The latest crop report projects the national average corn yield in 2021 at 174.8 bushels per acre, which is a decline of 4.9 bushels per acre from the NASS yield estimate in July.
What is the average yield of potatoes per acre? sweet potato yield per acre.

What is a good yield per acre for corn?

Yield Rankings: 2016
RankStateYield (bu/ac)
How many bushels of corn do you get per acre?

There are 135 bushels of corn produced per acre.

Whats a good corn yield?

The annual August Pro Farmer Crop Tour estimated corn yield to be closer to 177.5 bushels per acre after field inspections. This estimate is still relatively high compared to previous years and well above the 2019 average yield of 167.4 bushels per acre.

What is the average yield per acre of corn in Illinois?

For 2020, the state of Illinois had an average soybean yield of 60 bushels per acre and an average corn yield of 192 bushels per acre.

How much do farmers make on an acre of corn?

For 2019, crop revenue for corn is projected at $738 per acre based on a 208 bushel per acre yield and a $3.55 per bushel price.

How do you maximize corn yields?

  1. Plant at the Optimal Times. One extremely vital way to increase your crop yield is to plant at the optimal times. …
  2. Practice Crop Rotation. …
  3. Know the Yield Potential. …
  4. Always Scout Your Fields. …
  5. Utilize Fertilizers. …
  6. Test Your Soil. …
  7. Use Herbicides to Tackle Weeds. …
  8. Quality of Seed.
What crop is the most profitable?

The highest yielding crops are sugar cane, sugar beet, and tomatoes. Sugar cane accounts for about 80% of the world’s sugar production, while sugar beet the remaining 20%. Not surprisingly, the most lucrative cash crops from a value per acre perspective are illegal in many parts of the world.

How do you calculate corn per acre?

Select locations that are representative of the stand in the field. Calculate the average of the counts and multiply by 1,000 (e.g., 30 + 31 + 29 + 33 + 30 + 32 = 30.8 x 1,000 = 30,800 plants per acre).

How many ears of corn are on an acre?

17.4 feet equates to a thousandth of an acre in the 30-inch row spacing we plant with. So if I count 32 ears in that area, I simply multiply by 1,000 to figure the number of ears per acre. 32 ears is 32,000 over an acre.

How many corn seeds are planted per acre?

“Planting 34,000 seeds per acre for irrigated corn and 24,000 to 30,000 for rainfed corn, depending on expected yield, with 30-inch row spacing is expected on average to give the best net returns.”

How many pounds of corn are on an acre?

The amount of seed corn needed to plant an acre will vary by row spacing and seed type. For example, if seeds are planted at 10-inch intervals in rows 3 feet apart, you would need 5 to 6 lbs.

What does it cost to plant 1 acre of corn?

Variable equipment costs have increased 26 to 30% for both corn and soybeans. Land costs increased 11%. In the corn divisions, depending upon year, the average maximum and minimum cost per acre is $215 to $260 in the cash grain division, and $187 to $234 in the dairy and livestock division (Table 1).

How much is a bushel of corn worth?

From 2007 to 2021, MYA prices for corn averaged $4.38 per bushel, ranging from a low of $3.36 in the 2016 and 2017 marketing years to a high of $6.89 per bushel in 2012. From 2007 to 2021, MYA prices were below the average of $4.38 in ten of sixteen years, or 63% of the time.

How much does it cost to grow a bushel of corn?

Average cost per bushel has been between $1.25 and $1.95 in the cash corn division and $1.13 and $1.81 in the livestock corn division.

Is 1500 acres a big farm?

Most the old farm houses, and buildings have been sold off, but technically the parcels of land, field, and farm names survive. So 1500 acres would be a BIG farm, in many a territory, but not a BIG agribusiness.

How much profit does a farmer make per acre?

Average four-crop gross income per acre = approximately $790 per acre.

What is the break even price for corn?

2022 Break-even Corn Prices From 2013 to 2021, actual break-even prices to cover total costs averaged $4.00, $. 73 well below the $4.73 level projected for 2022. The break-even price to cover total cost was the highest in 2012 at $6.75 per bushel.

