Web. config is the file for the local settings to be applied for a website which store configuration data in XML format. The settings of Machine. config file are applied to the whole asp.net
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What is the machine config?

Machine configuration file, Machine. config, contains settings that apply to an entire computer. It is specifically used to store machine and application settings global to all asp.net web sites running in IIS in a computer. A system can have only one machine.

Is web config the same as app config?

The web. config file is required for ASP.NET webpages. The app. config file is optional in an application and doesn’t have to be used when writing desktop applications.

Does machine config override web config?

config settings apply to all web applications which is residing on the server. The setting of machine. config can be overridden by web. config’s settings.

Where is machine config?

The machine. config file is stored in the %WINDIR%Microsoft.NETFramework folder in the directory where Microsoft Windows is installed. By default, it is located in the following path: C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv1. 1.4322CONFIG.

What is the web config file used for?

web. config file is a xml based configuration file used in ASP.NET based application to manage various settings that concerned with configuration of our website.

What is machine CONFIG comments file?

config files contain comments that make editing the file self-explanatory. … config file in a text editor such as Notepad. The Machine. config file is located in the %SystemRoot%Microsoft.NETFramework%VersionNumber%CONFIG directory.

When should I use app config?

The app. config file is an XML file whose goal it is to contain any variable configuration of your application. It is a central place to put: Connection strings to databases.

How many web config file in the application?

Yes you can have two web. config files in application. There are situations where your application is divided in to modules and for every module you need separate configuration.

What is app config in Visual Studio?

By adding an application configuration file (app. config file) to a C# project, you can customize how the common language runtime locates and loads assembly files. For more information about application configuration files, see How the runtime locates assemblies (. NET Framework). UWP apps don’t contain an app.

Is Web config mandatory?

Yes, you will be able to run an ASP.NET application without a WEB. CONFIG file in its root folder. If the application doesn’t find a WEB. CONFIG file in its root folder, then it will take MACHINE.

What is machine config file how many machine config files are there in a server?

You can have only one machine. config file in your system (one per system only) and it resides in the WINDOWSMicrosoft.NetFrameworkvXXXXCONFIG directory.

Does changing machine config require reboot?

config files contain application specific items such as database connection strings. If you make any changes to the web. config, web application will immediately load the changes but in case of machine. config you will have to restart the application.

What are the characteristics of a web config and machine config files?

The web. config files specify configuration settings for a particular web application, and are located in the application’s root directory; the machine. config file specifies configuration settings for all of the websites on the web server, and is located in $WINDOWSDIR$Microsoft.NetFrameworkVersionConfig.

Where is the web config file?

config file is located in the %SystemRoot%Microsoft.NETFramework%VersionNumber%CONFIG folder. The default settings that are contained in the Machine.

How do I edit IIS Web config?

  1. Open the Internet Information Services manager. …
  2. Expand the Web Sites node, then expand the Default Web Site node.
  3. Right-click EFTAdHoc, then click Properties.
  4. In the Properties dialog box, click the ASP.NET tab. …
  5. Click Edit Configuration. …
  6. Click the General tab.
What happens when you change the web config file at run time?

the answer i found :- ASP.NET invalidates the existing cache and assembles a new cache. Then ASP.NET automatically restarts the application to apply the changes.

Can we have a Web application running without web config file?

Yes, we can run Asp.net web application without wen. config file. It will take the default settings for application from Machine. config.

How does web config transform work?

A Web. config transformation file contains XML markup that specifies how to change the Web. config file when it is deployed. You can specify different changes for specific build configurations and for specific publish profiles.

Is app config required?

4 Answers. App. config files (which on build/deployment would be copied as something like MyApplication.exe. config are only required, if you have coded your application in such a way that it is explicitly dependent on it.

Is app config compiled into EXE?

4 Answers. The app. config file is renamed to YourAssemblyName.exe.

Where does AWS store configuration files?

You can store configurations in the following formats and locations: YAML, JSON, or text documents in the AWS AppConfig hosted configuration store. Objects in an Amazon S3 bucket. Documents in the Systems Manager document store.

Why are there two web config files in MVC?

The web. config file exists in the Views folders to prevent access to your views by any means other than your controller. In the MVC design pattern, controllers are supposed to route requests and return a rendered view to the calling client.

How do I manage multiple Web config files?

  1. First create one new web application that contains Default.aspx page and one web.config file. …
  2. After that write the following code in root folder web.config file appsettings section like this.
How many web config file that can be there and asp.net application?

There is no restriction to use the web. config file in the asp.net web application. You can have 1 Web. config file per folder .

How do I find the web config file in Visual Studio?

In Solution Explorer, right-click your Web site name, and then click Add New Item. In the Templates window, click Web Configuration File. The file name in the Name text box should be Web. config.

Where do I put app config?

  1. Go to your. Project settings in the Firebase console.
  2. In the Your apps card, select the package name of the app for which you need a config file.
  3. Click google-services. json.
  4. Move your config file into the module (app-level) directory of your app.
How do I create a config file?

  1. Right-click on your desktop and select “New” -> “Text Document.” This will create a new Notepad file. …
  2. Enter values and fields into your file, including the script of choice that will make the software or game adjustment you want.
Can a VS web application run without a web config?

Yes, we can run an asp.net application without the WEB. CONFIG file. If we are not setting any configuration in WEB. CONFIG file then it will take MACHINE.

How do I access web config?

  1. Use FTP to download, modify, then upload the file.
  2. Use Plesk Control Panel to access and modify the file.
  3. Use Remote Desktop to access the file (for Dedicated Server customers).
Can we use Web config in .net core?

The web. config file has also been replaced in ASP.NET Core. Configuration itself can now be configured, as part of the application startup procedure described in Startup.

Why we use web config file in asp net?

A configuration file (web. config) is used to manage various settings that define a website. The settings are stored in XML files that are separate from your application code. In this way you can configure settings independently from your code.

What is ASP NET page life cycle with example?

Page EventTypical UseControl eventsThis event is used to handle specific control events such as Button control’ Click event.LoadCompleteThis event occurs at the end of the event-handling stage. We can use this event for tasks that require all other controls on the page be loaded.

What is global ASAX in MVC?

The Global. asax file is a special file that contains event handlers for ASP.NET application lifecycle events. The route table is created during the Application Start event. … asax file for an ASP.NET MVC application.

How install config file in .NET core?

  1. Created a . NET Standard 2.0 Library (say MyLib. …
  2. Added the NuGet package System. Configuration. …
  3. All your C# classes derived from ConfigurationSection or ConfigurationElement go into MyLib. dll . …
  4. Create a . NET Core 2.0 app (e.g. a console app, MyApp. …
  5. Create an app.