The post oak (Quercus stellata) is one of the most common oaks in Texas, and occurs from Texas and Oklahoma east throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic states. … Post oak is in the white oak group, and readily cross-breeds with other white oaks, resulting in numerous hybrids.
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What is post oak used for?

Common Uses: Fence posts, cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, flooring, boatbuilding, barrels, and veneer. Comments: Post Oak falls into the white oak group, and shares many of the same traits as White Oak (Quercus alba). White Oak, along with its brother Red Oak, are commonly used domestic lumber species.

What's the difference between oak and post oak wood?

Within the white oak group is a species called white oak. … Post oak, another species in the white oak group, is the same density as white oak, but is about 10 percent weaker and 20 percent more bendable. The hardness is the same in both. Processing for both is the same.

How can you tell post oak?

The leaves are dark green and rough due to the scattered star-shaped hairs, and lighter underneath with yellow fuzz . The twigs are notably thickset also with yellow fuzz, and the bark can appear similar to white oak; however, post oak is darker and has more defined vertical scaly ridges.

What kind of wood is post oak?

Wangenh. Quercus stellata, the post oak or iron oak, is a North American species of oak in the white oak section. It is a slow-growing oak that lives in dry areas on the edges of fields, tops of ridges also grows in poor soils, and is resistant to rot, fire, and drought.

Is post oak good for BBQ?

The flavor of post oak is tried and true in Texas barbecue, it is readily available at a reasonable cost, and many providers can deliver it with a specific moisture content.

Is post oak good firewood?

Post Oak is a Woodchuck staple, and for good reason. Firewood from the Post Oak tree burns long and slow and produces very little soot, making it not only great for the fireplace, but for barbeque as well. A cord of Post Oak produces 27.9 million BTUs, making it the optimal choice for firewood in terms of heat.

Is post oak and Live Oak the same?

Leaves. The leaves of Post oak are a very distinctive, cross-shape, usually 5-lobed with the two middle lobes opposite, Leaves are 4–7 inches long, and 3–4 inches wide. Live oak leaves are usually narrow to a long oval and are stiff. That may be as long as 5 to 6inches.

What does post oak taste like?

One of the many uses of white oak is the production of whisky barrels, and if you use white oak or post oak for barbecue, you’ll notice the smoke gives the meat a slightly sweet, vanilla-tinged flavor similar to a Kentucky bourbon.

Do deer like post oak acorns?

Acorns in the white oak family mature (from flower to falling off the tree) in only 6 months, and a few well-known examples of this family include white, swamp white, overcup, bur, swamp chestnut, chestnut, chinkapin, live and post oak. …

Are post oak good trees?

The post oak has a high heat tolerance and a low water requirement, making them a common tree around Austin and the Central Texas area. It likes a dry, sandy soil, and is often seen growing with blackjack oak. The post oak leaf has a unique cross shape, not unlike the Maltese cross.

Do post oaks have catkins?

Like other Quercus spp. (oaks), Post Oak is monoecious, producing separate male (staminate) and female (pistillate) flowers on the same tree. Male flowers are produced in drooping yellowish catkins about 2-4″ long. … The flowers are cross-pollinated by the wind.

Do post oaks have acorns?

Seed Production and Dissemination- In common with many other oaks, post oak begins to bear acorns when it is about 25 years old.

How strong is an oak post?

Wood SpeciesSpecific Gravity*Bending Strength (psi)
Maple, Hard0.6315,800
Maple, Soft0.5413,400
Oak, Red0.6314,300
Oak, White0.6815,200
Why is it called post oak?

Quercus stellata, commonly called post oak, is a medium-sized deciduous oak of the white oak group that typically grows 35-50′ tall with a rounded crown. It is called post oak because its durable wood has been used for fence posts.

Which oak smoke is best?

Red Oak. Red Oak is the king of hardwoods and oaks, especially when it comes to smoking meats. Oak is strong, but it does not tend to overpower the taste and texture of the meat. If you are cooking or smoking beef or lamb, this is the best hardwood to use.

Is post oak good to cook with?

The smoke from post oak will go great with any cut of beef and wont over power its flavor. If cooking steaks post oak is a great choice for it burns at a high temperature. With brisket its a milder, sweeter smoke and will slowly build its flavor over the fourteen to eighteen hour cook.

What wood should you not burn?

Watch out for any wood covered with vines. Burning poison ivy, poison sumac, poison oak, or pretty much anything else with “poison” in the name releases the irritant oil urushiol into the smoke. Breathing it in can cause lung irritation and severe allergic respiratory problems, the Centers for Disease Control state.

Is Post Oak good for pizza ovens?

The best woods for burning in your pizza oven are undoubtedly seasoned and dried hardwoods such as oak, maple, and ash. … This means that they give off more heat for the same quantity of wood, making them an ideal choice as they are capable of providing the scorching temperatures required by wood-burning pizza ovens.