How can a farmer get a high yield of crops?

  1. Using high yielding variety seeds.
  2. Use of modern irrigation methods so as to obtain more amount of water.
  3. Crop rotation so as to increase the fertility of the soil.
How do you increase yield per acre?

One of the best ways to maintain the soil in good health is to practice crop rotation, among others. Alternating plants on a given field plot prevents soil exhaustion and breaks pest cycles, which will result in better agricultural output and, therefore, will increase the average crop yield per acre.

How can a farmer increase the farm production?

  1. Implementation of land reforms. For improving the production, land reforms are the first and predominant point. …
  2. Interplant. …
  3. Plant more densely. …
  4. Plant many crops. …
  5. Raised beds. …
  6. Smart water management. …
  7. Heat Tolerant Varieties. …
  8. Use nitrogen.
What are the 4 cash crops?

  • Wheat.
  • Rice.
  • Maize.
  • Sugar.
  • Marijuana.
What crop makes the most money per acre?

Bamboo is one of the most profitable crops to grow per acre. It can bring in lots of revenue, but the catch is it takes about three (3) years for the bamboo to get “established” once planted.

What is the best cash crop for a small farm?

  • Bamboo. Already popular in Asia, bamboo is gaining popularity around the world for its variety of uses, such as fencing material, fabric and food. …
  • Specialty Mushroom. Perfect crops for beginning farmers are specialty mushrooms, such as oyster mushrooms. …
  • Lavender. …
  • Garlic. …
  • Christmas Trees.
How many 36 inch rows are in an acre?

Row WidthLength of Row For 1/1000 AcreHow many plants per acre?30”17′ 5”Example: 40” rows-measure 13’1” Counted 18 plants. Multiply by 1000. 18,000 plants per acre.36”14′ 6”38”13′ 9”40”13′ 1”

How many acres can you plant with a bag of corn?

Like everyone said corn is 80,000 per bag and for you planting 36,000 you can do 2.22 acres per bag.

How long does it take corn to grow?

Corn planted in cold, wet soil is unlikely to germinate. Corn grows best in air temperatures from 60° to 95°F (16-35°C). Corn can take from 60 to 100 days to reach harvest depending upon variety and the amount of heat during the growing season.

How much corn do you get per acre of land?

Corn yield in the United States is estimated at 172.0 bushels per acre, 4.5 bushels above the 2019 yield of 167.5 bushels per acre.

How many acres do you need to grow corn?

Estimated Cost$500 to $1000 per acre up to harvestSoil RequirementsMedium to heavy soils preferredWater RequirementsSweet corn needs 20 – 35 acre-inches of water. Critical water peaks are during pre-tassle and kernel fill.Minimum Size1 acre hand harvest – 20 acre for mashine harvest

How much do corn farmers make per year?

Corn farmers can generally earn well for the amount of work they put in the crops, and the annual income ranges between $55,000 and $100,000.

How much do corn farmers make a year?

Farm specializationAverage NCFI, 2021FChange in average NCFI, 2020–21FCorn$255,20043.9Soybeans$149,60040.1Cotton$276,000-15.0Specialty crops 1/$145,900-27.7

How many times can you harvest corn in a year?

Time to Maturity Early maturing corn stalks usually bear only one ear of corn per stalk. Corn takes from 55 to 75 days to mature from seed. In a long warm season, from late April to late October it’s possible to get three crops of corn.

How much is an acre of corn worth 2021?

Given this price and yield forecast, gross revenue is forecast at $1,247 per acre. At this point, other revenue is projected to be $0 per acre. The $1,237 gross revenue for corn in 2021 will be the highest on record if it occurs.

How many acres do you need to make a living farming?

There is no hard-and-fast land requirement. However, the farmers I spoke with said that someone would need at least 500 owned acres and 1,000 leased acres to make a living. The quality of the land certainly affects those numbers.

What is the highest corn price ever?

Historically, Corn reached an all time high of 843.75 in August of 2012.