The ADEX Dental Hygiene Examination is designed for students about to complete dental hygiene training and graduate dental hygienists. According to state regulations, in order to be considered an ADEX Dental Hygiene Examination, all parts must be taken in the year 2009 or later.

Subsequently, one may also ask, where is Adex accepted?

Commission on Dental Competency Assessments

U.S. State or Other CountryAccepts CDCA ADEX Dental ExamAccepts CDCA ADEX Hygiene Exam
SOUTH DAKOTAN (expected acceptance 2018)N (expected acceptance 2018)

Also, what states accept Adex dental hygiene exam? ADEX Districts

  • District 2: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah,
  • District 6: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.
  • District 8: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Regarding this, how much does Adex cost?

Dental (ADEX)

Examination Fees: Dental (ADEX)
Full Exam (Manikin, Patient-Based, & Computer-Based)$2,295*
Endodontics and/or Prosthodontics (Partial or Retake)$1,125*
Periodontics and/or Restorative (Partial or Retake)$1,080
DSE OSCE (Partial)$990

What is the ADEX dental hygiene licensing examination?

The ADEX Dental Hygiene exam is a two-hour computer-based test consisting of 100 multiple choice questions in a Simulated Clinical Examination, using photographs, radiographs, laboratory data, optical images, and other data forms to simulate patients. Dental Hygiene Care Planning. Periodontal Procedures.

Related Question Answers

Is Adex accepted in California?

ADEX has been informed the California Governor Jerry Brown has signed AB Bill 2331 into law. This new Law states that the State of California accepts the ADEX Dental Examination but it is contingent upon an Occupational analysis to be conducted by the State of California.

Which states accept the NERB?

Currently, NERB and the states of Florida, Hawaii, Maryland and Nevada administer the ADEX exams, while CITA, SRTA, WREB and CRDTS administer their own examinations.

Does Florida accept NERB?

Take it and you can practice in Florida (and all the other states that accept the NERB) — IF you take it after October 1st of this year.

How do I get a dental license in California?

Take and pass the California Law and Ethics Examination. Take and pass the Western Regional Examining Board (WREB) Examination. Graduate from a CODA-accredited or CDAC-accredited dental school. Complete one year of a CODA-accredited general practice residency or advanced programs in general dentistry.

Does Hawaii WREB?

The CRDTS, WREB, CDCA, and SRTA Dental Hygiene examinations are accepted for licensure. The examination located in Hawaii is handled by CRDTS.

What license do you need to be a dentist?

In the United States, dentists need a state license to be certified to practice. They do not need any other professional certifications, though some voluntary certifications are available.

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How much is the dental hygiene Board exam?

1st attempt Certification Examination Fee: $700 + applicable tax for 1st time attempt – this includes a $100 (+ tax) non-refundable fee.

What states accept crdts for dental hygiene?

CRDTS Member States: The Member States of CRDTS are Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin & Wyoming.