star apple, (Chrysophyllum cainito), tropical American tree, of the sapodilla family (Sapotaceae), native to the West Indies and Central America. It is cultivated for its edible fruit, which is the size and shape of an apple and is named for the star-shaped core.
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What is botanical name for Agbalumo?

It is known by various names but the famous is Agbalumo among the Yoruba people and Udara among the Igbos. It is known among the English man as African Star Apple and its scientific name is Chrysophyllum africanum or Chrysophyllum albidum.

What is Star Apple called in India?

Star apple, which comes from Vietnam, is now being cultivated in Kerala too. It is called ‘Palppazham’ in Malayalam. The trees bearing the fruit grow around 20 feet high and have a solid trunk. The upper part of the leaves is light green in colour while the lower part is golden.

What is the English name for Udara?

Did you know its proper English name is African Star Apple? It is also called White Star Apple.

What are the health benefits of Star Apple?

  • Help to improve digestive health. They contain a good amount of fiber.
  • High in Vitamin C.
  • Helps control Diabetes. The fiber helps keep the blood sugar under control.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Helps to prevent iron deficiency anemia.
Is Star Apple good for a pregnant woman?

The popular African Star Apple, known as Agbalumo or Ciwoh or Udara, that pregnant women crave, has a sour-like taste that holds the mouth, hits the palate and stops one from throwing up or spitting. These could be some of the main reasons why many pregnant women, who often have these experiences, crave for it.

Is African star apple a drupe?

This fruit (Chrysophyllum cainito), known locally as caimito, grows on trees 15 m tall with evegreen leaves. … Caimito fruits are round or slightly pear-shaped drupes, 5 – 10 cm in diameter. The flesh of the fruit is organized into 6 – 11 individual cells, somewhat gelatinous in texture.

Can you eat Star Apple?

Star Apples are prized for the soft sweet pulp they contain, which is most often enjoyed raw as is but can be used in a number of dessert and beverage preparations as well. Both the skin and rind of the fruit are bitter and inedible, to prepare slice in half and use a spoon to remove the pulp.

Why is Star Apple so expensive?

Because shipping, handling, and delivery are so expensive per package, the Large Box will contain more fruit and ultimately a better value. USDA restricts the shipment of Star Apple from Florida to California at this time. … Please check the link below to see which fruits we can or cannot ship to California.

Is Star apple good for diabetics?

Somewhat similar to jamuns, starfruit is another option for diabetics. It controls your blood sugar level but in case a person has diabetes nephropathy, starfruit should be avoided. Guava is good for controlling blood sugar and also prevents constipation.

Is Star apple good for men?

New studies have shown that the ethanolic root bark extract of African cherry may damage fertility in men. African cherry is a plant, which has been used in traditional/alternative medicine in Nigeria to treat several health problems….

Is Udara good for diabetes?

Experts in herbal medicine have said that the African cherry, known locally as Agbalumo or Udara, possesses certain properties that are effective in the prevention and management of diabetes and heart diseases.

How does Udara taste like?

Agbalumo or Udara is a popular fruit in Africa known for its sweet-sour taste and its gummy skin. Although, the fruit is loved by many, it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a ripe and an unripe one.

Is star fruit safe to eat?

Studies show that eating starfruit can have a harmful (toxic) effect for people who have kidney disease. The substances found in starfruit can affect the brain and cause neurological disorders. This toxic substance is called a neurotoxin.

Can I eat star fruit?

What Is Star Fruit? Star fruit — or carambola — is a sweet and sour fruit that has the shape of a five-point star. The skin is edible and the flesh has a mild, sour flavor that makes it popular in a number of dishes.

Is Star Apple high in uric acid?

Apples, pears, pineapples, avocados are low-purine fruits and therefore can be eaten in moderation.

What is African star fruit?

The African Star Apple is a fruit native to West Africa and is particularly prolific in Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Togo and Ghana. … The African Star Apple tree and fruit secretes a whitish sap which gives the flesh of the fruit a chewing gum-like texture. The taste of the African Star Apple is quite complex.

How do you eat African star apples?

Traditionally, the fruits are not harvested from the trees, but left to drop naturally to the ground before they are picked. They are rarely used in cooking but rather, when ripe, they are eaten raw as snacks. The star apple tree secretes a whitish sap/latex which gives the pulp/flesh a chewing-gum like texture!

Which fruit should I avoid during pregnancy?

Papaya – It tops the list for obvious reasons. Raw or semi ripe papaya contains latex which can induce premature contractions and that can be dangerous for your baby.

What is the scientific name of star fruit?

The Star-fruit plant (family: Oxalidaceae; species: Averrhoa carambola L.) is widely distributed around the world, especially in tropical countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines.

What is Nigerian Apple?

