ā yo. interjection of surprise or pain Oh Ow My goodness! Example Usage.

Likewise, people ask, what is the meaning of jiayou?

Jiayou! Phrase ‘add oil! The entry describes the phrase as being of Hong Kong English origin, and defines it as “expressing encouragement, incitement or support”, as in “go on! go for it!”.

Furthermore, what do you mean in Mandarin? ???(?)??? (nǐ shénme yìsi?)

Regarding this, what does yo mean in slang?

YO means “Your” or “Hi” or “Years Old” So now you know – YO means “Your” or “Hi” or “Years Old” – don't thank us. YW! What does YO mean? YO is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the YO definition is given.

How do you say jiayou in English?

? Mean in English? [Learn Chinese]

  1. “Go! Go! Go!”
  2. “Persist!”
  3. “Don't give up!”
  4. “Do your best!”
  5. “Good luck!”
  6. “Go, team, go!”
  7. “Come on!”
  8. “Hang in there!”

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What is your name in Chinese?

what's your name? ????(?)??? (nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?)

What is the Chinese word of thank you?

?? xiè xie thank you is the most used word to thank someone in Chinese. As you can see, ?? is a double syllable word. It can seem a bit hard to pronounce.

How do you write jiayou in Chinese?

Lost in Translation: A Chinese Cheer. One of the most perplexing language issues at the Olympic games is how to translate the all-purpose Chinese cheer, “??!” (jiayou!), into English (or any other language). ? means to “add.” ? means “oil” or “fuel.” (And technically gas stations are often called ???, or jiayou stops).

Is Jia a Chinese name?

The name Jia means Family, Kin and is of Chinese origin. Jia is a name that's been used by parents who are considering baby names for girls.

What is Ganbatte in English?

The phrase is ???????? Ganbatte kudasai (polite) or ???? Ganbatte (casual), and it literally means, “Do your best”. It's interesting how the English phrase is sort of spiritual and wishing for some good luck to be brought to you, whereas the Japanese version emphasizes your own efforts.

What does add oil mean?

Add oil is a Hong Kong English expression used as an encouragement and support to a person. Derived from the Chinese phrase Gayau (or Jiayou; Chinese: ??), the expression is literally translated from the Cantonese phrase. Add oil can be roughly translated as “Go for it”.

What does YOOO mean in texting?

Definition. Options. Rating. YOOO. You're Only Old Once.

What does Y O stand for?

Y/O means “Year(s) Old” So now you know – Y/O means “Year(s) Old” – don't thank us. YW! What does Y/O mean? Y/O is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the Y/O definition is given.

Why do we say yo?

An exclamation used as a greeting, to express excitement, to attract attention, or as a general sign of familiarity (originating among young African-Americans). (1966–) . I am inclined to think that the word yo came from the 14th century, but have no real evidence to say so.

What does YOY mean in texting?

yoy means “why oh why”

What does TLDR stand for?

too long; didn't read

How do you use the word yo?

It was popularized by the Italian-American community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the 1940s. Although often used as a greeting, yo may come at the end of a sentence, often to direct focus onto a particular individual or group or to gain the attention of another individual or group.

What does yoy stand for?


What does mei you mean in Chinese?

Mei youmeansdo not have”. for example: “wo mei you qian”, means “I don't have money”.

What are the Chinese characters?

Chinese characters (simplified Chinese: ??; traditional Chinese: ??; pinyin: hànzì; literally: ‘Han characters‘) are logograms developed for the writing of Chinese. They have been adapted to write a number of other Asian languages.

Chinese characters
Unicode aliasHan

What does mean in Chinese texting?

In this way, NB would be the internet slang form of niú bī ??, a Chinese colloquial word meaning “Cool!” or “Awesome.” Alternatively, for the numeric slang, numbers are used for words whose pinyin sounds somewhat similar to that of the character the number represents.

How do you say add oil in English?

But the use of “add oil” as an expression of encouragement is a creation of Cantonese: ga yao, or jiayou in Mandarin. Often accompanied by exclamation marks, it is a versatile phrase Chinese speakers use to express encouragement, incitement or support, somewhere along the lines of “keep it up” or “good luck”.

How do you type fighting in Korean?

(Korean: ???, pronounced [pʰaitʰiŋ]) or Hwaiting! (Korean: ???, pronounced [?waitʰiŋ]) is a Korean word of support or encouragement. It is frequently used in sports or whenever a challenge such as a difficult test or unpleasant assignment is met. It derives from a Konglish borrowing of the English word “Fighting!”