The central idea of article ll of “The Harvest Gypsies” is that the harvest gypsies did not have very good living conditions. Article ll states the struggles the migrant workers had to go through daily.

Accordingly, what does Harvest Gypsies mean?

The Harvest Gypsies is a series of articles by John Steinbeck written on commission for The San Francisco News focusing on the lives and times of migrant workers in California's Central Valley.

Furthermore, who wrote The Harvest Gypsies? John Steinbeck

In this regard, why did Steinbeck write The Harvest Gypsies?

The first article introduces the background of the migrants, or the “new gypsies” as Steinbeck calls them, for the purpose of establishing their histories and way of life (19). Steinbeck explains the migrants are constantly kept on the move as they must follow the crops ready for harvest up and down the state.

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