottle of wine or Champagne onboard. A $20-per-bottle corkage fee applies for bottles consumed in the ships‘ restaurants and bars.

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Can you opt out of gratuities on Cunard cruises?

We would rather do our own tipping when we think we have had good service. Thank you. Cunard do actually have a website. If you opt out, anyone you tip will have to turn their gratuities into the tipping pool anyway.

Are there drinks packages on Cunard?

Drinks packages cover most drinks available on board Cunard ships and are available to buy from as little as $10 per person, per day. Drinks packages on Cunard are only available on sailings of five nights or more and must be purchased within the first two days of your cruise.

Can I take scissors on a Cunard cruise?

2) Knives or other sharp objects

Hopefully this goes without saying but most cruise liners don't allow items such as Swiss army knives or any other type of knife, scissors or sharp object to be brought on board.

Is there a drinks package on Cunard?

Cunard has just revealed a range of new inclusive drinks options on board the entire fleet, beginning this month. -A Premium Soft Drinks Option at $29 per guest per day (unlimited refreshments from a range of soft drinks, small bottled waters, freshly squeezed juices, speciality hot drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails).

How much luggage can I take on a Cunard cruise?

There is no limit to the total amount of luggage Cunard allows you to bring aboard its ships. But there is a 20 kg (44 lb) weight limit on all individual pieces of luggage checked. This is done for the safety of the crew, who must handle the luggage and bring it to your room.

What should I wear on a Cunard cruise?

Generally speaking, evening attire on Cunard is more formal than other cruise lines. In the restaurants, men should wear slacks and a sweater or collared shirt with a jacket and an optional tie. Women may enjoy a flowing skirt, cocktail dress or an elegant pantsuit.

Are toiletries provided on Cunard cruises?

Complimentary Penhaligon's toiletries, velour robes and slippers. Fresh fruit, delivered to your suite daily. Champagne and chocolates in your suite, on arrival.

What plugs are used on Cunard ships?

US two-pin socket
Cruise LineBritish socketContinental two pin European socket
Cunard LineYesYes
Celebrity CruisesNoYes
Royal CaribbeanNoNo
Princess CruisesNoNo

Can you refuse to pay gratuity on a cruise?

Q: Can you refuse to pay gratuities added to your bill? Yes, though cruise lines highly discourage it and will work with guests if they are not satisfied with the service on their voyage to adjust the fee to lesser gratuities if necessary.

Should I prepay gratuity on a cruise?

Should You Prepay Gratuities on a Cruise. The word is out: Paying gratuities is expected on cruises. No matter what may have been the old way of thinking, for most cruise lines today, tipping is not optional. Over the last 5 years, however, cruise lines have been doing a better job of explaining this in advance.

How much should you tip your waiter on a cruise ship?

Most cruise lines suggest tipping $10 to $12 per day per passenger (not per couple), regardless of age. For a seven-day cruise, this means each cruiser should budget at least $70 for gratuities, or $140 per cabin for two people.

Do I have to pay gratuities on Celebrity Cruises?

Celebrity cruises charge a daily gratuity fee of about $14 to $18 per person depending on your stateroom class. A lump sum amount for the total cruise days is added to your onboard credit account at the end of the cruise. You are free to adjust these gratuities by visiting guest relations.

Does Cunard have an app?

The Cunard app is a one stop shop to help you browse for, research and plan your next Cunard cruise, and to stay in touch with Cunard. * Choose and download brochures to read offline, within the app. * Browse and plan your cruise any time you have your iPhone or iPad with you. * Easy to show to friends.

Are drink packages worth it on Celebrity Cruises?

If you choose it, you will get the classic beverage package for two with beverage gratuities covered by Celebrity. You would have to be drinking more than a glass or two a day to make it truly worth it, but combined with all the other drinks that are included (specialty coffees, teas, water, etc), it's a huge perk.

How much does a beer cost on a Celebrity Cruise?

On average, beer is around $6-9, cocktails around $7-15, wine by the glass around the same..if wife drinks maybe 2-3 cocktails a day, a package makes little sense. You can always wait to purchase any package at all until you board, then compare drink costs to package costs.

Can I opt out of paying gratuities on Princess Cruises?

As they're in a USD currency cruise out of Southampton, auto-gratuities are added daily, they can be removed or adjusted at the OPs request onboard, and if done so, any cash tips to crew has to be turned in, instead if being entirely kept by crew member.

What are the gratuities on Cunard?

‡ Free Gratuities offer is based on pre-payment by Cunard of suggested gratuities in the amount of $13.50 per person per day for Grill Suites and $11.50 per person per day for Britannia Staterooms. Free Gratuities offer is only available for Grill Suite and past guests.

Which cruise lines include tips?

Here is what each major cruise line charges, or doesn't charge, for gratuities.
  • Azamara Club Cruises. Azamara Club Cruises includes gratuities in its fares.
  • Carnival Cruise Line. Carnival Cruise Line, starting Dec.
  • Celebrity Cruise Line.
  • Crystal Cruises.
  • Holland America Line.
  • MSC Cruises.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • Oceania Cruises.