What is the difference between findElement () and findElements ()?

findElement() is used to find a webElement on a webpage. driver. findElements() is used to find a List of webElements matching the locator passed as parameter. In case the same locator matches multiple webElements then findElement method returns the first web element found.

What is the difference between findElement and findElements and what is return type give some example where it is used?

findElements method returns the list of all matching elements. The findElement method throws a NoSuchElementException exception when the element is not available on the page. Whereas, the findElements method returns an empty list when the element is not available or doesn’t exist on the page.

What is the difference between driver findElement () and driver findElements ()?

driver. findElement() returns first matching element with specified locator and driver. findElements() returns all(array of) matching elements with specified locator. findElement throws NoSuchElementException if no matching elements are found while findElemetns don’t throw any such exception.

What is the difference between WebDriver findElement and WebElement findElement?

findElement() will use the element as the scope in which to search for your selector. This means it is generally used for searching for child elements. WebDriver. findElement() will use the driver (i.e the entire page) to search for your given selector.

What is the return type of findElement and findElements?

Since findElement() returns a single element so the return type of this method is WebElement while findElements() returns a List of WebElements so the return type of this method is a List

What is the difference between Linktext and partial link text?

Partial Link text is another way to locate the link element of a web page. the only difference between link text and partial link text is with the use of partial link text we do not look for the exact text match of the string value, you can locate the element with the partial match also.

Where are findElements used?

Find Element command is used to uniquely identify a (one) web element within the web page. Whereas, Find Elements command is used to uniquely identify the list of web elements within the web page.

What is findElements when u can use it and why?

findElement: This command is used to uniquely identify a web element within the web page. findElements: This command is used to uniquely identify the list of web elements within the web page.

What is the difference between absolute and relative xpath?

Absolute Xpath: It uses Complete path from the Root Element to the desire element. Relative Xpath: You can simply start by referencing the element you want and go from there. Relative Xpaths are always preferred as they are not the complete paths from the root element.

What is difference between getWindowHandle and getWindowHandles?

getWindowHandle() returns the window handle of currently focused window/tab. getWindowHandles() returns all windows/tabs handles launched/opened by same driver instance including all parent and child window.

What is the difference between driver close () and driver quit command *?

quit() is used to exit the browser, end the session, tabs, pop-ups etc. But the when you driver. close(), only the window that has focus is closed.

What is the difference between GET and navigate in selenium?

get() is used to navigate particular URL(website) and wait till page load. driver. navigate() is used to navigate to particular URL and does not wait to page load. It maintains browser history or cookies to navigate back or forward.

What is the difference between WebDriver and FirefoxDriver?

WebDriver is an interface. FirefoxDriver is the implementation. To understand better, please do read docs on Java Interface. This is what is called “Static and Dynamic Binding in Java”.

What is WebDriver and WebElement?

The WebDriver class focuses on driving the browser in a broad sense. It loads pages, it switches to different windows/frames, gets the page title etc. Broad actions that aren’t specific to an element on the page. WebElement concentrates on interacting with a specific element that you’ve located.

What is WebDriver and web element?

Every HTML document carries such HTML elements. Selenium WebDriver WebElement methods are applicable to almost all DOM elements on a web page. Each WebElement is represented in Selenium via the WebElement interface – which is used by Selenium to interact with visible and invisible elements on the web page.

What is JavascriptExecutor and when it is used?

In simple words, JavascriptExecutor is an interface that is used to execute JavaScript with Selenium. To simplify the usage of JavascriptExecutor in Selenium, think of it as a medium that enables the WebDriver to interact with HTML elements within the browser.

What is the difference between verify and assert in Selenium?

Difference between Assert and Verify in selenium In case of verify, tests will continue to run until the last test is executed even if assert conditions are not met. Verify or Soft Asserts will report the errors at the end of the test. Simply put, tests will not be aborted if any condition is not met.

What is driver findElement by xpath?

The findElement(By. xpath) method is used to identify an element which matches with the xpath locator passed as a parameter to this method. The findElements(By. xpath) method is used to identify a collection of elements which match with xpath locator passed as a parameter to that method.

What is the difference between XPath and CSS?

The Difference Between XPath and CSS selectors The primary difference between XPath and CSS selectors is that with the XPath we can traverse both forward and backward, whereas a CSS selector only moves forward.

What is tagName in Selenium?

