Air Internet by Converge ICT is a No DataCap Internet Plan Bundled with Cable TV, for as low as 1299Pesos, you can get unlimited internet with a speed of 5 Mbpsbundled with Cable TV. Converge ICT (formerly known asComClark) offers Air Internet in several areas only (you cancheck them below).

Besides, is converge and PLDT?

Converge ICT commonly referred to asConverge, also known in Pampanga as ComClark, is a majorprovider of telecommunication and cable television services in thePhilippines. It operates fiber optic broadband networks, cabletelevision marketed as Air Cable, and cable internet, marketed asAir Internet, in the country.

Also Know, does converge have cable? After having pure fiber internet, Convergesubscribers now have the option to watch live TV and streamcable channels whenever they wish with ConvergeFreedom. In a nutshell, Freedom is like your usualcable TV subscription with a few extrafeatures.

People also ask, what is Converge FiberX?

Converge FiberX 1500 is the entry-level, homebroadband plan from Converge ICT. Being a new player in theinternet provider industry, Converge aims to provideunlimited, reliable, high-speed broadband internet at an affordableprice point.

How fast is converge Internet?

Fortunately, one industry player, Converge ICT,is offering a connection of 25Mbps for ₱1,500 a month. Thoughonly available in select areas, Converge ICT have changedthe game in terms of price per mbps.

Related Question Answers

Which is better PLDT DSL or FIBR?

What is the difference between Fibr andDSL? Our DSL plans uses the copper wire technologywith speed of as high as up to 15 Mbps. While our Fibr plansuse fiber optic technology and has a speed as high as up to100 Mbps to 1 Gbps. With Fibr you also get equal upload anddownload speeds.

Is 5mbps fast?

Megabits per second (Mbps) are the most popularspeed measurement. A 5 Mbps internet connection isgood for small businesses or households that use their bandwidthfor checking email, using social media, and streaming music.However, 5 Mbps may not be fast enough for heavyvideo conferencing or streaming video.

Is 25 Mbps fast enough?

25 Mbps is the minimum broadband speed as definedby the FCC. 25 Mbps may be adequate for a single user ormultiple users with light use. Demands are increasing, streaming a4K movie from Netflix could eat up all of a 25 Mbpsconnection.

Who is the owner of Converge ICT?

Converge ICT President and CEO DennisAnthony Uy, meanwhile, thanked their partners and customers fortheir continued success and bared big plans for the company. Henoted the intention to cover the entire Luzon area by this year andlaunch of a subsea cable that will connect the entirePhilippines.

Is PLDT FIBR good?

Conclusion. PLDT HOME Fibr is definitelyworth the price. To end this article, if you're considering upgradeor are looking for a high-speed internet connection for your homeor home office, PLDT HOME Fibr is a very goodoption. Overall, PLDT HOME Fibr for now is your bestchoice if you're area is covered.

How Fast Is Globe fiber?

Faster than ever

Powered by fiber optic technology,Globe's Plan 2499 internet offer lets you browse the web ina hyper-fast speed of up to 100Mbps!

Is Globe Fiber Unlimited?

Free Landline and Unlimited Calls toGlobe/TM for 24 months. Surf smoothly and worry-free withGlobe At Home's fiber fast connection andlimitless data.

What is a fiber Internet connection?

Fiber” refers to. the thin glass wiresinside the larger protective cable. “Optic” refers tothe way the type of data transferred – light signals. So, anInternet connection using fiber optic cables is anInternet connection in which data is delivered in lightsignals via small, flexible glass wires.

Is 25 Mbps good for gaming?

Best internet speeds for gaming

You need minimum speeds of 4-8 Mbps to gameonline, but for a consistently good gaming experience,10-25 Mbps tend to be best. Speed is important because it'show quickly your device transfers information from thegaming server. However, ping time and latency alsomatter.

What is the best Internet provider in Philippines?

Get the best broadband plans in Philippines
  • Featured. ConvergeICT FiberX 1500.
  • ConvergeICT FiberX 2500. ₱2,500.00/month.
  • Featured. PLDT Home Fibr Unlimited Plan 1899.
  • PLDT Home Ultera Fun Plan 699. ₱699.00/month.
  • Sky Lite Plan 699. ₱699.00/month.
  • PLDT Home DSL Unlimited Plan 999.
  • Globe Broadband Plan 999.
  • Sky Lite Plan 999.

How many devices can 25 Mbps support?

Netflix says you need 5 Mbps to stream HD contentand 25 Mbps for 4K Ultra HD content, but you'll want fasterspeeds if you plan to connect several devices atonce.

What is the fastest Internet speed in Philippines?

LTE is a type of 4G technology that delivers thefastest internet download and upload speeds, whichcould peak at 100 Mbps (megabytes per second). According to theOpenSignal report, however, the Philippines clocked in anaverage download speed of just 8.24 Mbps.

How do you contact converge?

Should you have other concerns please do not hesitate tocontact our hotlines (045) 598-3000/598-3030, (045)499-0615/499-0620, Mobile 09423823859/09239635692 or email us [email protected]

Is converge available in Cavite?

Cavite: The Digital Revolution

That is about to end in the Province of Cavite.Yesterday, August 17, 2017, we agreed to allow and help the companycalled Converge to lay its cables throughout Cavite.More than 300 kilometers of fiber optic cables will be spread outto all the 7 cities and 16 municipalities ofCavite.

Is converge available in Antipolo?

Converge Antipolo, Rizal. Converge ICT isthe fastest growing fiber internet and other digitalconsumer-centric services provider in the country today. Ensuringno loss in data transmission or slowdown in internet connectivity.This means greater speed and bandwidth only capable with OpticalFiber wires, all the way.

Is 25mbps fast enough for Netflix?

For Netflix HD streaming, Netflix says itwill take 5.0 Mbps (Megabits per second). Other services—fromYouTube to HBO Go—should require a similar amount ofbandwidth for their HD, 1080p streams. If you're usingNetflix's 4K UHD stream, that requires 25Mbps.

How much does converge cost?

Converge Pricing

Services similar to Converge charge monthlyfees that range from $0 to $25 and transaction feesthat range from $0 to $0.30 plus 0.75% to 3.5%. Some providerscharge a PCI Compliance fee and an early terminationfee. Ready to get started with Converge? Visit itswebsite.

What is no data cap?

No Data Cap Means NO DATA CAP. When we saythis, we really mean that you will get unlimited data, allthe time, all month long, at the speed/package for which you pay.What is a data cap? Some wireless telephone and internetproviders offer Internet service packages for a certain amount ofdata.