In short, an outward-looking strategy calls for a direct transition from a simple, open trade policy to vigorous promotion of manufactured exports by all internationally tolerated means, without going through an in-between phase of high protection. The strategy is perhaps best exemplified in Japanese development.
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What does outward looking economy mean?

: thinking about other people or places The country has become more outward looking in its economic policies.

What is an inward looking policy?

Inward looking trade strategy is also known as import substitution. Its main aim is to produce goods domestically which are imported to our nation. Here, the government protects the domestically produced goods from foreign competition. This policy protects imports in two forms, tariffs and quota.

What is an effect of outward oriented policies?

Increased investment – outward-oriented policies may help encourage inward investment and therefore domestic productivity. Economies of scale – the increased sale of exports may help raise the domestic level of production and enable the country to gain from economies of scale.

What do you understand by the term export promotion or outward looking strategy in international trade?

The strategy uses tariffs, import-quotas and subsidies to promote and protect import-substitute industries. In contrast, an outward-looking strategy emphasises participation in international trade by encouraging the allocation of resources in export-oriented industries without price distortions.

What is the difference between inward and outward looking strategy?

An outward-oriented growth strategy is one that is oriented towards export and trade, and an inward-oriented growth strategy involves selling to consumers in one’s own country and focusing on economic development. While both strategies can be successful, most countries need to combine the two.

What is outward oriented strategy?

In general, an outward oriented strategy is one in which trade and industrial policies either do not discriminate between production for the domestic market and exports, and between purchases of domestic goods and foreign goods (strongly outward oriented) or only moderately discriminates in favour of domestic …

What is inward looking mean?

If you describe a people or society as inward-looking, you mean that they are more interested in themselves than in other people or societies.

What is inward looking Trading strategy 12?

Inward looking trade strategy refers to the policy under which India became self-dependent for the production of goods and services and to protect the domestic industries. It is done by import restriction or substitution in which very less amount of goods and services were imported from foreign.

What were the good impact of inward looking trade strategy?

It promotes domestic industry. It increases GDP and therefore income of the domestic people. Protects infant industries from foreign competition. Restricts outflow of foreign reserves of the government.

What is Fogel known for?

A Trailblazing Economic Historian The late Robert Fogel was an economic historian at the University of Chicago who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1993 for his studies of slavery in the United States, and the role railroads played in the development of the economy.

What is inward orientation?

The “inward-oriented policies” are usually defined as that economic independence or self-reliance by developing countries.

What is meaning of inward orientation?

adj. 1 going or directed towards the middle of or into something. 2 situated within; inside. 3 of, relating to, or existing in the mind or spirit. inward meditation.

What were the reasons behind inward looking trade strategy by India post independence?

Inward Looking Strategy The policy was simple, we were going to substitute the imports of our economy with domestic production. This trade policy was applied to almost all sectors of the economy. The aim of this policy was to boost domestic production and also protect domestic goods from international competition.

What is ISI and EOI?

In the middle of the century, Latin America adopted import substitution industrialization (ISI). … Then export-oriented industrialization (EOI) slowly became the accepted development strategy. Besides ISI and EOC, there are other kinds of industrial policies.

In which year Indian government followed and inward looking trade strategy?

Indian Economy 1950-1990. Evaluate inward looking trade strategy adopted by Government during 1950-91.

What is external trade policy?

Its policy covers trade in goods and services but also matters such as commercial aspects of intellectual property and foreign direct investment. … It has enacted trade defence and market access instruments mainly with the purpose of protecting EU businesses from obstacles to trade.

What are the essential conditions for globalization?

  • Removal of quotas and tariffs.
  • Liberalization of Government rules and regulations.
  • Freedom to business and industry.
  • Removal of bureaucratic formalities and procedures.
  • Adequate infrastructure.
  • Competition on the basis of quality, price, delivery, and customer service.
Do economists support inward oriented policies?

Most economists believe that inward-oriented policies that protect infant industries improve the growth rates of developing nations better than outward-oriented policies.

What is export policy of India?

Indian Export Policy. As per Schedule – 2 of Indian Trade Clarification (Harmonised System) Export Policy, 2018, all commodities / items have been categorized into three categories namely (i) free (ii) prohibited; and (iii) restricted. Barring a few items, all items are free for export.

What is import substitution industry?

Import substitution industrialization (ISI) is a trade and economic policy that advocates replacing foreign imports with domestic production. It is based on the premise that a country should attempt to reduce its foreign dependency through the local production of industrialized products.

What is outward looking function?

outward-looking in British English (ˈaʊtwəd lʊkɪŋ) adjective. looking beyond oneself; open-minded and reaching out to other people, organizations, etc. outward-looking tolerance.

What does self examining mean?

Definition of self-examination 1 : a reflective examination (as of one’s beliefs or motives) : introspection. 2 : examination of one’s body especially for evidence of disease.

How relevant is inward looking trade policy in the context of growth and development?

Inward looking trade policy did generate some short of benefits in the context of growth and development, such as the protection of infant and declining industries, job creation, increased income and preserving traditional ways of life.

What is import substitution class 12?

Import substitution is a strategy under trade policy that abolishes the import of foreign products and encourages production in the domestic market. The purpose of this policy is to change the economic structure of the country by replacing foreign goods with domestic goods.

How has the shift from inward looking strategy to outward-looking strategy impacted India's exports in the post New Economic policy NEP era?

The shift from inward- to outward-looking strategies, accompanied by one or more neoliberal reforms, resulted in an increase in women’s labour-force participation rates, and women’s employment opportunities in export activities rapidly expanded.

What is inward looking trade policy write good and bad impact of this policy?

LACK OF COMPETITION implied lack of modernisation When the domestic industry is protected by the government through different policies implemented by the government. It protects them from foreign competition and modernisation.

Which industrial policy is known as economic constitution of India?

The Industrial Policy of 1956 is known as the economic constitution of the country.

Who regulate the international trade?

The WTO, created in 1995 as the successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), is an international organization charged with overseeing and adjudicating international trade.

What does Fogel mean?

slang. : a silk handkerchief or neckerchief.

What is export promotion strategy?

Export promotion has been defined as “those public policy measures which actually or potentially enhance exporting activity at the company, industry, or national level”. … Export Promotion strategy promotes only the industries that have potential for developing and competing with foreign rivals.

What are possible benefits of free trade?

Free trade increases prosperity for Americans—and the citizens of all participating nations—by allowing consumers to buy more, better-quality products at lower costs. It drives economic growth, enhanced efficiency, increased innovation, and the greater fairness that accompanies a rules-based system.