You may have pins on the back of your hard drive that nothing is connected to. These pins are called jumpers, and are used to enable specific types of settings. … You enable particular settings by placing a jumper shunt onto specific pins—creating an electrical circuit between them.
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What is jumper setting?

In electronics and particularly computing, a jumper is a short length of conductor used to close, open or bypass part of an electronic circuit. They are typically used to set up or configure printed circuit boards, such as the motherboards of computers. The process of setting a jumper is often called strapping.

What is the use of jumpers on hard drives?

Jumpers are used to configure the settings for computer peripherals, such as the motherboard, hard drives, modems, sound cards, and other components. For example, if your motherboard supported intrusion detection, a jumper can be set to enable or disable this feature.

How do you set a SATA hard drive jumper?

  1. Locate the jumper block on the back of the Seagate SATA hard drive. …
  2. Place the jumper over the first and second pin on the right to limit the drive’s data transfer to 1.5 Gigabits per second when it is being used in a server or multi-drive desktop with slow hard drives.
Why do IDE hard drives require jumpers?

For IDE hard drives, it’s important to properly set the jumpers. If not properly done, your computer may not boot or the hard drive won’t be detected. If more than one device is on an IDE port, one device must be set to primary and the other set to secondary or cable select.

Can you clear CMOS without jumper?

If there is no CLR_CMOS jumpers or [CMOS_SW] button on the motherboard, please follow the steps to clear CMOS: Take out the battery gently and put it aside for about 10 minutes or longer. (Or you can use a metal object to connect the two pins in the battery holder to make them short-circuited.)

What would happen if you failed to do proper jumper settings?

Failure to do the proper jumper setting may cause damage to your CPU. … With an effective cooling fan, the CPU can overheat and cause damage to both CPU and the motherboard.

Do I need to set jumpers on a SATA drive?

In the IDE system, most motherboards allow you to have two IDE cables. Each cable can connect to two drives. … If you are using SATA drives, you do not need to set jumpers for master and slave because each drive gets its own cable.

What is IDE port?

IDE, an acronym for Integrated Drive Electronics, is a standard type of connection for storage devices in a computer. Generally, IDE refers to the types of cables and ports used to connect some hard drives and optical drives to each other and to the motherboard.

How do I check jumper settings on my hard drive?

To find out precisely what the jumper pins do on your hard drive, just search “jumper pins” along with the model number and manufacturer of your drive. You’ll find the relevant support site that tells you which ones to use. Western Digital’s instructions for jumper pin settings on some SATA hard drives.

What do I do if my hard drive is not detected?

  1. Make Sure It’s Plugged In and Powered On. Western Digital My Book. …
  2. Try Another USB Port (or Another PC) …
  3. Update Your Drivers. …
  4. Enable and Format the Drive in Disk Management. …
  5. Clean the Disk and Start From Scratch. …
  6. Remove and Test the Bare Drive.
Is there a jumper on the optical drive What is the jumper setting?

You may have pins on the back of your hard drive that nothing is connected to. These pins are called jumpers, and are used to enable specific types of settings. The settings these jumpers enable are hard-coded onto a drive’s programmed printed circuit board.

Is clearing CMOS safe?

Clearing the CMOS should always be performed for a reason – such as troubleshooting a computer problem or clearing a forgotten BIOS password. There’s no reason to clear your CMOS if everything is working properly.

Does removing the CMOS battery reset BIOS?

Reset by removing and replacing the CMOS battery Not every type of motherboard includes a CMOS battery, which provides a power supply so that motherboards can save BIOS settings. Bear in mind that when you remove and replace the CMOS battery, your BIOS will reset.

Do you need a CMOS jumper?

Titan. The cmos pins are used with a jumper to short and reset the bios to defaults. The contents of the motherboard box should have contained a jumper with along with other parts. If not there are ways to short the pins with a paper clip if ever need to reset the bios.