LC means that your supervisor didn't take the new rating system to heart and marked you completely to the right.

Similarly, you may ask, what does AC and LC mean on EPR?

AC – exceeded some standards. LC – exceeded all standards.

Subsequently, question is, do you have to sign your EPR? Anyone have experience with refusing to sign an EPR? Signing only means you received the required feedback during the rating period. You don't have to sign.

Keeping this in consideration, what does NR mean on EPR?

Not Rated

How many points does a promote now give you?

Points toward promotion are: Promote Now – 250. Must Promote – 220. Promote – 200.

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How many points is a must promote air force?

The next 15 percent of senior airmen, and 10 percent of staff and tech sergeants, can receive a “must promote” rating, which yields 220 points.

Where can I find my Air Force EPR?

EPRs are filed in the Automated Records Management System 60 days after the closeout date. EPRs can be viewed in PRDA at For additional information or to check the status of a report, Airmen should first contact their servicing military personnel section.

Where can I get copies of my Eprs?

How do I request copies of records?
  • Request Records Online with eVetRecs.
  • Mail a letter or Standard Form (SF) 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records to: National Personnel Records Center. 1 Archives Drive. St. Louis, MO 63138.
  • Fax a letter or Standard Form 180 to: 314-801-9195.

Whats an EPR?

EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance) is a spectroscopic technique that detects species that have unpaired electrons. It is also often called ESR (Electron Spin Resonance). As a result EPR crosses several disciplines including: chemistry, physics, biology, materials science, medical science and many more.

What is a PAS code?

A Personnel Accounting Symbol (PAS) code is a unique eight character code assigned to each individual unit of the U.S. Air Force. Each person who is assigned to a specific air force unit will share the same PAS code.

What is a static closeout date?

In line with a recent update to the Air Force policy on enlisted performance report static closeout dates (SCOD), effective immediately, all future EPRs for promotion-selectees will close out on the date of the promotion-select grade.

What is a referral OPR?

Definition: Referral OPRs are defined in AFI 36-2406, Para 1.10. A report that contains. any of the following rating or remarks by an evaluator must be referred to you for. comment: 1) An officer fails to meet standards in any one of the listed performance factors, in Section.

What is a Srid Air Force?

Standards/Requirements Identification Document. SRID. Senior Rater Identification. SRID. Supplier Request for Information Disposition (aerospace)

What is a Loe Air Force?

An LOE is a “letter” of evaluation.

What is a narrative only PRF?

The NarrativeOnly PRF is filed at HQ AFPC/DPSIDEB, and is used for promotion consideration only when the officer is eligible while in “student” status. Essentially, the NarrativeOnly and Recommendation-Only PRFs are “married up” to form the overall recommendation.

How are EPR points calculated?

Those Airmen entering their first year of promotion eligibility will have one EPR used to calculate weighted points. If an Airman has only two promotion-eligible EPRs, then the top EPR is worth 60 percent of the weighted EPR points and the bottom EPR is worth 40 percent.

How many points is an EPR worth?

100 points