A kickboard or a toe kick is the front part across the recess at the bottom of a floor-mounted base cabinet which hides the bases. Basically, it supports the cabinet leg systems. Kickboards shouldn’t endure any load, but should be fixed to load-bearing platforms or legs of the floor cabinets.
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What is a kickboard on a cabinet?

A toe kick or kickboard (in the kitchen cabinetry sense) is a fascia that fits across the recess at the bottom of a floor-mounted base cabinet; these serve to conceal the plinths / supports of cabinet leg systems. … Likewise, you’ll have to think carefully about what sort of floor you plan on using in your kitchen.

Do kitchens need Kickboards?

Kickboards are the foundation of every kitchen. They have one job, and that is to support the weight of everything on top of them. This weight is usually made up of: stone or laminate bench tops.

What is a plinth in a kitchen?

Plinths go between the bottom of the base cabinets and the floor. … Cornices are installed along the top of a wall cabinet, to help fill the space between the cabinet and the ceiling, hide the top and generally give the cabinet a feeling of height.

How are kitchen kickboards attached?

  • Place your kickboard underneath your cabinets, flush up against the legs.
  • Measure from the front of the cabinet carcase edge to the kickboard.
  • Add half the thickness of your kickboard material to the above measurement to get your drilling distance.
Can I paint kitchen kickboards?

Bella Vinyl Paintable Kitchen Plinths & Kick Boards Our kitchen plinths or kick boards as they are sometimes known are designed to be painted directly and are available in four different heights to suit any kitchen, finished in the highest quality vinyl wrapping to match your Bella vinyl kitchen.

Are Kickboards waterproof?

Kicksmart Eco-Cell. Eco-Cell is a creative, eco-friendly product with incomparable physical properties for a very wide range of applications in both interiors as well as exteriors. Eco-Cell’s special properties include being 100% water-proof, light-weight and a highly durable, versatile surface.

How deep is a kitchen kickboard?

Benchtop height The standard height for benchtops is 900mm which includes your kickboard. A kickboard height is 150mm but can range between 100mm-200mm. This all depends on how tall you are and the benchtop height could range from 850mm-1000mm.

What height is a kitchen plinth?

The standard kitchen worktop height and depth. As we’ve touched on above, the standard height for a kitchen worktop is about 910mm, measured from the floor to the top of the worktop. We get this figure from totting up the measurements of the following components: The plinth (150mm)

How far is a kitchen plinth set back?

Pvc Fitter New Member. I make solid 18mm carcasses and tend to set them 70mm back by the time you have (18mm plinth +2mm clip and plate) it gives you 50mm set back from the front of the carcass them plus the thinkness of your door.

How are kitchen plinths fitted?

Instructions: Simply place the plinth face down in the position it is being fitted, then park a line level with the centre of the leg or legs as shown ready to receive a back plate and clip that slides in as shown. The clip and plate will then clip to the leg as shown.