What is the best firewood to burn in fireplace?

Hardwood Firewood Hardwoods such as maple, oak, ash, birch, and most fruit trees are the best burning woods that will give you a hotter and longer burn time. These woods have the least pitch and sap and are generally cleaner to handle.

What is the difference between oak and post oak for smoking?

Post oak is still hardwood but it’s not quite as smoky as red oak or live oak. Also, that’s what grows around here like crazy.” That’s one of the intriguing things about how experienced cooks approach their wood. The flavor of smoke is essential to barbecue, but you can have too much of a good thing.

Can you use live oak wood for BBQ?

Using wood for a barbecue gives your meat a rich and smoky flavor. Oak wood is suitable for game, like elk or deer, fish and even red meat. … Live oak trees are appropriate for barbecue cooking, though you must use caution and select the right type of wood.

Can you cook with Texas Live Oak?

Live oak is a hardwood and therefore very dense. … Ideally, oak that is aged a year or two gives off a better flavor, but overall, cooking with this hardwood produces a light smoky flavor that works very well for ribs, red meat, pork, and heavy game.

Is Post Oak good for brisket?

Oak is well suited to smoking brisket, partly because it burns for a long time, so it’s perfect for extended sessions, but also because the medium-potency smoke flavor is a crowd-pleaser.

What is the best wood to barbecue with?

  • Oak. Oak is the quintessential go-to for smoking meat. …
  • Hickory. The most versatile choice as it can be used to smoke wood in many ways. …
  • Maple. One of the most subtle smoking wood, it will impart a more subtle smoke flavor. …
  • Mesquite. …
  • Pecan. …
  • Apple. …
  • Alder. …
  • Cherry.
What is the most mild wood for smoking?

Mild smoking wood are the fruit woods like apple, peach and cherry. They’re good on white meat, poultry and pork. Middle of the road smoking woods are hickory, maple, pecan, and oak. They’re great with pork, and strong enough to stand up to beef and game meats.

Can humans eat acorns?

Acorns can be used in a variety of ways. They can be eaten whole, ground up into acorn meal or flour, or made into mush to have their oil extracted. Once you’ve safely leached the tannins from your raw acorns, you can roast them for 15 to 20 minutes and sprinkle them with salt for a snack.

Do oaks produce acorns every year?

An average 100-year-old oak tree will produce 2,200 acorns per year. Strong production might happen every four to ten years.

What is the fastest producing oak tree?

Nuttall Oak (Quercus texana) A Texas native, the Nuttall Oak is the fastest growing oak tree of all oak species, growing to 70 feet tall with a 40 foot spread, sprouting up more than two feet per year every year.

How fast do post oaks grow?

They are among the last trees to leaf out in the spring and one of the earliest to stop growing, which contribute to their slow growth rate. The average post oak takes more than ten years to grow 2” in trunk diameter.

How deep are post oak roots?

Most oak tree roots lie only 18 inches under the soil. They may spread, though, to occupy a space four to seven times the width of the tree’s crown. Root hairs, located just back from the tips of the smaller roots, absorb water and minerals and send them circulating through the root system.

Does post oak grow in Texas?

Post oaks can flourish and do well where most other trees would not survive. In Texas, they grow best in the Cross Timbers, a prairie transition region where soils are dry with rocky outcrops and slopes. … Because they are drought resistant, post oaks can dominate sites that have little soil moisture.

Is Post Oak an evergreen?

Probably the most readily noticeable difference between the two trees is that the Post Oak is deciduous, dropping its leaves in the Fall, and spending the rest of the winter with bare limbs.

What can you do with oak catkins?

Notice “greenish brown things” falling from your live oak tree? The trees are dropping male catkins, which carry the male flowers of the tree. Use them as mulch or throw them in the compost when they start to pile up.

Are post oaks deciduous?

GENERAL BOTANICAL CHARACTERISTICS : Post oak is a long-lived, native, deciduous tree with a crown of horizontal branches.

What animals live in the Post Oak Savannah?

1) White-tailed deer, wild turkeys and squirrels enjoy the protein-rich acorns produced by the long-living post oak tree, a slow-growing species that thrives in sandy, rocky, well-drained soils.

What is the strongest wood in the world?

Australian Buloke – 5,060 IBF An ironwood tree that is native to Australia, this wood comes from a species of tree occurring across most of Eastern and Southern Australia. Known as the hardest wood in the world, this particular type has a Janka hardness of 5,060 lbf.

What is the strongest wood to build with?

The lumber industry uses a scale called the Janka Rating System to measure and rank the relative hardness of wood. Hickory is the hardest, commercially available common wood. Next in line are pecan, hard maple and white oak.

Is Cedar stronger than oak?

Oak is harder than cedar, with a Janka hardness of 1350 (white oak) and 1220 (red oak) to Eastern red cedar’s 900. Western red cedar’s Janka hardness is a mere 350.