W. B. Yeats in his ten-stanza poem, ‘A Prayer for my Daughter’ questions how best to raise his daughter. … He wants to give his daughter a life of beauty and innocence, safety, and security. He further wants her to be well- mannered and full of humility free from intellectual hatred and being strongly opinionated.
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What does Yeats wish for his daughter in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

Yeats suggests that kindness and generosity breed trust and affection between people. Yeats would also wish his daughter a life of stability and deep-rootedness—that is, a quiet life away from noisy thoroughfares.

What does the poet pray for in a prayer for my daughter?

The poet prays “In a Prayer for my Daughter” that his daughter will be reasonably beautiful and have a secure, innocent, and well-ordered life rooted in marriage, home, and traditional values.

What is the prayer of Yeats for his daughter’s beauty?

Let God Grant Her Beauty Yeats reiterates that she should not break a stranger’s heart; thereby evolving into another Maud Gonne. Further, she must not be conceited as she beholds her reflection. Her beauty should not limit itself to being skin deep.

Why does the speaker pray for the infant in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

In this poem, Yeats’s speaker is considering the various qualities he would like his infant daughter to possess, for her sake. He wants her to be a woman capable of supporting herself in the world;…

What does Yeats wish for his daughter?

Ans: he does not want his daughter to be too beautiful, the speaker wishes instead for her to be “chiefly learned” in “courtesy,” stating that the hearts of others can be won through “glad kindness.” He wishes his daughter to be a “flourishing hidden tree” who might be “rooted in one dear perpetual place,” someone …

What does Yeats say about his beloved eyes?

When You Are Old” WHEN you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire, take down this book, And slowly read, and dream of the soft look Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep; How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true, But one man loved the pilgrim …

What is the name of Yeats daughter?

“A Prayer for my Daughter” is a poem by William Butler Yeats written in 1919 and published in 1921 as part of Yeats’ collection Michael Robartes and the Dancer. It is written to Anne, his daughter with Georgie Hyde Lees, whom Yeats married after his last marriage proposal to Maud Gonne was rejected in 1916.

What does Yeats say about hatred in the poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

In “A Prayer for My Daughter,” W. B. Yeats declares that the worst kind of hatred is intellectual hatred because it is a type of pride that blocks people from learning and growing and leads them to cling to their own opinions at any cost, to attack the opinions of others, and to force their own ideas on others.

In what ways does Yeats show aspects of modernist writing in his poem A Prayer for My Daughter?

He begins with “for an hour I have walked and prayed,” progresses to lamenting the beauty that may “Lose natural kindness,” then claims that for his daughter, “In courtesy I’d have her chiefly learned” because “hearts are earned.” Yeats concludes by focusing on the birth of “innocence and beauty.”

What were the common subjects of W. B. Yeats?

He tried to keep record of most of these ups and downs and interpreted them in his own unique poetic way. The result is that his themes cover such wide ranging areas as love, politics, old- age art, aristocracy, violence and prophecy, history myth, courtesy hatred, innocence, anarchy and nostalgia.

What qualities does the poet envision for his daughter in A Prayer for My Daughter long answer?

Ans. The poet wishes qualities like courtesy and natural gladness for his daughter so that she can survive with dignity and self-respect in the world of anarchic conditions. He wishes his daughter to flourish like a hidden tree in a forest.

In what ways does the poem A Prayer for My Daughter reveals a father’s concern for his daughter?

Yeats’s “A Prayer for My Daughter” does indeed show the concern of a father for his daughter, but in rather conventional terms. … In an atmosphere of such violent revolutionary flux, he wants his daughter to be part of that solid foundation which he’s come to believe is Ireland’s only true hope.

What did Yeats mean by Pilgrim Soul?

The phrase “pilgrim soul” may refer to Gonne’s independent frame of mind, or perhaps her support for freedom and Irish nationalism. In any case, it is something unique to her in Yeats’ mind and separate from the more transient qualities of her beauty. The third stanza seems packed with meaning and power.

When you are old Yeats techniques?

Imagery: Imagery is used to make readers perceive things with their five senses. He has used imagery in the poem such as, “And nodding by the fire, take down this book”, “And bending down beside the glowing bars” and “And paced upon the mountains overhead”.

When did Yeats write when you are old?

“When You Are Old” is a poem by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats. In the poem, which is published in Yeats’s second collection, The Rose (1893), the speaker asks someone to think ahead to old age, strongly suggesting that the addressee will eventually regret being unwilling to return the speaker’s love.

Why do you think Yeats poem A Prayer for My Daughter should be included in the section on gender?

W. B. Yeats in his ten-stanza poem, ‘A Prayer for my Daughter’ questions how best to raise his daughter. … He wants to give his daughter a life of beauty and innocence, safety, and security. He further wants her to be well- mannered and full of humility free from intellectual hatred and being strongly opinionated.

What is the message of the Second Coming?

Yet for all its metaphorical complexity, “The Second Coming” actually has a relatively simple message: it basically predicts that time is up for humanity, and that civilization as we know it is about to be undone. Yeats wrote this poem right after World War I, a global catastrophe that killed millions of people.

How does Yeats describe the tradition oriented aristocratic view of life?

The tradition, custom, culture is certainly aristocracy. He is of the opinion that aristocracy is the only culture which can redeem the modern world of chaos and anarchy. For him, aristocracy is the source of aesthetic, intellectual and cultural beauty.

Why is WB Yeats so sad about the birth of his daughter?

W. B. Yeats is so sad about the birth of his daughter in “A Prayer for My Daughter” because he knows that there will be many obstacles in her life that she will have to face. For one thing, she will need to find a good husband who will bring her to an aristocratic house “Where all’s accustomed, ceremonious.”

Why did Maud Gonne reject Yeats?

After her husband was executed in Dublin in 1916 for his part in the Easter Rising, Gonne felt it was safe for her to return to Ireland and Yeats proposed to her for the final time. Gonne rejected him and in his desperation and confusion Yeats asked Gonne’s daughter, Iseult to marry him.

Why is Yeats important?

Irish poet, dramatist, and prose writer William Butler Yeats was the preeminent writer of the Irish literary renaissance at the turn of the 20th century. … In 1923 Yeats became the first Irish writer to receive a Nobel Prize for Literature.

What did Yeats write about?

Following his marriage to Georgie Hyde-Lees in 1917, Yeats began a new creative period through experiments with automatic writing. The newlyweds sat together for writing sessions they believed to be guided by forces from the spirit world, through which Yeats formulated intricate theories of human nature and history.

What is Yeats most famous poem?

Sailing to Byzantium uses a journey to Byzantium as a metaphor for a spiritual journey. It is considered one of the best works of Yeats and it is the most famous poem of his greatest poetry collection, The Tower.

When you are old by WB Yeats questions and answers?

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  • Question 3: According to the speaker, what will the woman regret in her old age?
What does toad signify in the poem toads?

The poem begins with the speaker describing how there is one thing that plagues him more than anything else, a toad. This toad, represents work, exterior obligations, and financial pressures. It is always there, forcing poison into his life.

What is the meaning of the phrase your changing face?

What does the phrase ‘your changing face’ suggest? Answer: It suggests that her youth and beauty will fade away. When she grows old her face will get shrunk and will look different.