The fruit is pear-shaped with a dark red color, although there are some varieties have white or pink skins. The ripe mountain apple fruit tastes sweet. The flesh is soft and slightly crunchy. You don’t have to peel the skin, just bite into the fruit as if you are eating an apple!

What type of fruit is African star apple?

Chrysophyllum albidumScientific classificationFamily:SapotaceaeGenus:ChrysophyllumSpecies:C. africanum

Is a star apple real?

Star apples have a bright, sweet, tropical flavor and creamy, jellylike fruit flesh. … Star apples get their name from the pattern of seeds at the center of their incredibly soft fruit. They’re also known as caimito or cainito, hatian star (purple), blanco star (slightly smaller and green), or aguay.

Can 1 year old eat Star Apple?

Yes—when served in moderation. Star fruit offers plenty of fiber for gut health, plus it is relatively low in natural sugar. It also contains lots of vitamin C to help baby’s body absorb iron, an important nutrient that is often low in a child’s diet, from plant-based foods.

Why is Star Apple called Apple?

star apple, (Chrysophyllum cainito), tropical American tree, of the sapodilla family (Sapotaceae), native to the West Indies and Central America. It is cultivated for its edible fruit, which is the size and shape of an apple and is named for the star-shaped core. The surface of the fruit is firm and smooth.

Which fruit is very costly in world?

The name of the most expensive fruit in the world is Yubari Melon, and for the cost of this fruit, one can buy gold or even a piece of land. This fruit is sold in Japan and cannot be accessed easily. You will be shocked to know that the cost of the Yubari Melon ranges in lakhs.

What the most expensive Apple?

Perhaps the most famous of them is the Sekai Ichi, an apple that can cost around $20 — yes, per apple. Why is it so expensive? It’s all about its visual appeal and limited availability.

What is world's most expensive fruit?

Yubri melon from Japan is the most expensive fruit in the world. These melons are especially grown in the Yubari Region of Japan. Two of these Yubari muskmelons set a record price in 2019 when they were auctioned for $45,000 (roughly Rs 33,00,000).

What vitamins are in star apple?

Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), iron, dietary fiber, calcium, zinc, protein, potassium, and phosphorus are a few good sources of nutrients, minerals, and compounds that are found in star apple.

What are the benefits of star fruit?

  • Anti-inflammatory ability. The high levels of antioxidants in this fruit make it a good anti-inflammatory that can help ease symptoms of psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • Weight loss promotion. …
  • Immunity boosting ability. …
  • Improved respiratory health. …
  • Improved heart health.
Can a pregnant woman eat Udara?

Agbalumo (udara) is highly recommended for pregnant women because it reduces salivation and vomiting (relieves morning sickness) seen in pregnancy and is one of the best natural sources of Vitamin A, C and folic acid. … Agbalumo also provides calories which makes the fruit a good snack for pregnant women.

Can diabetics eat bananas?

Bananas have a low GI score, and this the fruit to be an appropriate choice for diabetics. Dietitian Upasana Sharma, Head Nutritionist at Max Hospital says, “Banana contains sugar and carbs. But it is rich in fibre and has a low glycemic index. Diabetics can eat banana, but in moderation.”

What is the best fruit for diabetics to eat?

  • berries — Both citrus and berries are recommended as superfoods by the American Diabetes Association.
  • cherries.
  • plums.
  • grapefruit.
  • peaches.
  • apples — High fiber fruits like apples and pears help to slow a spike in blood sugar, Rose says.
  • pears.
  • kiwi.
Which fruit is good for type 2 diabetes?

  • apple.
  • blueberry.
  • cherry.
  • grapefruit.
  • grape.
  • orange.
  • peach.
  • pear.
What is Udara Agbalumo?

The African star apple is more commonly known as Agbalumo in Yoruba and Udara in Igbo. Just like every other fruit offered by nature, it has some wonderful health benefits. From the prevention of mouth gum disease to the tackling of toothache as well as sore throat, the benefit of consuming Agbalumo goes on and on.

Where is star fruit grown?

It is believed the star fruit originated in either Sri Lanka or the Moluccas, the islands of Indonesia. It spread throughout Asia and has been cultivated there for centuries. Star fruit is commonly grown in southern China, India, and the Philippines. The fruit is relatively new to North and South America.

Is star fruit good for diabetics?

Star fruit contains fruit fibre that helps check blood sugar and insulin level. The report says that eating food that is high in fibre can curb diabetes and can also actively help people who are already suffering from diabetes. It also helps to tackle high cholesterol and resulting in susceptibility to heart ailments.

Is star fruit good for skin?

Star fruit is chock-full of Vitamin C Vitamin C also assists with collagen synthesis, a protein that keeps skin, hair, and nails healthy and strong. Also, it scavenges disease-causing free radicals and fights infections.