Rem = Remote Amp turn-on. This isgenerally a BLUE wire (no stripe) that comes directly from yourheadunit.

Simply so, what does the REM on a AMP mean?

It stands for Remote, AMPs are kind of like TVsets, you can plug it in but unless you click the power buttonnothing will happen. So, rem, is the power button. You needto either go to you Head Unit (deck) and splice the wire into theremote trigger or go to your fuse box and use the IGN or ACCfuse.

what does REM out mean? remout. Verb. (third-person singularsimple present rems out, present participle remmingout, simple past and past participle remmed out)(programming) To temporarily disable a section of source code byconverting it into a comment.

Herein, do I need a capacitor for my subwoofer?

The general rule is to add 1 Farad of capacitancefor every 1000 watts RMS of system power. Mount yourcapacitors as close to the subwoofer amplifiers aspossible to shorten the path required for the surgepower.

Is power antenna the same as remote?

Head Unit Has No Remote Wire. In the case of bothremote and antenna wires the power antennawire will only output 12 volts when the radio is on. If you were toconnect your amplifier's remote terminal to the powerantenna wire then you would only get output from the amplifierwith the radio.

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What does GND stand for on an amp?

N.C. is short for Not Connected. GND isground, is 0 by definition, never negative nor positive.Ideally all grounds are connected together, in practice thoughleads have a finite non-zero length and impedance and therefore itis important to carefully look at how currents flow throughthe tracks.

What color is remote wire?

Wiring Harness Color Standards
Wire ColorWire Function
RedSwitch / Accessory
BlueAntenna Remote
Blue with White StripeAmplifier Remote Turn-on

How do I test my amp remote wire?


Just like you would test power and ground, youcan test your remote turn on wire. With theignition in the OFF position, place the positive lead of themultimeter on the end of the remote turn on wire andplace the negative lead of the multimeter to a groundingpoint.

How do you hook up a amp to a stock radio?

Usually, you'll be installing a 4-channelamplifier with speaker-level inputs. The best way toconnect it to a factory system is to tap into thestereo's speaker outputs for the amp's input signal.Then send the amp's outputs back to the stereo'sharness, and on to the speakers through the factorywiring.

What is power antenna wire?

A power antenna is an electrically motorizedautomotive radio antenna that raises and lowers eithermanually with a dash-mounted switch or automatically by turning theradio on or off. Unlike most car antennas adjusted directly byhand, power antennas retract completely beneath the surfacethat they are mounted on.

What is the system remote control wire?

The SYSTEM REMOTE CONTROL is a very low amperageOUTPUT that is used to turn on and off accessories associated withyour radio, such as an external amplifier or electronicretractable antenna.

What does a sub capacitor do?

How does a capacitor work? Stiffingcapacitors store electricity, which they can discharge veryquickly unlike the vehicles battery and alternator. They give youramplifier quick jolts of power when the bass hits to coverthe amount of current it requires for musicaltransients.

When should you use a capacitor?

They can also be used in charge pump circuits as theenergy storage element in the generation of higher voltages thanthe input voltage. Capacitors are connected in parallel withthe DC power circuits of most electronic devices to smooth currentfluctuations for signal or control circuits.

Will a capacitor drain my battery?

A capacitor wouldn't drain thebattery. Once it's fully charged, it acts like an opencircuit and would pull any amperage unless it was shorting anddraining on something.

What is better capacitor or battery?

The potential energy in a capacitor is stored inan electric field, where a battery stores its potentialenergy in a chemical form. A capacitor is able to dischargeand charge faster than a battery because of this energystorage method also. The voltage output of a supercapacitordeclines linearly as current flows.

How big of a capacitor do I need?

A: The rule of thumb is to put in 1 Farad of capacitancefor every 1,000 watts RMS of total system power. But there is noelectronic penalty for using larger value caps, and in fact, manysee benefits with 2 or 3 Farads per 1,000 watts RMS. The larger thecap, the faster it gets ready for the amp's next bighit.

What happens if you don't charge a capacitor?

The light will begin to glow and the capacitorwill begin to charge. The light will begin to dim.When the light goes out, the capacitor is fullycharged. Current will flow in to the capacitor andcharge it without a parallel resistance (including a lightbulb).

Can you connect a powered subwoofer to a speaker wire output?

If the receiver/amplifier also has left and right RCAplugs for subwoofer output, then be sure to also plugin both. If the subwoofer features spring clips in order touse speaker wire, then you can use the speakeroutput of the receiver to hook it all up. This processis the same as connecting a basic stereospeaker.

How much are subs for a car?

Cook says the cost of a subwoofer can run as low as $37.Columbus Car Audio & Accessories sells a subewooferpackage that includes an amplifier and an enclosure for $299. For apair of car speakers, Columbus Car Audio &Accessories start prices at $39, with an average cost of about $70for installation.

What Is REM on my amp?

It stands for Remote, AMPs are kind of like TVsets, you can plug it in but unless you click the power buttonnothing will happen. So, rem, is the power button. You needto either go to you Head Unit (deck) and splice the wire into theremote trigger or go to your fuse box and use the IGN or ACCfuse.

How do you bridge a 4 channel amp?

How to Bridge a 4 Channel Amp
  1. Locate the speaker wire terminals on your amp.
  2. Run speaker wire from the positive terminal of channel one tothe positive terminal of the first subwoofer.
  3. Run speaker wire from the negative terminal of channel two tothe negative terminal of the first subwoofer.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for channels three and four.

How much does it cost to install a subwoofer?

Vendors charge around $100 to install asubwoofer, but the cost will run over $300 forcomplicated installation work. Better still is to purchasesome or all of your components, including the subwoofer,from a dealer who will install it for you as part of thepurchase price.