cream puff. (derogatory, slang,Britain, particularly northern UK) Synonym of poof: amale homosexual, especially an effeminate one.

Also, what does puff mean in British slang?

Re: Puff, like in “He is apuff “A puff” for “a homosexual” (or simply a notvery manly male) is sometimes heard in British English, as avariant of “poof” (with a hint of “powderpuff”). I would say thatit is used as a consciously dated term.

One may also ask, what is smoking puff? Definition of ‘puff If someone puffs at a cigarette, cigar, or pipe,they smoke it. A puff of something such as air orsmoke is a small amount of it that is blown out fromsomewhere.

Similarly, it is asked, what does it mean to be a puff?

b : to breathe hard : pant. c : to emit small whiffs orclouds (as of smoke) often as an accompaniment to vigorous actionpuff at a pipe. 2 : to speak or act in a scornful,conceited, or exaggerated manner. 3a : to become distended : swell—usually used with up. b : to open or appear in or as if in apuff.

What does Poff mean?


POFFPeace Officers Firefighters Fellowship (Brea, CA)

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What drug is puff?

cocaine, marijuana. Explanation: Considering who thesong's by and about these seem the most likely interpretations.Blow is a slang term used for cocaine (although in the past it wasalso used to refer to marijuana or hashish) Puff is a slangterm used in the UK to refer to marijuana.

Is numpty a bad word?

Scotland's favourite word, according to a poll byBT Openreach, is numpty. Derived from “numps”, an obsoleteword for a stupid person, rather than the more obviousnumbnuts or numbskull, the term implies general idiocy, often in myexperience accompanied by windbaggery.

What does knackered mean in British slang?

Slang use. “Knackeredmeaningtired, exhausted or broken in British and Irish slangis commonly used in Australia, Ireland, Newfoundland, NewZealand, and the United Kingdom.

What is a puff in law?

Puffing Law and Legal Definition. The term“puffing” refers to “extravagant claimsmade by sellers in order to attract buyers.” It is theexaggeration of the good points of a product, a business, realproperty, and the prospects for future rise in value, profits andgrowth.

What does puff out mean?

Definition of puff out. : to make(something) larger and rounder by filling it with air Shepuffed her cheeks out and blew out thecandles.

How many hits are in a puff?

PUFF Bar Features:

200+ puffs per pod, approximately equivalent to20 cigarettes.

What is puffed pastry?

Puff pastry, also known as pâtefeuilletée, is a flaky light pastry made from alaminated dough composed of dough (détrempe) and butter orother solid fat (beurrage). The gaps that form between the layersleft by the fat melting are pushed (leavened) by the water turninginto steam during the baking process.

Can you buy puff pastry?

Once the pastry is made, it can be usedright away or frozen just like store-bought pastry.Traditional puff pastry – and the pastry wemake at home – is made with all butter, while store-boughtpuff pastry like Pepperidge Farm's often contains vegetableshortening.

How many puffs is a cigarette?

Generally, smokers take 8-12 puffs per litcigarette (depending on length), each lasting roughly 2-3seconds. They also typically let the cigarette burn idlybetween puffs, then extinguish the cigarette beforeit burns down to the filter.

How many cigarettes is 200 puffs?

The nicotine cartridge inserted into the Juul givesabout 200 puffs, about as much nicotine as a pack ofcigarettes, according to the product's website. In fiveweeks, that's about 100 cigarettes.

What can one puff of a cigarette do?

So will one puff of a cigarette increase yourrisk for cancer? Yes, says “How Tobacco Smoke CausesDisease,” a 704-page report from the U.S. Surgeon General'soffice. Because tobacco has thousands of addictive chemicals thatcause cancer, even a whiff of tobacco can adversely affectthe body, the report found.

How many cigarettes is 300 puffs?

Electronic cigarettes turn nicotine and otherchemicals into a vapor that's inhaled by the user. Just one of thebattery-powered devices provides as many as 300puffs, roughly equivalent to the number of drags from an entirepack of conventional cigarettes.