adjective. That emphasizes or focuses on processes, systems, or procedures rather than results or underlying causes.

People also ask, what is a process oriented approach?

The ProcessOriented Approach A processoriented approach strives to move and make improvements. It motivates followers to fight to look for achieving results by following a pattern. Processoriented approach prevents people from running the risk of attaining an objective by sitting and resting happily.

One may also ask, what does it mean to be oriented? To be oriented is to be positioned in a direction relative to something or someplace else, and it's often used with the prepositions “toward” or “away from.” In order to find our way home, we should be oriented toward the north. You can be oriented towards or away from all sorts of things, not only geographic ones.

Beside this, what is a process person?

A process person is someone who focuses on doing things the right way. A product person is someone who focuses on getting to the end result or end “product” whatever that may be.

What does it mean to be result oriented?

Result oriented is a term used to describe an individual or organization that focuses on outcome rather than process used to produce a product or deliver a service. • As such, a number of processes are used where the most effective and economical process is identified.

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How can I be process oriented?

Being process-oriented means:
  1. Seeking to understand a design problem before chasing after solutions.
  2. Not force-fitting solutions to old problems onto new problems.
  3. Removing yourself from prideful investment in your projects and being slow to fall in love with your ideas.

What is a process oriented goal?

Processoriented goals are symbols.

They are simply markers to identify, direct and measure your efforts. It is a tool to focus your efforts into a singular direction. The focus is not on the destination, but on the path.

What is a process driven person?

Processdriven employees, as the name suggests, value the process over anything else in the workplace. They believe in strict guidelines and look to solidified procedures to help steer their efforts while fulfilling their duties. Often, the work is completed sequentially.

What is process driven?

A process driven organization is as it sounds, focused on process. This means that the organization sharpens their process, working to become extremely efficient while maintaining value. This allows for operational growth, efficiency, and organizational knowledge.

What is process oriented learning?

Processoriented learning inspires relating, communicating, and thinking. Processoriented learning means that instead of teaching facts or a way to do something, teachers will act more like facilitators, scaffolding the students' process of coming up with ideas and thinking about the process.

Is it good to be results oriented?

People focusing on results tend to want shortcuts. Result-oriented people only show up for what they think will get them what they want. Goal-oriented people are open to help, knowing that sometimes they're not the best judge of what is best for them. Result-oriented people can be closed off to any way but their own.

What is a process approach?

The process approach is a management strategy. When managers use a. process approach, it means that they manage and control the processes that. make up their organizations, the interactions between these processes, and. the inputs and outputs that tie these processes together.

What does processing mean in psychology?

Processing” in this context often includes not only updating and reexamining the meaning of old memories and emotions, but also developing a new language with which to describe, experience, and understand the past and present.

What is a results oriented person?

Simply put, a resultsoriented person is focused on the end-result of any task assigned. He or she will: Manage people in a way to maximize productivity including firing or reassigning resources that may distract team or company from achieveing desired results – sort of a ‘no-hard feelings, it's business' approach.

What is process oriented and product oriented?

Comparison between Product oriented and Process oriented Syllabus Product oriented —Focus is on knowledge and skills —Skills that learnt at the end of learning session —Focuses on completed acts of communication (outputs) —Emphasis on the output —Concentration is towards the goal Process oriented —Focuses on the

What is process oriented design?

?Process oriented design is documented as hierarchical structure(tree like) where systemstarts from a root issue and expands to generate sub-issue as it develop while instructure oriented questions represent major issue of design example isQuestions,Options,Criteria(QOC).

What is the difference between outcome and process oriented feedback?

Process feedback was found to markedly increase the rate of process behavior but had no effect on intended outcomes. Outcome feedback had no effect on either intended outcomes or the related process behaviors.

What is process oriented feedback?

The term processoriented in the context of feedback refers to immediate needs a learner can either be aware (learner knows whenever s/he needs a feedback) or unaware (learner does not know that s/he needs a correction) of, that can assist in regulating (individual) learning processes earlier during learning processes.

Is it result oriented or results oriented?

The rule is “When two or more words serve together as a single modifier before a noun, the hyphen or hyphens form the modifying words into a unit.” The most common phrase that occurs without its hyphen is “resultsoriented” as in “resultsoriented leader”.

What does oriented mean in medical terms?

The “O” meansOriented” Don't use these letters if the patient is not alert and oriented. X1 meansoriented to self or person” – patient knows own name, significant others. X2 meansoriented to person and place” – knows where he/she is. X3 meansoriented to person, place, and time” – knows the date/day.

How do you use oriented in a sentence?

Sentence Examples

As the afternoon wore on, she puzzled through what buttons controlled what, which were oriented toward the space battle and which toward the ground. Practical and detail-oriented, Kiki was well-dressed and lean. He froze and oriented himself, suddenly aware of what he did.

What is a oriented person?

A detail oriented person is someone who pays attention to the details and can make a conscious effort to understand causes instead of just the effects, and that does this in a second nature type of way. It shouldn't be something that the person has to work at.

What is the meaning of oriented person?

The phrase “people-oriented” is generally used to convey something vaguely like a company where everyone is friends. They all get along, are pleasant and happy and smile at each other when they pass in the halls. It's fun to work there, everyone likes their job, and each employee is treated well and fairly.

What is an action oriented person?

If you are highly actionoriented, you're the type of person who gets thing done, whether on your own or through other people. You make good on your own commitments, and you make sure that other people do as well.