Length is how long something is, breadth is how broadsomething is, width is how wide something is, height is howhigh something is, and depth is how deep something is.Although they may all sometimes be used interchangeably, they areusually used as in my first paragraph example.

Hereof, is depth and width the same thing?

As nouns the difference between width anddepth is that width is the state of being wide whiledepth is the vertical distance below a surface; the degreeto which something is deep.

Secondly, what comes first depth or width? According to FACTS, the organization of Fine Art Careand Treatment Standards International Standards Guide for Taking,Recording, and Communicating Dimensions (of art) thevertical measurement (height) is recorded first,followed by the horizontal measurement (width), and in thecase of three dimensional works, the

One may also ask, what is difference between height and depth?

As nouns the difference between depth andheight is that depth is the vertical distance below asurface; the amount that something is deep while height isthe distance from the base of something to thetop.

What's the depth?

People can be deep as well—you know by looking atsome people that they have depth. Depth goes withother measure words that end in “th.” Length is how long somethingis. Breadth is how wide or broad. The expression “plumb thedepths” means to take a measure of how deep somethinggoes.

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How do you find depth?

The formula for average is the sum of all thedepths divided by the number of depths you have.Measure all of your depths. For example, you measure fivebowls with depths of 5 inches, 9 inches, 3 inches, 7 inchesand 11 inches.

What is the width of something?

Width is defined as the quality of being wide, orthe measurement of distance from side to side. An example ofwidth is a 36″ measurement for a table'swideness.

What is the LxWxH?

Length x Width x Height. (LxWxH) where the heightis the vertical dimension of the box when the opening is facingupwards.

What is the height width and depth of a box?

Length, width, and height are adjectivesthat allow us to indicate the volume of geometric bodies. Thelength (20 cm) and the width (10 cm) correspond to thehorizontal dimension. On the other hand, the height (15 cm)refers to the vertical dimension.

How do you find the length and width?

Explanation: To find the width, multiplythe length that you have been given by 2, and subtract theresult from the perimeter. You now have the total length forthe remaining 2 sides. This number divided by 2 is thewidth.

What is assembled depth?

The assembled depth is the overall measurementswith all accessories such as hoses and vents installed. Thismeasurement is the minimum amount of space you'll need to installyour appliance. The assembled depth is the overallmeasurements with all accessories such as hoses and ventsinstalled.

How do you find area?

To find the area of a rectangle multiply itsheight by its width. For a square you only need to find thelength of one of the sides (as each side is the same length) andthen multiply this by itself to find the area.

How do you find length with height width and volume?

The formula for the volume of a solidrectangle is width x depth x height. Divide thevolume by the product of the length and widthto calculate the height of a rectangular object. Forthis example, the rectangular object has a length of 20, awidth of 10 and a volume of 6,000.

What is the depth of a shape?

Depth is the distance from the top or surface ofsomething to its bottom. For example, even though you can rotateany shape that has a Depth of zero, you really cannotsee any Depth within a flat object.

What is the depth of the tree?

The depth of a node M in the tree is thelength of the path from the root of the tree to M. Theheight of a tree is one more than the depth of thedeepest node in the tree. All nodes of depth d are atlevel d in the tree. The root is the only node at level 0,and its depth is 0.

What is the depth of a binary tree?

The depth of a node is the number of edges fromthe root to the node. The height of a node is the number of edgesfrom the node to the deepest leaf. The height of a tree is aheight of the root. A full binary tree.is a binarytree in which each node has exactly zero or twochildren.

Is depth a length?

As nouns the difference between depth andlength

is that depth is the vertical distance below asurface; the degree to which something is deep while lengthis the distance measured along the longest dimension of anobject.

What order does dimensions go in?

The order in which the dimensions appearwill depend on the product category. Here are some popularexamples: Boxes: Length x Width x Height (See below) Bags: Width xLength (The width is always the dimension of the bagopening.)

How do you list art dimensions?

Size as Dimensions

An artwork's size is measured by height, width, andpossibly depth. Paintings are measured by height first, followed bywidth. Sculptures and three-dimensional installations aremeasured by height, width, and depth.

What comes first length or height?

As for naming the dimensions of a three-dimensionalfigure, the only rule is be sensible and clear. When the figure is”level,” height (if you use the word) refers consistently tohow tall the figure is, even if that dimension is greatest;length (if you use the word) refers to the longer of theother two dimensions.

How many dimensions are there?

Sounds broad, right? Let's start with the threedimensions most people learn in grade school. The spatialdimensions—width, height, and depth—are theeasiest to visualize. A horizontal line exists in onedimension because it only has length; a square istwo-dimensional because it has length andwidth.

What comes first width or length in a room?

For example, when referring to blueprints or the size ofa room, the dimensions are listed with widthfirst and length second. Likewise, when measuringwindows, the width comes first then the height.Conversely, when expressing the measurements of a painting oncanvas, the height comes first then thewidth.

What is the synonym of depth?

Words Related to depth

discernment, perception, perceptiveness, perceptivity,percipience, sagacity, sapience, sense, sensibility, wisdom.braininess, brightness, brilliance, intellect, intelligence,judgment (or judgement), reason, sense, smartness,wit.