A tagName is a part of a DOM structure where every element on a page is been defined via tag like input tag, button tag or anchor tag etc. Each tag has multiple attributes like ID, name, value class etc. As far as other locators in Selenium are concerned, we used these attributes values of the tag to locate elements.

What is by class in Selenium Webdriver?

A By which locates elements by the value of the “class” attribute.

How do you write findElements in selenium?

The general syntax of findElements() command in Selenium WebDriver is as below: List findElements(By. LocatorStrategy(“LocatorValue”));

How do you write XPath for findElements?

  1. Go to the First name tab and right click >> Inspect.
  2. On inspecting the web element, it will show an input tag and attributes like class and id.
  3. Use the id and these attributes to construct XPath which, in turn, will locate the first name field.
How do you iterate findElements in selenium?

  1. Iterator
  2. while(itr. hasNext()) {
  3. System. out. println(itr. next(). getText());
  4. }
Which html5 element can be tested by JavaScriptExecutor?

You can use JavaScriptExecutor to perform an desired operation on a web element. Selenium supports javaScriptExecutor.

What is the difference between relative and absolute?

Summary: 1. Relative is always in proportion to a whole. Absolute is the total of all existence.

What is the difference between and in XPath?

Difference between “/” and “//” in XPath 1. Single slash is used to create absolute XPath whereas Double slash is used to create relative XPath. … Single slash selects an element from the root node. For example, /html will select the root HTML element.

What is the meaning of in relative XPath?

In this case, the XPath engine navigates the DOM right from the first node. Double (forward) Slash “//”: It represents a relative path. In this case, the XPath engine searches for the matching element anywhere in the DOM.

Why is the contextClick () used for?

Move to Element: contextClick() method first performs mouseMove to the middle of the element location. This function performs the right click at the middle of the web element. Build: build() method is used to generate a composite action containing all actions.

What is the similarity between WebDriver's close () and quit () methods?

Quiz Answer. What is the similarity between WebDriver’s close() and quit() methods? closes the active web browser window. closes all opened web browser windows.

What is the return type of getAttribute () and getText ()?

getText(): Get the visible (i.e. not hidden by CSS) innerText of this element, including sub-elements, without any leading or trailing whitespace. getText() return the visible text of the element. getAttribute(String attrName) returns the value of the attribute passed as parameter.

What is the difference between quit and close?

close() method is used to close the current browser window on which the focus is set, on the other hand quit() method essentially calls the driver. dispose method that successively closes all the browser windows and ends the WebDriver session graciously.

What is driver close?

The driver. close() command is used to close the current browser window having focus. In case there is only one browser open then calling driver. close() quits the whole browser session.

Can we use driver close and driver quit together?

The following code can be used to close all the browser windows: driver. … If the Automation process opens only a single browser window, the close() and quit() commands work in the same way. Both will differ in their functionality when there are more than one browser window opened during Automation.

What is navigate in selenium?

Navigate To Command In WebDriver, this method loads a new web page in the existing browser window. It accepts String as parameter and returns void. The respective command to load/navigate a new web page can be written as: driver.

What is the difference between click and submit in selenium?

The click() is only applicable to buttons with type submit in a form. The submit() function shall wait for the page to load however the click() waits only if any explicit wait condition is provided. If a form has a submit of type button, the submit() method cannot be used.

What is difference between WebDriver Click () and JavaScript Click ()?

If someone tries to click the menu item before the menu is visible, WebDriver will balk and say that the element cannot be manipulated. If the person then tries to do it with JavaScript, it will work because the event is delivered directly to the element, irrespective of visibility.

What is WebDriver and why WebDriver is used?

Description: Selenium WebDriver tool is used to automate web application testing to verify that it works as expected. It supports many browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. However, using the Selenium WebDriver, we can automate testing for web applications only.

What is the difference between WebDriver and Remotewebdriver?

Selenium remotewebdriver : Difference between webdriver and remotewebdriver. Selenium WebDriver is a tool used to execute automated test cases on various browsers. The object of the webdriver is a browser. Selenium remotewebdriver implements the webdriver interface to execute test cases.

What is FireFoxDriver in selenium?

Selenium Firefox Driver, also called GeckoDriver is a browser engine developed by Mozilla for many applications. It provides a link between test cases and the Firefox browser. Without the help of GeckoDriver, one cannot instantiate the object of Firefox browser and perform automated Selenium testing.