As adjectives the difference between polypetalous and gamopetalous. is that polypetalous is (botany) having a corolla composed of distinct, separable petals while gamopetalous is (botany) having petals wholly or partially fused such that the corolla takes the form of a tube.
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What does the term Polypetalous and Gamopetalous mean?

polypetalous Describing a flower in which the corolla consists of separate petals. … gamopetalous Describing a flower in which the petals are fused to form a corolla tube.

What is Polypetalous?

Definition of polypetalous : having or consisting of separate petals.

What is Gamopetalous?

Definition of gamopetalous 1 : having the corolla composed of united petals the morning glory is gamopetalous. 2 : of or relating to the Metachlamydeae.

What is Polysepalous and Gamopetalous?

The sepals are of two types based on the arrangement- i) Gamosepalous: The flowers which have fused sepals are known as gamosepalous. Examples: Hibiscus or China rose. ii) Polysepalous: The flowers in which the sepals are free. Example: Rose.

What is difference between Polypetalous and Gamopetalous Corolla?

Corolla with free petals are called polypetalous whereas corolla having united petals, forming a tube are called gamopetalous.

Is Hibiscus Gamopetalous or Polypetalous?

Example: Hibiscus and periwinkle are gamosepalous flowers. Polypetalous: Flowers having free petals.

What is Gamopetalous condition in a flower?

Definitions of gamopetalous. adjective. having a corolla composed of partially or wholly fused petals forming a corolla shaped like a tube or funnel. synonyms: sympetalous petaled, petalled, petalous. (of flowers) having petals.

Which family is Gamopetalous?

a genus of gamopetalous trees and shrubs of the honeysuckle family—the elders.

Is Rose Polypetalous or Gamopetalous?

Polysepalous: Flowers with free sepals; examples are Rose and Southern magnolia. Based on Corolla, there are two types of flowers such as: Gamopetalous: Flowers with fused petals; examples are Bindweed and Elderberry. Polypetalous: Flowers with free petals; examples are Rose and Camellia.

What is the difference between Polypetalous and Gamopetalous Corolla by Brainly?

Answer: polypetalous means that the petals are free. this happens in hibiscus flowers. gamopetalous means that the petals are fused together.

What is the difference between Homogamy and Cleistogamy?

homogamy is (botany) fertilization of a flower by pollen from the same plant while cleistogamy is (botany) the production of flowers which do not open, and are self-fertilized in the bud.

What are the different parts of androecium and gynoecium?

Components. While androecium has anthers and filaments, gynoecium has stigma, style, and ovary.

What is Vexillary Aestivation?

Vexillary aestivation is the arrangement of corolla in which the anterior petal is innermost and posterior petal is outermost and largest. It is also called as descending imbricate. Papilionaceae flower shows vexillary aestivation. There is large petal which has two lobes fused.

What is Hibiscus Androecium?

– Androecium is the male reproductive unit made up of stamens. A stamen has a long stalk called a filament. There is a cluster of microsporangia called anther at the tip of the filament. … The androecium of Hibiscus is monadelphous as its filaments are merged in one bundle and anthers are free.

What is Bilabiate Corolla?

A bilabiate (means “two-lipped”) corolla is a zygomorphic, sympetalous corolla with the limb divided into two lips. … The upper lip is 2-lobed, while the lower lip is 3-lobed.

What is Bilipped Corolla?

Bilipped or Bilabiate: Zygomorphic, gamopetalous corolla, in which petals are so fused together that they appear to be divided into two separate lips, e.g., Adhatoda, Ocimum.

What is Polysepalous condition in a flower?

Polysepalous, pol-i-sep′a-lus, adj. having the sepals separate from each other. … It is more common among polysepalous and polypetalous plants than in those in which the sepals or petals are united together.

What is the meaning of Bicarpellary?

/ (ˌbaɪkɑːˈpɛlərɪ) / adjective. botany (of an ovary) having two carpels.

What is the definition of Apocarpous?

Definition of apocarpous : having the carpels of the gynoecium separate the buttercup is apocarpous —opposed to syncarpous.

Which one of these is an example of Gamopetalous flower?

Hibiscus and Periwinkle are examples of gamosepalous flower.

What is the difference between flower and inflorescence?

FlowerInflorescenceIn flowers the stalk is known as a pedicle.In inflorescence, the stalk is known as peduncle.It is the specialized branch with limited growth.It is the cluster of flowers arranged on the floral axis.

What are Cleistogamous flowers?

Cleistogamous Flowers. Cleistogamy means the formation of flowers that do not open (CL), and thus production of seeds is a result of autogamy. In contrast, flowers that open are called chasmogamous flowers (CH), and they have various types of breeding systems, depending on the taxon.

What is Cleistogamy in plants?

Cleistogamy is a type of automatic self-pollination of certain plants that can propagate by using non-opening, self-pollinating flowers. … The more common opposite of cleistogamy, or “closed marriage”, is called chasmogamy, or “open marriage”.

How do Protogyny and Protandry differ?

The main difference between protandry and protogyny is that protandry is the changing of the sex of an organism from male to a female whereas protogyny is the changing of the sex of an organism from female to a male.