BKhata is issued to properties that are in violation of building byelaws and government norms and have pending property tax dues to be cleared. This is a temporary certificate which needs to be converted to A Khata by paying betterment charges or conversion fees to the concerned authorities.

People also ask, what is B Khata property in Bangalore?

B Khata: The B Khata is a separate register maintained by the BBMP that lists the illegal properties (as per Karnataka High Court order in December 2014) that have ownership in the city of Bangalore, even when the civic charges for the property have been paid by the owner.

One may also ask, what is a Khatha? Khatha is an account of the assessment of a property that records the details of a property such as size, location and its built-up area. These are assessed to quantify the property tax that is levied by the government.

Keeping this in view, is it safe to buy B Khata property in Bangalore?

The Karnataka High Court has recently made it compulsory that the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) cannot award ‘B Khata‘ certificates to buildings and properties The High Court ascertains that these are just certifications for the eligibility of being assessed for property tax and are in themselves no way to

How can I get Khata certificate in Bangalore?

Procedure to register Khata

  1. Obtain notarized copy of sale deed.
  2. Apply for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) to register khata.
  3. Obtain application form to register khata.
  4. Fill up the application form to register Khata.
  5. Submit the application form to register khata.
  6. Check the status of your khata application.

Related Question Answers

Do we get loan for B Khata?

Generally one cannot get Home loans/Site purchase loans / Composite loans for B Khata properties from nationalized banks. However, many private financial institutes offer loans for these properties at a much higher rate of interest when compared to a nationalized bank.

Can we convert B Khata to a Khata?

The owner of a ‘Bkhata property can upgrade it to an ‘A' khata by fulfilling certain criteria and following a few steps, such as : 1. Convert the land from agricultural to non-agricultural use by applying for District Commissioner (DC) Conversion.

How many types of Khata are there in Bangalore?

The Khata certificate is categorised into two types – ‘A' Khata and ‘B' Khata. ‘A' Khata certificate is issued to a legal property that abides with all building byelaws, taxation norms and government regulations.

Which banks give home loan for B Khata property in Bangalore?

Loan Providers in Bangalore
State Bank Of IndiaHDFC LtdPNB Housing Finance
CanFin Home FinanceLIC Housing FinanceFederal Bank
IndiaBullsDiwan Housing FinanceAU Housing Finance
Vijaya BankIDBI BankAxis Bank

Is e Khata same as a Khata?

Now, a Khata that is filed online is known as an eKhata. This is a computerised version comprising of all the relevant details that have been recorded manually. It is not an additional requirement by the BBMP. Coming back to the question of our Quora follower, it is also the legal equivalent of A-Khata.

What is e Khata in Karnataka?

EKhata:E Khata refers to electronic khata that is filed online. It allows property owners to pay their property taxes online.

Is it safe to buy DC converted sites in Bangalore?

In addition to the land being converted from agriculture to non-agriculture residential purposes it is mandatory that either the panchayath or BMRDA or Anekal Planning authority must have sanctioned the layout for the formation of residential plots, if this is done then it is quite safe to buy one such plot.

What is Khata transfer in Bangalore?

Khata is an account which the BBMP keeps for every property to access the tax that needs to be paid for that. This Khata is still in the previous owners name. You need to transfer it to your name so that it is updated in the government records.

Can we buy B Khata plot in Bangalore?

The Karnataka High Court has declared the practice of issuing B khata illegal. It has ordered BBMP to include all properties in Form A register based on a ruling in January of this year.. We have a plot in prithvi layout,which was purchased in 2011. They have provided B khata for it.

What will happen to B Khata apartment in Bangalore?

Apartments built in A khatha land and with a sanction plan from bda or Bbmp but without CC or OC. As they are without OC, after bifurcation only a registery entry is done and common man call it as B Katha. Most of the buildings in Bangalore falls under this category.

How can I get B Khata online?

Khata transfer is now just a click away
  1. Login to www.sakala.kar.nic.in/online/bbmp.
  2. Go to Khata transfer.
  3. Fill the required data.
  4. Upload required documents.
  5. Get the Sakala number which can be used to track the status.
  6. Every stage will be updated and informed through SMS.
  7. Once you get the ready message alert, get the Khatha Extract online or at BangaloreOne.

How can I get building plans approval for B Khata in Bangalore?

Most of these B Khata properties lie in the 600 sq km area that was added to BBMP limits,” he claimed and added there are around three lakh properties in the city that have been given A Khata, but the BBMP has not given any approval for the building plans or issued occupancy certificates.

What is 11b Khata in Bangalore?

The certificate and extract from this register are known as B –Khatha locally. All legal properties will be given Form 9 (‘A' khata for properties in panchayat limits), while illegal properties (with inadequate documents) will get Form 11b (also called ‘B' khata).

Can I get a Khata for DC converted sites?

D C conversion is mandatory for procuring A khatha. Non Agricultural use of land that has not gone through DC Conversion is not a good idea. This is because such properties will not be able to obtain an “A Khata Certificate” from the Bangalore Bruhat Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

Can we buy DC converted sites?

In addition to the land being converted from agriculture to non-agriculture residential purposes it is mandatory that either the panchayath or BMRDA or Anekal Planning authority must have sanctioned the layout for the formation of residential plots, if this is done then it is quite safe to buy one such plot.

What is DC conversion?

DC Converted means the conversion of land from ‘agricultural' (i.e. land that can only be used for farming according to the government, and hence assessed for tax accordingly) to ‘residential'. DC stands for District Commissioner, the officer who has the authority to approve such conversions.

What is Bangalore revenue site?

Such lands are termed as revenue sites. Building a house on a piece of land in Bangalore involves a series of complex procedures and legalities that cannot be tossed aside. As per the government of Karnataka, land in Bangalore is set aside for agricultural purpose only.

How do you identify a Khata?

The Khata certificate is issued by the BBMP, the BDA or a village panchayat in the name of the present owner or owners. There is no specific mention of the term Khata in the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act of 1976; this is only an assessment register which compiles all the details of each property in the city.

How can I apply for Khata?

To apply for your Khata for a new property (Khata registration) through Sakala, here's what you need to do.
  1. Collect copies of the documents required from the developer.
  2. Collect copies of your property's documents.
  3. Buy a Khata Application form for Rs 10 from the BBMP Assistant Revenue Officer (ARO) Office.